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Are Air Mattress Pumps Universal? (Explained)

If you are looking to buy a new air mattress, you must be confused with all the air pump options. After all, there are many different types out there. You must be wondering, are air mattress pumps universal? Let’s take a look and find out.

Are air mattress pumps universal?

Air mattress pumps are not universal. Different brands have different designs for their air mattresses. As a result, air mattress pumps are not universal. However, there are some air pumps with many nozzles. These nozzles are compatible with different brands and serve a universal purpose.

Do all air mattresses use the same pump?

There are different manufacturers of air mattresses in the market. Each one of them has their different design of air valve in their mattress. As a result, not all air mattresses use the same pump.

However, many pumps in the market have multiple nozzles with them. This pump serves as the universal pump in some ways. These pumps can cross-fit in almost all air mattresses.

While buying a pump, make sure the nozzles are compatible with the valve of your mattress. Because using an incompatible nozzle will leak air while inflating the mattress.

What kind of pump do I need for an air mattress?

Air mattress pumps are usually pressurized air pumps. Most mattresses at present come with an air pump.

However, if you need to buy one, there are plenty of options for you. But it is preferable to go with the one that suits your mattress. Check the manufacturer manual to find out the right type.

Firstly, there are electric and manual ones. The electric pumps are automatic and can save you much effort. But these pumps are very loud and can be very annoying.

Secondly, there are manual air pumps. Manual air pumps have two types. First, you can either buy a hand pump or a foot pump. In a hand pump, you have to push and pull a piston to pump, while in a foot pump, you have to pedal the pump by your foot.

Can you inflate an air mattress with a bike pump?

Air mattresses need pressurized air to inflate them. So, any pump that can produce sufficient pressurized air can inflate an air mattress. Just make sure that the pump you are using is not putting too much pressure.

Bike pumps usually put enough pressure to inflate an air mattress. So, you can use them to inflate your air mattress. However, you will need a proper nozzle to attach it to your mattress.

How to use an air mattress pump?

Air mattresses have a high demand for their ease of installation. You can carry them easily and inflate them at any time. For ease of setup, these mattresses come with air pumps.

Based on price and quality, the pump that comes with the mattress may be either internal or external.

For an internal pump, all you have to do is attach the nozzle and plug the pump into a power source, and it will inflate automatically. For an external pump, here’s how you do it:

  • Open up the air stopper from the valve. This stopper prevents air from leaking out of the mattress. The plug is usually a round-shaped screw-like cap. You can remove it simply by rotating it counter-clockwise.
  • Attach the nozzle of your pump with the air valve properly. Make sure it is not leaking. For correct fit, use the appropriate nozzle.
  • Now start pumping. If you are using a hand pump, you have to push and pull the piston to pump. If the pump you are using is a foot pump, you need to pedal on it.
  • After pumping for a while, check your mattress by pressing it. If it’s adequately inflated, you will feel tension. If it feels loose, you will need to pump more.
  • Detach the nozzle of your pump and screw the air valve. Make sure the valve is screwed tight. Otherwise, it will leak.

How do you pump an air mattress without a pump?

Air mattresses these days usually come with air pumps. But, if you have an older model or your air pump is damaged, there are few tricks to pump your air mattress without an air pump. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Using a hairdryer:

Yes, you can use a hairdryer to inflate your air mattress. Try to use the cold air option of your hairdryer. Although this method is slow, you can inflate your air mattress with a bit of patience in this way.

Using a trash bag:

A trash bag might not seem like an alternative to an air pump. But you can use a trash bag to inflate your air mattress.

First, take a big trash bag and swing it to catch some air. Now, close the open end of the bag with your hand.

Then carefully fit it on the opening of your air mattress. Then squeeze the bag to pressure the air in it to pass into the mattress.

Using a vacuum cleaner:

You can use your vacuum cleaner to inflate your air mattress. For that, you have to fit the head of your vacuum with the air mattress tightly.

Now, turn on the blow option of your vacuum. However, this method will only work if your vacuum has a blow option.

By breathing in by yourself:

If none of the previous methods work, you can blow air in your mattress by breathing in. Note that this method will be slower. Also, this method is not safe if you have weak lungs.

Following these methods, you can inflate your air mattress without an air pump.

Can you fill an air mattress with water?

When you are camping outside or having a hot summer day, an air mattress filled with water might sound like an excellent idea. And, technically, you can fill an air mattress with water. But it is not a good idea.

Air mattresses are hollow shells made up of materials that air cannot pass through. You have to inflate it with air. However, you can also fill it with water.

There will be several problems if you decide to fill your air mattress with water. Firstly, the seams of an air mattress are not strong enough to hold the pressure of water. So, it will leak get permanently damaged.

Secondly, the air valves will not be able to hold the water pressure and leak. Finally, even if you manage to fill your mattress with water, you cannot later fully drain it. This undrained water will stay inside your mattress and create mold.

So, the conclusion is that although you can fill your air mattress with water, it is not a good idea to do so.

Do air mattresses come with pumps?

Air mattresses and air pumps are invariable to each other. That is why most air mattresses these days come with an air pump. Some come with external pumps, while more advanced ones come with an internal pump.

Usually, air mattresses that are cheap come with external pumps. These pumps need more physical effort to inflate your mattress. These could be either a hand pump or a foot pump.

Air mattresses that are expensive come with premium air pumps. Most of these are internal pumps. These pumps usually run by electricity and take minimum effort to inflate your mattress.

Why is my air mattress pump not working?

Your air mattress pump may not work due to several reasons. One of the most common reasons is if the valve that controls the airflow direction is not working.

This valve lets air in the pump chamber when the piston is pulled up, pressuring air, and letting it out when the piston is pushed down.

Another reason is if the nozzle of your pump is loose. When used for a long time, the nozzle may become loose. Replacing the nozzle may fix your problem. 

Air mattresses come very handy whether you are going on a camping trip or a sudden rush of people in your house. So, get a good air pump for your mattress, for it can save you much hassle. Or try buying a mattress with a pump in it.

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