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Are BMX Bikes Heavy or Light? (BMX Bike Weight Explained!)

Before buying a bike, people always check the weight. Over the years, we’ve come to think that the lighter the bike is, the faster it will be.

But is that really true? BMX bikes were designed to race and perform stunts. Having a heavy bike can make it hard for you to move around and carry out tricks with your BMX bike. 

Are BMX bikes heavy or light?

That depends on what size BMX bike it is. BMX bikes such as Micro Mini, Mini, and Junior can weigh as little as Road Bikes. Kid sizes are the lightest which are 10-15 pounds. But larger size BMX bikes can be heavy around 27 to 28 pounds. Adults size BMX bikes usually don’t weigh below 20 pounds.

Average BMX bikes weigh around 21 to 25 pounds. Lighter BMX bikes are more expensive and generally weigh 20 pounds. The overall weight of every bike always relies on its components and the material it is made out of. So even if you have a heavy BMX bike, you can make it lighter.

Having a lighter bike doesn’t make it more efficient. In fact, it can make it flimsy and weak. But it improves the bike’s speed.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a heavy BMX bike. 

Advantages of having a heavy BMX bikeDisadvantages of having a heavy BMX bike
Inexpensive compared to light ones.Might not be suited for BMX racing. 
It lasts longer than lightweight BMX bikes. Harder to do stunts and more freely.
It provides more stability due to its weight.More strength and energy are wasted when compared to light BMX bikes.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a light BMX bike. 

Advantages of having a light BMX bike.Disadvantages of having a light BMX bike. 
They are fast since they are lighterIt can be expensive due to the material.
Suitable for professional riding and racing.Not suitable for riding on off-track streets.
You can spin faster and jump higher with light BMX bikes. More fragile and prone to damage compared to heavy BMX bikes. 

How heavy is a normal bike?

Every type of bike weighs differently. Bikes can weigh starting from 17 pounds to even 80 pounds. There is no standard weight and the weight of a bike depends on its components.

Road Bikes are the lightest ranging from 17 to 26 pounds. The ones for adults are heavier. Next are Kid bikes which weigh around 24 pounds.

There are Single Speed bikes as well which weigh 20 pounds on average. These bikes are lighter compared to other parts because these bikes have fewer parts. After this comes Mountain Bikes, they have heavy parts which is why they are as heavy as 21 to 29 pounds. 

Beach Cruisers and Hybrids weigh between 25 to 40 pounds. Some of them weigh even more. The heaviest of them all are e-bikes which can go above 80 pounds. There are lighter ones which are 35 to 40 pounds. 

Is 27 pounds heavy for a BMX bike? 

BMX bikes tend to be around 22 to 28 pounds. 27 pounds is on the higher end of the scale. It also depends on the components of the bike.

27 pounds would be too heavy for a BMX bike if it didn’t have any pegs, brakes, gyro, and hub guards. The components make up for a lot of the weight. 

The material should be looked into as well. If the material is not made out of aluminum or carbon fiber, then it is understandable if it’s heavy. Chromoly frames can make it heavy too. 

Older bikes were even heavier. As the years’ pass, BMX bikes are getting lighter. The weight of your bike shouldn’t hold you back. 

How much do BMX bikes weigh? 

BMX bikes have an average weight of 22 to 25 pounds. Most of them are lightweight due to their popularity among kids.

There are light ones designed for kids who are 5-8 years old and can go as low as 11 pounds. Heavier ones are available too which are about 28 pounds. They are less expensive than light ones. 

The components of a BMX bike are what make it so light. Most of the parts are made with aluminum and carbon fiber to make them light. Professional riders prefer to use lightweight ones but too light can be a bit flimsy.

Size NameAverage Weight in Pounds
Micro Mini9 to 12 pounds
Mini13 to 15 pounds
Junior16 to 20 pounds
Expert20 to 24 pounds
Pro21 to 25 pounds
Pro XL22 to 26 pounds
Pro XXL24 to 27 pounds
Pro XXX25 to 28 pounds
Cruiser25 to 28 pounds

If you’re a new rider, the Pro size can be the right weight for you! This is a popular choice between bikers for ages. It’s not too heavy nor too light. It is suited for anyone over the age of 13 and height above five feet five to six feet. It can also withstand a high amount of weight. 

What are the lightest BMX bikes?

Here is a list of popular lightweight BMX bikes:

  • Crumpton BMX
  • Redline Bikes Proline Race BMX Bike
  • Guerra Martyr 21” Frame-Black
  • Elite 20” BMX
  • Redline Bikes MX24
  • Mongoose Legion L100
  • Big Ripper 29
  • Mongoose Legion 80 BMX Bike

Lightweight BMX bikes can make you ride faster and perform tricks and stunts easily. You don’t necessarily need a light BMX bike. Heavier BMX bikes offer stability and are fine for normal riding. Lightweight ones are more preferred for racing and professional riding. 

Why are BMX bikes so heavy?

They are not too heavy when compared to Mountain Bikes and other larger bikes. The components of BMX bikes are what makes some of them so heavy, especially the frames. The handlebars can be heavy too. 

BMX bikes that are heavy are inexpensive too which is why they are seen more. Older BMX bikes were way heavier, as heavy as 30 pounds. The frames were made from thick tubing to increase the strength. 

BMX bikes that are built for racing are less heavy. Now you can find ones that are less than 11 pounds. (Those are made for kids, though) 

Although, you can always make it lighter by replacing the parts. 

How do you make a BMX lighter?

This is done by changing or removing parts of a BMX bike. 

The first thing you can do is remove any excess parts that you might not need. These can be lights, reflectors, additional pegs, and chain guards. Do not remove anything that is important and take safety precautions before carrying out the project. 

Pegs can make your BMX bike heavy. This is because many of them are made out of stainless steel. 1 peg alone can weigh 3 pounds.

Removing them can make your BMX bike significantly lighter. If having pegs is important to you, get new pegs made out of lighter material such as aluminum and plastic

The heaviest part of a BMX bike is the frame and they are generally made out of steel. You can replace it with a new and lighter frame. Frames made out of titanium and Chromoly are suggested as they are very lightweight.

However, titanium frames are very expensive and can cost you $2000. Chromoly frames are more cost-efficient. 

Check your spoke count. If it’s too much, you can replace your wheels with new ones. Or remove some spokes from your existing wheels. 

Another option is the pedals. Your bike can be weighing you down because of your steel pedals. Replace it with hollow pedals made out of either aluminum or plastic. 

There are some measures some bikers take. The weight can be reduced by drilling holes in bike parts as well as sawing down some parts.

These measures should only be taken if nothing else works and with the right equipment. Some bikers also remove the front brake. This is very risky. 

Are BMX bikes lighter than mountain bikes?

Most BMX bikes are lighter than mountain bikes. Large size BMX bikes can be as heavy as mountain bikes. Pro size ones are usually 20 to 25 pounds.

Most people prefer to go for BMX bikes that are 25 to 28 pounds. The large ones are as large as mountain bikes ranging from 28 to 29 pounds. 

Mountain bikes include a lot more components than BMX bikes. BMX bikes are shorter than mountain bikes and have smaller wheels. 

Do BMX bikes have a weight limit?

There is no official weight limit for a BMX bike. Generally, most bikes cannot hold more than 225 to 275 pounds. BMX bikes are capable of withstanding large amounts of pressure to make performing stunts easier.

But there is a suggested rider weight for every type of BMX bike. Micro Mini and Mini will not be able to hold more than 110 pounds as they are specifically catered for kids. 

Larger types such as Pro XXL and Cruisers can hold more than 165 pounds. Riding a BMX bike that cannot bear your weight can be uncomfortable. There are safety issues as well and will eventually damage the bike if used more than the suggested weight limit. 

There are BMX bikes designed for overweight people and customized ones are available. So weight should not be a problem! Just visit your local bike shop and ask for a BMX bike suited to your body weight and height. 

Whether you choose to ride a heavy or light BMX bike, is completely up to your individual preference. Weight shouldn’t be a big factor, consider which size BMX fits you and its quality before looking into the weight of your BMX bike. 

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