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Are Snowboards Unisex? (All You Need to Know)

If you love to ride a snowboard often during vacations or in your community, you might have tried riding a snowboard of the opposite gender. In such scenarios, you have to be careful while exploring new things because there is a reason why men’s and women’s snowboards are built differently.

Are snowboards unisex?

Snowboards are not unisex since the physical structure of men and women is a lot different. Men tend to be heavier and taller than women; hence their snowboards are made more spacious, longer, stiffer and wider than women’s. However, some industries also build unisex snowboards.

Are men’s and women’s snowboards the same?

There are some slight differences between a men’s and women’s snowboard in terms of the equipment, speed, and size, considering males and females’ physical structure.

Men’s snowboards are longer, wider and strongly built than women’s because females are lightweight and have smaller feet.

However, a female can effortlessly ride a men’s snowboard if she manages to deal with the speed and space in the all-mountain board. A woman can polish her art of riding both men’s and women’s snowboards with a bit of practice.

Since snowboards bear the traditional gender stereotypical graphics and ideas, few women often opt for men’s snowboards as they don’t prefer the overly feminine graphics and bright colors. Hence, men’s and women’s boards are almost the same.

What is the difference between male and female snowboards?

Four basic differences between male and female snowboards-

Colors and Graphics:

Colors and graphics of the snowboards are made maintaining the stereotypical gender ideas. Female snowboards are mostly of pink, bright and pastel colors, and the pictures are more feminine. Male snowboards are more masculine, bearing dark and black colors.


Women’s snowboards tend to be a bit smaller in length than men’s, making the boards lighter and easy to ride for women. The size of the average female snowboard is 148 cm, and that of a male is 151 cm.


Since men’s feet are larger and longer than women’s, their snowboards happen to be more expansive and broad because you can’t ride a snowboard hanging your feet.

For men, if you’re riding a 154 cm all-mountain board, then the width should be 256mm wide. On the other hand, a women’s mountain board will be less comprehensive than 246mm in a 154 cm mountain board.


Women’s physical structure tends to be more delicate than men’s. Hence, their snowboards are made around 10% less stiff in flex than typical men’s boards. Since women are lightweight, their boards don’t need to be extra stiff.

Can a man ride a women’s snowboard?

There is no issue for a man to ride a woman’s snowboard if you have smaller feet. The snowboard industries build them considering the average size of males and females, and men’s boards tend to be broader and more extensive.

So if you have smaller feet and height, you may face trouble riding an average men’s snowboard of 154cm in length and 256 mm wide.

In such cases, you may opt for women’s snowboards. Many snowboard companies produce less girly snowboards. You can go for those boards and ride without any difficulties.

Can a woman use a men’s snowboard?

A woman can use a men’s snowboard if you have more giant feet and taller in height. Snowboard companies make snowboards for average-sized persons. So women bigger than the average size may actually struggle to ride a typical female snowboard.

As long as the graphics and design is not an issue for you, you can always opt for men’s snowboards. But you have to keep in mind that the board is not too wide for your feet. And if you’re starting out, choose the less stiff boards, and you’re all set.

Are snowboard boots unisex?

Snowboard boots are not unisex because of the apparent reasons men’s and women’s physical structure is different. Unisex boots wouldn’t be able to give you the comfort and perfect fittings, and you may face trouble riding snowboards.

Men’s boots are built with much higher cuffs than women’s since men’s feet are more prominent. Also, the front and back heel of women’s boots is much narrower than that of men’s as you know women have narrower feet.

Women’s boots are built in a different way to accompany and support the physical structure of women. Hence, they will feel more comfortable and confident in their perfectly made boots.

However, some companies may produce unisex boots. Your feet may even fit into those boots if you have larger feet. So check thoroughly before buying if you’re completely comfortable in your boots and nothing’s poking your foot inside the shoes.

Also, there shouldn’t be too much space on the front and back part of your boots.

Are snowboard bindings unisex?

Snowboards bindings can be unisex. A lot of industries produce unisex snowboard bindings which both men and women can wear. Both males and females may get suitable unisex bindings according to their personal preferences.

However, you can opt for medium women sized bindings if you’re a small-sized man, and that’s completely fine. It is all about being comfortable and getting the correct fit. For oversized women, men’s average-sized bindings can give you a better fit also.

All things considered, if women’s bindings seem more girly to you, you may choose the standard black colored bindings that every company has. However, men or women can opt for both the masculine or feminine bindings breaking the stereotypes.

What size snowboard does a woman need?

You can determine what size snowboard you need by holding the snowboard vertically upright, and it should be of the length up to your chin.

For a very long time, snowboard size has been measured this way. However, industries produce snowboards for average-sized men and women. You can get your desired snowboard if you have average height and weight.

You may have to look for a few things if you’re heavier than the average. In such a case, you will need a stiffer board.

It also depends on your preferred style, like making stunts and rotating in 360-degree angles. For such scenarios, you may require shorter boards as they’re more flexible and easy-going.

Again if you want to ride up and down over the mountains with great speed, you should opt for longer, stiffer boards.

Here is a chart of women’s snowboard size for your convenience-

Your Height (IN)Your Height (CM)Your Weight (lbs)Snowboard Length
4’10”147 cm110 – 120125 – 135 cm
4’11”150 cm112 – 122127 – 137 cm
5’152 cm115 – 130130 – 142 cm
5’1”155 cm120 – 133132 – 144 cm
5’2”157 cm125 – 135132 – 144 cm
5’3”160 cm130 – 140135 – 145 cm
5’4”163 cm135 – 145137 – 147 cm
5’5”165 cm137 – 150140 – 148 cm
5’6”168 cm140 – 155142 – 150 cm
5’7”170 cm145 – 160145 – 152 cm
5’8”173 cm150 – 165146 – 154 cm
5’9”175 cm153 – 170147 – 155 cm
5’10”178 cm160 – 175152 – 157 cm
5’11”180 cm165 – 180154 – 159 cm
6’183 cm170 – 185155 – 160 cm
6’1”185 cm175 – 190156 – 162 cm
6’2”188 cm180 – 195157 – 163 cm
6’3”191 cm185 – 200158 – 166 cm
6’4”+193 cm190 – 205160 cm+

Should a snowboard be up to your chin?

According to the general rule of thumb, a snowboard can be somewhere between your chin to the nose when you hold it upright in front of you. However, it can vary depending on your height, weight and riding level and style.

If you’re heavier and more significant than the average size, then you may need a longer and broader snowboard. Likewise, if you’re smaller or shorter, you should opt for smaller and thinner snowboards.

Is a longer snowboard better for beginners?

Riding a longer snowboard as a beginner can be quite a hassle. It is always wise to start with short or small sizes if you’re going to try something new; the same goes for snowboards as well. Consequently, you’ll get a better grip and control over the snowboards and make turns at ease.

Shorter snowboards are cheaper and easy-going. You’ll be able to ride them in your neighbourhood or parks before trying them out in big mountain jumps.

All things considered, it can be concluded that males and females can ride snowboards of the opposite gender, but heads up about the height, weight and riding style. You can also opt for unisex snowboards if you wish.

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