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Are BMX Bikes Good for Wheelies? (ANSWERED!)

A good quality, strong and tough bike is needed when it comes to performing a wheelie. And BMX bikes are particularly known as one of the best bikes in the market.

However, as a bicyclist having a strong bike is not enough. And it is normal for you to think despite being such a good bike, are BMX bikes good for wheelies or not. 

Are BMX Bikes Good For Wheelies? 

BMX bikes are one of the superbikes that are particularly designed for performing a wheelie. Because these bikes are designed with a smaller frame, sturdy parts, and thick-fat tires. All these qualities make it stay stable and withstand the pressure needs to pull of wheelies with confidence. 

Well, there is no reason why a BMX bike is not good for wheelies. Because performing wheelies are the specialty of BMX bikes. And these bikes are manufactured specifically for performing wheelies. 

These bikes absolutely can endure rough riding. As well as high pressure and demands required for wheelies.

Also, they are lightweight, have a smaller frame, extra hefty parts, and harder, fatter tires. These traits have made BMX bikes stay steady and give confidence to a bicyclist to enact wheelies anywhere he wants. 

Are BMX Bikes Easy To Wheelie? 

BMX bikes certainly are one of the easiest bikes to wheelie. Because BMX bikes are manufactured to have a low gravity center that is needed for pulling off a wheelie.

Also, these bikes have other numerous unique features such as lightweight, steel-made frames, and extra-thick tires. And these features make BMX bikes stronger and tough enough to endure hard clashes while concrete landing. 

Moreover, BMX bikes are better known for their steadiness which is highly needed for performing wheelies. As a bicyclist get confidence from a stable bike while performing a wheelie. 

Redline MX BMX Race Bike, Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike, PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser are relatively best-known BMX bikes that are easy to wheelie. 

What Makes A Bike Good For Wheelies?

As a bicyclist, you must consider a few significant factors that a good bike for performing wheelies should have. Therefore, to help you out to find all of these unavoidable factors a detailed list of key factors/ features has been provided below. 

Drive Train 

A reliable drive train is one of the must-haves for any bike that makes a bike good enough for performing wheelies. Because the drive train is in responsibility for taking up most of the wear and tear, and the pressure every time you will be performing wheelies. 

Therefore, choose a bike with a drive train that features durability, high-quality parts, and an excellent gear system and crankset. So that the drive train can go for miles and miles and can hold up for many wheelies. 


Another must-have that makes a good bike is having tires featuring great grip and extra stability.

Tires play a vital role in performing each wheelie as all of your weight will be put on the back wheel while lifting the front wheel. So extra grippiness is necessary to provide strong traction.

So look at the tire tread to comprehend the grippiness. 

Rear Disc Braking System 

A rear disc braking system certainly makes a good bike for wheelies. As it provides the correct blend of power, control, easiness, and cogency. Wheelies are performed on basis of the rear bike tire, therefore, a good bike must-have a great quality rear brake setup. 

The braking system of a good bike will assist you to pull off successful wheelies, so choose a bicycle with an excellent great disc braking system.


A lighter-weight bike frame is one of the main key features that determine how good the bike is for wheelies. Because lightweight bike frame will not cause hinder or give you pain while trying to lift it for wheelies and while riding. 

So consider the bike frame’s weight while purchasing. 

The Smaller The Better 

Bikes that perform wheelies should be smaller in size and it makes them a good bike. As smaller bikes are easy to control and manage while pulling off wheelies.

Whereas a larger bike is absolutely not a comfortable bike to perform such acrobats due to heavyweight and size. 

So smaller bikes are good bikes for wheelies. Because you can have an easy balance and can maneuver your bicycle to stay in control.

What Type Of Bikes Are Easiest To Wheelie? 

Redline MX BMX Race Bike, PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser, Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike, New York Bicycle Wheelie BMX Bike, Diamond Bicycles Hook, and Razor Nebula BMX Freestyle Bike are comparatively the best type of bikes that are easiest to wheelie. 

Because these bikes/bicycles are manufactured with features like a reliable drive train, grippy tires, rear disc braking system, a lightweight bike frame, adjustable seat, high-quality material, and of course small in size, and all these make them the easiest ones to perform wheelies. 

A reliable drive train can go up for miles and hold up for many wheelies. The grippiness in tires provides stability. The rear disc braking system offers a blend of power and control. The lighter-weight bike frame is easy to lift.

And high-quality material extends its lifespan and small-sized bikes are easy to manage.  Overall, all of these disparities make all these above-mentioned bike types easiest to wheelies. 

What Is The Best Wheel Size For Wheelies? 

26 inches wheel size is the standard and best wheel size for wheelies. However, 27.5”/650 and 29 inches wheels recently have started to dominate the effectiveness of 26 inches wheel. 

Below a detailed explanation will illustrate why these sizes are the best wheel size for wheelies. 

26” wheel

26” are the most widely used wheel size for decades. Because they are lighter and smaller in size. They are suitable for ant riders. As the wheels are smaller so they are better for technical terrain. And this size of the wheel is quick off-the-line acceleration. 

27.5”/650b wheel

This recently introduced wheel size is kind of rolling over the 26” wheel size era. Because it provides advantages of both 26” and 29” wheel size. It offers high speed than 26”. As well offers faster quick reaction times than 29”.

Since it’s larger in size, so has an increased bike efficiency. It is more forgiving than a 26” wheel. Also, it’s suitable for riders who like a larger wheel but don’t feel comfy using a 29” wheel. 

29” wheel

The 29” wheel also has become an outstanding choice. As it is providing more advantages than a 26” and a 27”/650b wheel. 

29” wheels have faster top and speed. Since it’s a larger wheel so more prone to forgiving than smaller wheels. It can quite effortlessly go over rocks, roots, etc. It’s perfect for taller riders. Hence, larger wheels mean less suspension while traveling to soak up terrain.

You can run it with lower tire pressure. Also, it increases traction and offers riders confidence and bicycle stability. So wheelies, claiming, descending can be done by using more effectively.

Does Wheelie Damage The Bike? 

It is possible that wheelies to damage the bike. Though bikes are manufactured especially for performing wheelies so that they can tolerate all the abuse and roughness. However, if wheelies are done frequently and very roughly it may possibly damage the bike. 

Frequently performed wheelies can damage the tires or suspension because tires get bumped after landing and it reacts depending on suspension. 

Also, wheelie can damage the bike frame as this frame works as the bike skeleton. And when it is pressurized, it gets stressed and it causes damage. 

How To Wheelie BMX For Beginners 

Now that you have a BMX bike and you are a beginner, you can follow the list of doings while performing wheelies.

Find the suitable spot 

Find a flat land with 40-50 meters of length which is not nearby of traffic or passers-by.

Feel The Wright 

Pull your bike upwards-towards by standing behind the bike with your hands on the handlebar to feel the weight of the bike. 

Push And Pop Movement 

Push the paddle and lift the handlebar off the ground with dominant foot placed on the pedal and practice it. 


Get your feet immediately on the ground before you fall and it’s the bailout technique. 

Practice Manual 

First, perform all of the things before then lock your arms, slightly bend your knees, and keep your butt off the seat. 

Perform Wheelie

Lastly, at your balance point hold the wheel 40-50 degrees off the ground with bent elbows. Then hold the bike steady and pedal. And you will be performing a wheelie with your BMX bike. 

Maintain Stable form

All the time have control over the bike and your body. 

What Are BMX Bikes Good For? 

BMX bikes are considered as the most robust bike for wheelies, however, these ar packed with other goodness too. Here is a list below of what BMX bikes good for.

  • Specially designed for performing wheelies
  • Can endure high pressure and rough riding 
  • Good fora  long ride 
  • Can be controlled and managed easily
  • Good for using in urban areas 
  • Good for beginners 

BMX bikes are the most widely used bikes that are popular for performing wheelies smoothly. Its special design features all the qualities such as stability, sturdy parts, and small size that a good bike should have.

Therefore, you will see beginners and professionals using BMX bikes for performing stunts. So it is needless to say, BMX bike is that one perfect bike that is excellent for whiskies. 

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