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Are BMX Bikes Good for Trails? (Best BMX Bikes for Trails)

BMX bikes are a unique type of bike with shorter heights. You might know that BMX bikes are for specific purposes. BMX bikes are suitable for a short distance and relatively cheaper. That’s why most people buy BMX bikes for their children.

You might be confused that whether BMX bikes are good for trails or not. Well, you can run your bike anywhere if you wish.

But the question is about safety. It would be best if you had a taller and versatile bike with gears and brakes. This article will tell you about BMX bikes and their ability to be used for trails.

Are BMX bikes good for trails?

BMX bikes are not suitable for trails. They have lower heights and are designed for off-road short-distance riding. Some of them don’t have gears and brakes. Moreover, BMX bikes are not suitable for riding uphill because they need more effort to pedal. These make BMX bikes bad for trails.

For riding mountain trails, lower-height bikes are awful. Generally, riding uphill requires more effort. Moreover, shorter bikes will put too much strain on your back.

Even some BMX bikes don’t have brakes and gears. It is pretty impossible to ride uphill and long-distance without brakes.

If you want to ride bikes on trails, you need a bike with a good gearing ratio. A bike with a higher seat is suitable for riding uphill. For these reasons, BMX bikes are not eligible for trails.

Can you ride a BMX bike on trails?

You can ride a BMX bike on trails, but it won’t be comfortable and safe. Generally, BMX bikes are suitable for short-distance riding. Most people buy BMX bikes for children because they are easy to ride. But for riding on trails, you need more qualified bikes.

BMX bikes have an overall short height. You need to stand up for putting more effort while pedaling. Moreover, for riding uphill, a bike should have a suitable gearing ratio and suitable brakes. BMX bikes cause back pain if you use them for riding uphill

For these reasons, BMX bikes are not the perfect choice for riding on trails. It would be unsafe and uncomfortable. So, if you want to ride a BMX bike on trails, you can ride. But it would not be the best choice.

5 reasons why you can not ride a BMX bike on trails

Riding a BMX bike on trails can be an awful experience. Every motorbike has pros and cons. But you should know which bike is suitable for which purpose. BMX bikes are not good for riding on trails. Let’s see the reasons why you can not ride a BMX bike on trails.

Lower Height:

BMX bikes have lower heights. Their seats are also low. That’s why whenever you want to give effort to the bike, you have to stand over it.

Without brakes and gears:

Most of the BMX bikes are without brakes and gears. The bikes are for children. That’s why the necessity of brakes and gears is not compulsory. But it is impossible to ride on trails without brakes and gears.

Preferable for short-distance:

BMX bikes are designed for short-distance fun riding. They have not the features to ride long-distance. You might know that the bikes suitable for long-distance are capable of riding uphill. So, you can not ride a BMX bike on trails. 

Gear ratio:

You might know that a bike should have a suitable gear ratio to ride on trails. Most of the BMX bikes don’t have gears. If some bikes have gears, their gear ratio is not proper. So, you can not use a BMX bike without a suitable gear ratio to ride on trails.

Back pain:

For riding on trails, a lot of effort is essential. A bike that is easy to ride on trails will assist you in riding uphill. But BMX bikes require more effort to ride uphill. That’s why these action can cause you to strain your back and lead to back pain.

Is BMX better than a mountain bike? – Which one to choose for trailing

Every bike has pros and cons according to its purposes. BMX bike can be better than a mountain bike if it is for children or short-distance. But for the trail, a mountain bike is more ideal than a BMX bike.

Generally, BMX bikes are for jumps and stunts. But mountain bikes are more suitable for absorbing vibration and damping.

Moreover, mountain bikes have such brakes that withstand high temperatures of braking on a decline. These features make mountain bikes suitable for trailing.

Generally, mountain bikes have 21 to 24 different gears, making them suitable for riding at all heights. You can ride a mountain bike on various surfaces for iits versatile features.

They are comfortable and safe. Considering the advantages, you should choose a mountain bike for the trailing.

What bikes are good for trails?

Most of the bikes are capable of versatile uses. But you can not use random bikes for trails. For riding on trails, bikes should have good features. Let’s see which bikes are suitable for trails.

Cross Country:

Cross country bikes are one of the mountain bikes suitable for trails. Those who prefer pedaling and climbing like this type of bike. These bikes provide efficiency despite their lightweight.


Trail bikes are versatile in many ways. They provide rolling efficiency and different riding styles. These bikes have more suspension and more gravity-oriented components. These make the bikes suitable for trails.


Enduro bikes are mini-downhill bikes. With Enduro bikes, climbing is essential. Moreover, if you prefer pedaling and want to do some laps at a bike park, Enduro bikes are suitable for that too.


Downhill bikes are suitable for downhill races. Some versatile features like steep, speed, jumps, etc., are standard features of downhill bikes. For hiking, shuttling, or a chairlift, downhill bikes are suitable. So, you can use downhill bikes for trails.

Can you convert BMX to a mountain bike?

You can modify your BMX to a mountain bike. For converting, you have to consider two main features. Changing the height of the seat is one of them. Generally, BMX bike seats have lower elevations. They are suitable for children and short-distance rides.

If you want to ride on mountain trails, you should have a higher seat bike. So, raise the seat of the BMX bike as high as possible. Then you can add brakes and gears to the BMX bike. The gear ratio should be suitable also.

Finally, before using a BMX converted bike like a mountain bike, test the bike. If the bike goes well with your comfort and safety, you can use it as a mountain bike.

Bmx or mountain bike for a child?

A BMX bike is more suitable than a mountain bike for a child. The main reason is that the BMX bike is easy to handle. BMX bikes are shorter and require less servicing. They are designed for short-distance rides.

If you want to buy a bike for your child to teach him to ride, BMX can be a good choice. Mountain bikes have a lot of features and specifications that can be complex for children. Mountain bikes have different gears for changing speeds.

A child needs a bike that is simple to use and lightweight. Mountain bikes can be challenging to handle for children. Contrarily, a BMX bike is suitable for easy riding and learning jumps, stunts, and fun riding. So, a BMX bike is more suitable for a child.

What are BMX bikes good for?

Each type of bike has different specifications and purposes. BMX bikes are suitable for many purposes. Especially, BMX bikes are ideal for children. Here are some advantages from where you will know which reasons are BMX bikes good for riding.

  • BMX bikes are suitable for quick speed change, super mobility, and strength.
  • BMX bikes are ideal for fun riding and lightweight.
  • BMX bikes are comparatively cheaper according to their features.
  • BMX bikes are suitable for stunts and racing.
  • BMX bikes are ideal for speed racing.

Are BMX bikes good for cruising?

Generally, BMX bikes are not good for cruising. Cruising refers to riding a motorbike typically without any tricks and stunts. We know that BMX bikes are for stunts and jumps. But cruising bikes should be simple and easy-going.

If you wish to take a BMX bike for cruising, you can! But BMX bikes have lower seats which require standing more than sitting on the seat. If you go cruising, you might ride the bike for more than an hour. Standing and riding a bike for more than an hour is difficult.

Cruising also requires climbing uphill and racing downhill. These features are more likely to mountain trailing. But BMX bikes are not suitable for trailing at all. So, BMX bikes are also not ideal for cruising. 

BMX bikes are versatile bikes for fun riding short distances. You can use a BMX bike for learning jumps and stunts with a lot of tricks.

But for trails, BMX bikes are not the perfect choice. Contrarily, a mountain bike is an ideal choice for trails. So, if you are confused about which bikes to buy, consider the purposes. 

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