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Are BMX Bikes Good for Off Road? (All You Need to Know)

If you love cycling and go on several riding adventures on different terrains, including rugged off-roads, racing, or sports, you must have ridden a BMX bike at least once in your life and did a little trick while doing stunts with it.

Are BMX bikes good for off-road?

A BMX is an off-road bike solely designed for racing and stunt making. Its features, including rigid and small frame structure, lightweight, lower wheelbases, shorter length, and height, allow the rider to go rough and aggressive on off-road trails while making stunts and impact jumps in the air.

Can you ride a BMX bike on trails?

You can ride a BMX bike on short countryside trails. Its solid and robust structure will allow you to make small jumps and drops. You need to pay more attention while making a big drop cause of the force and gravity issues.

BMX bikes were originally designed for racing and sports. You could easily ride on short trails, but the brake system would be problematic since your traditional BMX bikes have single brakes.

Hence, riding on a trail that includes deep holes, big stones, and obstacles with a lot of turning points, these brake systems can’t back you up enough on such trails.

The small wheel size is a matter of concern as well. You can easily make jumps with these wheels and swing your bike up in the air. You can implement other tricky techniques like making impact jumps while riding your BMX bike on trails.

Suspension on your bike is not necessary while riding on a trail. BMX bikes having very suitable and comfortable size, rough and robust structure, with no suspension can give you a wonderful experience.

Can you use a BMX bike for mountain biking?

You can use a BMX bike for mountain biking if you’re a pro cyclist. However, BMX bikes are the last option you would want to use for mountain biking for newbies or kids.

With the low saddle position on BMX bikes, you have to pedal in a standing position. That is a lot of work and pressure for your body if you’re climbing up a mountain. You will get exhausted in no time and run out of breathing.

Not to mention while hiking or mountain biking, you need to frequently change your bike speed and shift to higher or lower speed to keep going with the sudden shocks, ups and downs, obstacles, and turning points of the mountain roads.

You can’t get that flexible with a BMX bike because of the single-geared system.

The brake system of these small structured BMX bikes is also weak. You can’t tackle the sudden shocks of mountain paths with just the rear brakes of your BMX bike. For that, you will need a robust brake system combining the front and rear.

BMX bikes come with no suspension. That is to say, whilst climbing up a mountain on a bike with no suspension is too risky and puts pressure on your body.

Not to forget, you have to pedal in a standing position without your legs extensions. That is just too much work on your body while hiking.

You can go on smooth roads of short distances or commute in suburban areas on your BMX bike. But mountain biking is not only risky but too much pressure on your body with a BMX. 

BMX mountain bike crossover – How to convert your BMX bike for off-road?

Five steps to convert your BMX bike for off-road-

Rise the saddle position:

Increase your seat height so that it aligns with your waist height to enable you to ride the bike in a sitting position. Thus, you can ride it for a long time comfortably on off-roads.

Install multiple gear system:

Increase the gear system of your BMX by installing one or two more gear systems. It will give you more flexibility and freedom to control the speed and get a good grip on your bike while riding off-road.

Improve the brake system:

Place a front brake in your BMX alongside the rear brakes to tackle the sudden shocks and obstacles of mountainous off-roads. It can save you and your bike from injuries, flat tires and other incidents.

Place a suspension:

To ride comfortably off-road, place a suspension on your BMX bike. Now you will have a greater grip on your bike, and there will be less pressure on your body.

Change the wheels:

You can change the wheels and install bigger wheels like mountain bikes, but with the BMX bike’s small frame structure, it won’t entirely work because the materials are still BMX.

List of best bikes for off-road riding-

Hybrid bikes:

Hybrid bikes are the best for off-road trails, being a crossover of mountain and road bikes. Their flat handlebars, gear, shifting and braking systems are similar to that of a mountain bike. You can go rough with these bikes on challenging off-road terrains.

Mountain bikes:

If you’re going on a trip solely for trekking and mountain rides, you should opt for mountain bikes without any doubt. These bikes were designed for this purpose of riding off-road trails only.

Their rigid and robust structure, the flexibility of gear shifting – these features excel in handling off-road obstacles and jumping of the hills.

Tour bikes:

A touring bike is very comfortable to ride off-road trails because they’re highly lightweight, durable, and fast. If you’re going on a tour that requires long-distance riding, you should opt for tour bikes.

BMX bikes:

BMX bikes are perfect for off-road riding. With their solid and robust structure, lightweight, small frame size, you can make quite the stunts and jumps on your rugged off-road trails with these bikes.

Trail bikes:

Trail bikes are designed with oversized and fluffy tires. You can ride these bikes roughly on the rugged and bumpy mountainous trails. 

List of best bikes for roads-

Touring bikes:

A touring bike is solely designed for touring on roads. You can ride on these bikes on your casual days and carry heavy loads.

Fitness bike:

A fitness bike is designed with a flat handlebar. Their brakes and shifters are similar to mountain bikes which provides a solid and comfortable riding position recommended for commuting and fitness rising.

Utility bikes:

You can utilize these bikes to go shopping, going to work, and commuting in urban areas. A utility bike will give you a traditional riding vibe with a comfortable sitting position.

Vintage or lightweight bikes:

A vintage bike being pretty expensive, are quite popular among most cyclists. Their fantastic feature includes being fixable, dynamic, versatile and timeless.

Hybrid bikes:

Hybrid bikes are suitable for both roads and off-road riding. You can utilize it for running some errands or recreational movements.

Is mongoose a good BMX bike brand?

A mongoose BMX bike can give you the best riding experience with its fast braking system and high speed. You can ride your mongoose BMX bike in both rugged, rough terrains and smooth urban roads.

Mongoose BMX bikes will give you a better grip over the braking system. Its steering is directly linked to the wheelset and brakes. Thus it gives you the privilege of riding on highly bumpy roads where most BMX bikes brakes’ don’t work efficiently.

BMX bikes of the mongoose brand are perfect for your all-day adventurous trip. You can get a lot more tricky with the stunts and jumpings on this bike.

Is a BMX bike a trick bike?

A BMX bike was solely designed for making stunts and races. You can get as tricky as you want with your BMX bike and swing it up in the air.

You can jump off the walls with these bikes supported by just the rear brakes and peg. These bikes will boost up your self-confidence, and you can trust them while performing risky aerial techniques.

The robust and chunky structured BMX bikes can withstand all of your abuse while being tricky and will safely land you in an upright position. With the proper maintenance, these bikes will last long enough, and it’s worth every penny.

Why are BMX bikes so small?

A BMX bike is small-frame structured with smaller wheel size and length, lower height and saddle position to give you full support while performing stunts and aerial manoeuvres.

The purpose of the BMX bike was to utilize it in races and sports. Therefore, its size is kept small so that you can easily swing it in the air while performing tricks.

These bikes are robust, endurable and strong enough to tackle all the punishments you throw at them during stunts.

The small size of a BMX is responsible for its weight being so light. Hence, riders find it very comfortable while making impact jumps in the air and can accelerate as quickly as possible.

Can you ride a BMX bike on the street?

A BMX bike was designed for riding off-road terrains and performing stunts and races. However, you can utilize these bikes even on busy urban streets because of the powerfully built robust structure and small frame size.

You can get on your BMX bike on any day and roam around the busy streets conveniently with its size being so small. You can even go running some errands or fitness riding on the suburban streets with a BMX.

Although BMX bikes were constructed for off-road riding, you can ride your BMX bike on roads around your neighborhood as well. That being said, you can count on your BMX for adventurous off-road trips any day. 

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