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Are BMX Bikes Good for Dirt Jumping? (All You Need to Know)

As a bicyclist, you will always be enthusiast regarding what a BMX bike is capable of doing. You must know that BMX bikes do excellent wheelies and stunts. And these facts can raise questions in your mind that like wheelies are BMX bikes good for dirt jumping or not. 

Are BMX Bikes Good For Dirt Jumping? 

BMX bikes are not so good for dirt jumping. Because BMX bikes don’t have features like faster riding speed for higher jumps and better landings on pump tracks or rocky terrains. Therefore, even if BMX bikes can perform dirt jumps, they won’t reach the expected height as a dirt jumper bike can reach.

BMX bikes are mainly manufactured for riding or doing stunts at stake parks, flat and hard places, and compacted dirt tracks. These bikes are most likely not to ride on pump tracks, tracks with high jumps, and rocky terrains.

Because BMX bikes are not designed of having a faster riding speed for higher jumps in the mid-air. Also, better landings on the dirt track filled up with jumps and obstacles. So, even if a bicyclist performs dirt jumping with a BMX bike he can’t enjoy a fast-paced high octane rush. 

4 Reasons Why BMX Bikes Are Not Good For Dirt Jumping 

Perhaps you are not convinced yet why BMX bikes are not a good option for dirt jumping. So to answer all of your doubts and questions, 4 reasons with a detailed explanation has been given below 

Can’t Take High Jumps 

BMX bikes can not make higher and longer jumps. Because a BMX bike will not don’t like a dirt jumper bike.

So if you perform dirt jumps using a BMX, most likely you won’t reach the desired height in mid-air. Moreover, it will be much difficult to make high jumps on specific dirt tracks. 

Can’t Ride Around Dirt Track 

BMX bikes are not suitable for riding around dirt tracks such as pump tracks, high jump tracks, rocky terrains, and tracks filled up with obstacles.

Even, it will not have better, smooth landings on such tracks. Because of its seating and handlebar designs are particularly made for roads.

Specially Manufactured For Wheelies

BMX bikes are specially designed for performing wheelies. Also, for racing, because it’s lightweight, smaller in size, and short handlebars.

So it offers bicyclists to have a good grip, better control, and a stable position to do wheelies. Whereas, dirt jumping bikes need to have tall handlebars and better height for high jumping. 

Don’t Provide Faster Racing Speed For Dirt Jumps

BMX bikes do offer high speed but only while riding at skate parks and flat hard surfaces, also, at compact dirt tracks. But these bikes don’t provide face-paced high-octane racing around dirt tracks.

As their geometric design doesn’t support faster-riding speeds for making higher jumps in mid-air. These bikes can’t even have smooth, strong landings on obstacles-filled tracks. 

What Are The Differences Between A BMX And A Dirt Jump Bike?

A BMX bike and a dirt jumping bike have weird similarities yet they are very different from each other. The main differences between a BMX bike and a dirt jump bike have been listed below. 

Brakes (Disk brake vs U-brake) 

The first visible difference is both the bikes have two different types of brake systems. 

Dirt jumping bikes have a disk braking system. Disk brakes are hydraulic or mechanical. Its braking system utilizes callipers to clasp a pair of pads against a metal rotor latched to the center of the wheel.

BMX bikes usually have U-brakes or V-brakes that apply tension to the bike’s ledges via rubber brake pads. Racing BMX bikes don’t have U/V-brakes. 


BMX bikes don’t have gears. 

On the contrary, using gears in dirt jumping bikes brings extra advantages in riding and making long jumps in certain environments.

And mountain bikes are the most impactful dirt jumping bikes with gears that make the bike reliable. Also, with gear it’s easy to ride on dirt tracks. 

Rigid Forks & Bike Suspension 

BMX bikes are rigid bikes. These are not fit for suspension. That means these can be very uncomfortable while riding in uneven places. And it will keep your weight down. 

On the other hand, dirt jumping bikes have suspension therefore, it is easier to ride them on dirt tracks. 


BMX bikes mostly have 26” wheels and it is widely used. But in recent days BMX bikes are also having 27”5/650b or 29” wheels.

Dirt jumping bikes have 27”5/650b to 29” wheels as larger wheels give it extra benefits while riding on dirt tracks and jumping. 

Can BMX Bikes Go On Dirt? 

BMX bikes are suitable for going on compacted dirt tracks. They are not designed and manufactured for going on dirt tracks filled up with high jumps, rocky terrains, and pump tracks. However, if you want you can ride your BMX on obstacles-filled dirt tracks. But you won’t enjoy fast pace riding, a better landing, and a high jump in mid-air. 

BMX bikes are best suited for doing stunts and racing on a flat, hard surface and at skate parks. Its design doesn’t allow it to ascend like a dirt jumping bike. It will not even give you comfortable and smooth-riding if you want to ride BMX bikes in rough places. 

Are BMX Bikes Good For Jumps?

BMX bikes are good for higher jumps only when it is performing tricks, stunts, and wheelies At skate parks, flat and hard surface. Otherwise, BMX bikes are not that good at higher jumps in the mid-air. Especially at dirt tracks with obstacles. 

BMX bikes are smaller in size, quick turns, easy to manage and maneuver, and high jumps only at obstacle-free, flat and hard ground. They are also better suited got compacted dirt tracks. Main BMX bikes are good at jumping while performing ground tricks and landings while racing.

But they are not best suited for performing high-ranking jumps and aerial acrobatics. In short, you can not expect to get the height in the mid-air with a BMX bike. Because it is difficult to perform such higher jumps especially with BMX bikes at dirt trails. 

What Makes A Dirt Jump Bike? 

A strong fork, the retention of chain, sturdy wheels, and durable frame make a dirt jump bike. 

Having a strong fork in a dirt jump bike is an integral factor. Because it will let the bike withstand all the abuse from higher jumping and riding on dirt trails. 

Chain retention is another dirt jump bike thing. As these bikes are high-speed ones because it makes sure that a rider doesn’t lose chain while dirt jumping because it’s risky.

Wheel size is another facet of dirt jump bikes. As these bikes need thick-fat, sturdy wheels that can go under lots of pressure. 

The bike frame also determines a dirt jump bike. As these bikes have a durable yet light frame designed for running with or without gears. But can not change between these two. 

In addition, dirt jump bikes are a fusion of BMX bikes and mountain bikes with lower stand-over length and keep the seat away at the time of high jumping at dirt tracks. 

What Are Dirt Jump Bikes Good For? 

Dirt jump bikes are good for aerial stunts, higher jumps in the mid-air, fast-paced ring around dirt trails filled up with obstacles. As well as good at better landings at dirt tracks, pump tracks, tracks high-jumps, and rocky terrains. 

Dirt jumping bikes are excellent for riding through a mountain trail, rough surface, dirt trails with high jumps, and obstacles. Therefore, you can take dirt jump bikes for riding in the mountains or hurdle-filled trails.

Dirt jump bikes are a fusion of a hardtail mountain bike and a BMX bike. And that makes them good for higher jumps with kicks in the mid-air, doing tricks and stunts at the roughest surface with impediments. As well as running around pump tracks Or flying higher in the mid-air at skate parks.

What Are BMX Bikes Good For? 

BMX bikes are the most robust bikes you will find out there for performing wheelies. These bikes have other good qualities too and here is a list is given below for your understanding that what BMX bikes are good for.

  • Excellently performs wheelies
  • Can withstand high tension
  • Good for riding at stake parks and compacted dirt trails
  • Can go for a long ride 
  • Easiest bikes for beginners to learn stunts 
  • Have easy and stable control 

What Is Better Dirt Jumper OR BMX?

Both of the bikes are better in their own special field. Because they are designed and manufacture differently but have some similarities too.

BMX bikes are specially designed and manufactured for performing wheelies, learn stunts and tricks, and racing in urban areas. Whereas, dirt jumping bikes are designed for higher jumping in mid-air and ride through obstacle-filled dirt trails. 

BMX bikes are better when you want to learn and do stunts. And go on a race around the flat-hard surface in urban areas.

And dirt jumper bikes are better for a ride through mountain and dirt trails with high jumps and rocky terrains. Also better to go around in the air and land safely on the rough surface. 

Therefore, your needs will decide which one is the better bike for you. 

BMX bikes are not suitable for dirt jumping because these bikes are more suitable for performing stunts, tricks, and wheelies. And can’t jump higher in mid-air, either can’t have smooth landings on dirt trails. 

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