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Are BMX Bikes Good for Adults? (Bike Sizes Explained!)

BMX bikes are one of the most popular bikes for children. They are lightweight and designed for a good time. But are you too old to ride BMX bikes?

Are BMX bikes good for adults?

Yes. There are various sizes of BMX bikes that can be bought according to the height of the adult. They are not limited to kid sizes. If it fits you and your riding style, then it is suitable for you. Top tubes equal to or larger than 20 inches are recommended for the adults to ride.

Riding bikes is open for everyone. BMX bikes have been categorized for young people and even adults over 60.  The oldest BMX racer in the United States is a woman who was 69 years old!

Whether BMX bikes are good for you or not depends on the sizing, your experience, tolerance, physical health, and balance. 

You might think that they are only for kids because of their small size. But they are built in small sizes to perform stunts. The smaller the size, the bigger the jumps. This does not mean they are limited to children. 


Without the correct bike size, riding a BMX bike will not be comfortable for you. So it’s best to figure out the proper size for you in a bike shop.

Your experience

If you don’t have experience riding a bike, it’s better not to start with a BMX one. This is because BMX bikes are a bit compared to standard bikes. Try out the standard ones and after a few months, you’re ready for a BMX bike!

Your tolerance

Your patience level definitely plays a role. You can’t be a pro right away. It can take some time to completely get used to riding BMX bikes. A proper month is required at the very least. 


Balance is required for any sort of bike riding whether it’s a BMX bike or a standard bike. You have to learn to perfectly balance a bike to properly ride it. Achieving perfect balance is required even more when it comes to BMX bikes.  

Physical Health

Your physical health is also a factor. If you run out of stamina fast or have previous health conditions which may affect your bike riding, then it’s not recommended. 

Just a reminder, you’re never too old to ride a BMX bike. Proper practice can help you achieve the level you want to for your BMX bike. You can do it to perform stunts or just as a recreational activity.

What size BMX bikes do adults ride? 

Adults usually ride BMX bikes that have a frame size of larger than 20 inches. But the top tubes can be 20.5 to 21.5 inches.

There are larger sizes such as 22, 24, and 26. If you’re less than 5 feet in height then it’s better to go for sizes lower than 20 inches such as the Junior. Standard BMX wheel sizes are typically 20 inches. 

A cruiser wheel size (24 inches) is suited for taller and older people. 

The correct size will depend on your age, height, and your comfort.

How do I choose the right size BMX bike? 


Anyone less than the age of 6 should not be riding a BMX bike. Generally, kid-size bike frames are 15 to 18 inches. They are categorized as Micro Mini, Mini, and Junior. 

Height & Weight:

The height is mainly what decides which size is correct for you. If you have a height lower than 163 cm then you should go for a bike frame that is lower than 20 inches and a wheel size of 20 inches.

If your weight is over 100 pounds then a top tube length of over 20 inches is suggested.


Where you will be riding should be considered too. If you’re purchasing a BMX bike for riding in the park, shorter top tubes will be enough.

If you’re a trail or dirt rider, longer top tubes will be needed around 20 inches. The ones for street riders are more in the middle of the scale and mostly depend on your preference. 


The experience is divided into four categories. They are Beginner, Expert, Master, and Pro. If you’re a beginner when it comes to BMX bike riding, frame sizes less than 18 inches are usually fit for beginners.

This is if your body height is between 12 to 18 inches. BMX expert is for intermediate riders who are around 130 pounds and 140cm in height. Frame size from 20 to 20.4 top tube inches is for this category.

BMX Master is for advanced riders with a frame size between 20.5 to 21. BMX pro is for professional riding and applicable for riders who weigh more than 165 pounds. The frame size for this category is over 20.5.

What size BMX bike should I get for my height? 

Your height is the most important factor when deciding what size BMX bike you should get. However, other things play a role too such as weight and your age.

The standard bike frame size and wheel size are 20 inches. The following chart is to help you decide which size BMX bike is right for you. 

Size(Name, Frame, Wheel)Height in feet and centimetresWeight in poundsAge
Bike Frame Size: 15 to 16 inchesWheel Size: 16 inches
4 feet or lower.122 cm or under.40 to 77 pounds8 to 10 years
Bike Frame Size: 16 to 17 inchesWheel Size: 18 inches
4 feet to 4’6 inches.122 cm to 142 cm.77 to 80 pounds10 to 13 years old
Bike Frame Size: 17 to 18.5 inchesWheel Size: 20 inches
4.4 to 4’10 inches137 cm to 149 cm77 to 90 pounds12 to 13 years old
Bike Frame Size: 18.5 to 19.5 inchesWheel Size: 20 inches
4.8 to 5’4 inches147 cm to 163 cm90 to 100 pounds12 to 15 years old
Bike Frame Size: 20 to 20.5 inchesWheel Size: 20 inches
5’4 to 5’10 inches163 cm to 170 cm100 to 130 pounds15 to 18 years old
Pro XL
Bike Frame Size: 20.7 to 21 inchesWheel Size: 22 inches
5’10 inches and over165 cm to 180 cm110 to 140 pounds18 years and above
Bike Frame Size: 21.5 to 22 inchesWheel Size: 24 inches
5’10 inches and over175 cm and aboveOver 165 pounds18 years and above
Bike Frame Size: 21.5 to 21.75 inchesWheel Size: 24 inches
5’10 inches and over175 cm and aboveOver 165 pounds18 years and above

Don’t be discouraged by the age category, what matters most is your height. There is also a less popular size known as ‘Pro XXX’. This has a frame size that is larger than cruisers which is 22 inches. This is for riders who are more than 70 inches tall. 

Note: This is just an estimate, please find the proper size for you according to your preference and comfort by going to a bike shop. 

If you still can’t find the appropriate BMX bike size for you, you can always custom build it! Many stores offer to build customized BMX bikes too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What age is an 18 inch BMX bike for? 

An 18 inch BMX bike is for kids under the age of 13. This sizing is also known as ‘Junior’. Its frame is a bit larger than the Mini ones. They offer small freestyle wheels. This is suitable for kids under the height of 4 feet and 6 inches. Most of them are between 6 to 8. 

What age is a 20 inch BMX bike for? 

This is the standard BMX bike size. This can be used by anyone, including adults and children. The minimum age would be between 7 to 8. Preferably people who are more than 5 feet tall. It can hold up to 150 pounds. But on average, people with 5 feet 2 inches can comfortably ride it.

What age is a 22 inch BMX bike for? 

This is suitable for anyone who is more than 5 feet and 10 inches in height as long as you are over 13. The frame size category would be Pro XL and Pro XXL. Besides, this will give you the comfort of riding along the road. You can use this as a daily commuter.

What age is a 26 inch BMX bike for? 

A 26 inch BMX bike should be used by people over the age of 15. It is used by professional riders and can hold any weight. This one is perfect for doing tricks or stunts. You can also use this for cruising. This gives a fixed gear system to ride comfortably and also do your exercise.

Is a 20-inch BMX bike for adults?

Yes, it can be used by adults because this is the standard height. They are from the category called BMX Experts. This is suitable for you if you are at least 140 cm in height and have a bodyweight of 130 pounds, more or less.  

They are not convenient for professional riding and cannot put up with maximum pressure. It is meant for intermediate riders. 

What is a good BMX bike for adults? 

It should have a wheel size of 20 to 24 inches. Aluminum material is recommended. Starter level BMX bikes start around $150 but you can get good quality BMX bikes if you spend around $350 to $600.

Here is a list of top-rated BMX bikes for adults. Most of them come in the standard size of 20 inches.

  • Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Race Bike
  • Redline Bikes MX24 Race Cruiser
  • Schwinn Sting Pro
  • Mongoose Legion L100 Freestyle BMX Bike
  • Mongoose Legion L60 Freestyle Bike
  • Predator Cruiser BMX Bike
  • Mongoose L80 Freestyle BMX Bike
  • Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle Bike
  • Mongoose L500 Freestyle BMX Bike
  • Mafiabikes Madmain 20 Purple Splatter Harry Main BMX Bike

You’re never too old to ride a bike! Before buying a BMX bike for yourself, consider looking into the material, tires, spokes, rims, and brakes. And most importantly, make sure it’s comfortable for you. 

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