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Are BMX Bikes Good for Exercise? (Health Benefits of Biking)

BMX bikes are great for doing stunts and riding through rough terrains. If you are thinking about going green and contributing towards the goal of improving the climate, riding bikes can be a great assist to the cause.

Riding BMX is great fun and it comes with a lot of health benefits. Let’s have a look at the health benefits and workout aspects of riding BMX.

Is riding a BMX bike good exercise?

Riding a BMX bike can certainly be a great exercise. It can be a wonderful cardio workout and it will extensively benefit a person to fight against cardiovascular diseases. Riding a BMX bike will also stimulate proper blood flow and distribute sufficient oxygen to every cell of the body.

“8” health benefits of BMX biking

Stimulate muscle growth:

Riding a BMX bike will greatly help in muscle growth. It focuses more on the leg and core muscles of your body. You will surely experience a toned and mature fat-free muscle definition.

Losing the extra fat will make your muscles more visible. If you ride BMX, along with a proper diet & give ample time to recover the muscle, you will surely have a healthy muscular appearance. 

Great way to lose weight:

Riding BMX will be a great cardio workout for you. It’s proven in various research that a cardio workout is a great way to lose any excess fat on your body.

While riding a BMX you can set your own pace and adjust the intensity of the workout. This flexibility of BMX makes it a safe and effective workout when it comes to losing weight.

Helps to fight against cardiovascular disease:

BMX riding is the safest and most effective means of cardio workout. Cardio workout helps the heart to stay active and stimulate sufficient blood flow to every part of your body.

You won’t face any excessive amount of fat blocking your blood circulation if you ride BMX every day. Riding BMX helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Assure sufficient blood circulation:

BMX riding stimulates the leg and core muscles and when a person is riding BMX for a long period of time, the heart will try its best to keep every part of his body to be as active as possible.

While riding BMX your heart tends to be as active as possible which leads to sufficient blood circulation throughout the body.

Stress reduction:

Scientists have proven that exercise is a great means of stress reduction.

When you ride a BMX for a moderate period of time, your body will be releasing oxytocin, dopamine, and other hormones which eventually leads to a stress-free state in your body.

Improve sleeping disorder:

As you will be investing a large amount of energy and burn a massive amount of calories while riding the BMX. You won’t have to deal with any excess energy on your body making you keep awake at night.

If you are not getting sleep because of stress then rest assured riding the BMX will work great on stress reduction.

Better immunity system:

BMX riding stimulates a healthy amount of blood circulation and good distribution of oxygen to every cell of your body.

As a result, every cell of your body will be receiving its optimum nutrition and preserving a healthy state. Which eventually leads to an immunity boost.

Improved mental state:

BMX riding will provide you a stress-free, boosted immunity and a healthy amount of sleep. So all things combined you will surely experience an improvement in your mental state. 

Is BMX good for weight loss? 

Riding BMX is a great cardio workout and cardio workout is the most dominant method for fat burning. The major problem when fighting obesity is the person’s willpower to continue the exercise and facing injuries while working out, but you won’t have to worry about that.

With BMX riding you can set your own pace, you can go slow or fast or choose your desired environment to ride the BMX.  Riding a BMX won’t put too much strain on your joints and muscles, so you can enjoy a tension-free workout.

Instead of using a bus or car to travel, you can use the BMX. You won’t have to dedicate any particular time for work out if it’s a part of your daily life. 

If you implement BMX riding onto your daily routine, you will be contributing towards your health and the improvement of our environment. Going green, using BMX, and avoiding fuel power vehicles will be a great assist in controlling carbon dioxide emissions.

Are BMX bikes good Cardio? 

Riding BMX can be a great cardio workout. You will experience good stimulation on your legs and core muscle and a good circulation of blood in every part of your body. Your cell will receive a good amount of oxygen, keeping it healthy.

The problem with most cardio exercise is almost all of them put too much strain on the body and can’t be done for a long period of time, but when it comes to riding a BMX you can rest assured that you won’t be facing too much soreness or muscle & joint injuries. 

You can set your intensity and workout duration according to your preferences. If you use BMX as the means of daily transportation then you won’t need to worry about wasting any extra time at the gym for cardio.

So riding BMX is an effective way of getting your cardiovascular muscle active without going through too much hustle.

Does BMX help to build muscle? 

Building muscle depends on various factors, you will need a proper diet along with an effective workout routine and adequate rest to recover. Riding a BMX will certainly be good cardio, your logs, the core will get a tone for sure but it won’t help you bulk or add on muscle.

Cardio workouts are good for weight loss but they won’t be that much effective when it comes to muscle building. By riding a BMX, you will certainly get a shredded or toned body, it will help you develop muscle maturity.

But in terms of putting on additional muscle to your body, BMX riding won’t be that much effective.

What muscles does BMX work? 

Riding BMX will be a full-body workout for you. Riding BMX will stimulate the leg and core muscles of your body. Pushing the paddle and moving forward requires a great amount of force from your legs. The thighs & the calf muscle will be dominating the pushing action.

You will obviously be getting a sore leg after a long day of BMX riding, take proper rest for complete recovery. While riding the BMX, it is essential to keep a good posture and balance.

The core muscle controls the balance of the body while riding. Your abdominal and waist area will experience fat loss and a toned muscular appearance. 

How many calories do you burn riding a BMX bike? 

The calories burned while riding BMX will largely depend on how long you are riding it and at what pace. It takes at least 30 to 45 min for your body to start burning the excessive fat on your body.

So let’s say you are riding BMX for 30 minutes at 10 to 14 miles per hour speed, you can expect to burn 250 to 300 calories. If you are riding BMX for an hour at 15 miles per hour speed, you can expect to burn 400 to 440 calories.

The calorie burn might differ from person to person depending on their metabolism and body weight.

What type of bike is best for exercise?

When it comes to bike type there are normal road bikes, the mountain bikes, and BMX. Road bikes are generally made for smooth surfaces and roads. If you are planning for a long ride along the road it will come in handy.

Mountain bikes are made for a rough terrain environment, it can easily go through rough mountain paths with any hustle. When it comes to BMX you will get the flexibility of riding through both normal pavements and on the mountain path.

For getting an intensive workout Mountain bikes and BMX can be a great choice. 

How long should you ride a bike for a good workout? 

For a good workout, you can dedicate 30 to 40 min of your time riding bikes. Bike riding is a great means of cardio and the safest way to burn the excessive amount of fat attached to your body. 

If you use the bike as a daily means of travel you won’t have to worry about finding extra time for a workout. Your everyday activity can become a great workout. 

I hope you got an in-depth idea of the health benefits and how riding BMX can be a great exercise. If you implement riding BMX to your daily activities it will be a fun and effective way of staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.

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