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Are Snowmobile Skis Universal? (Explained)

If you are thinking of buying skis for your snowmobile, it is natural for you to have questions about the differences between skis. And, whether one pair of skis can be used on every model of snowmobiles?

There are a lot of options to choose from which can be daunting at times. So, let’s see if we can find a pair that will suit your needs best.

Are snowmobile skis universal?

Snowmobile skis are mostly universal and can be interchanged if they have the same mounting hardware. But it’s also common to find snowmobile skis that cannot be used universally. As they can be made for a certain type of snowmobile and may need additional adapters or other hardware to fit properly.

Are snowmobile skis universal & interchangeable?

A fair amount of snowmobile skis is universal. This depends on their different mounting points which can change their universality.

Snowmobile skis are known to be interchangeable between brands as long as you use the proper ski mounts. Mounts tend to vary; you will have to choose the right brand and also keep in mind the type of skis you are using. Since they need to match for them to work.

Something else to keep in mind while choosing skis is the size. It needs to be the right size for your height, weight, your skiing style and, lastly, your ability.

Generally, the proper ski length will be somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. So, a skier who is 6 feet tall will need to look for skis between 170cm to 190cm.

To find the perfect skis you also need to consider your style of riding, is it trail riding, crossover or mountain riding? Your ability as a skier is an important factor when choosing the right skis as beginners should stick with shorter skis whereas advanced skiers may prefer longer skis.

Snowmobile ski size & type chart:

A snowmobile ski size and type chart to help when choosing the perfect pair of skis. As the endless options can be daunting, especially to a beginner skier.

Designed For:2012 & Newer Sleds2011 & Older SledsAggressive Off/On TrailBoondocking & TechnicalMaximum FloatationSnocross RacingMini Sleds, Watercross
Weight6.7 lbs.6.7 lbs.7.9 lbs.7.0 lbs.7.7 lbs.8.3 lbs.4.1 lbs.
Style of RidingTrailTrailCrossoverMountainMountainRaceRace

Are all Polaris skis interchangeable?

Polaris is among the four large American manufacturers that reign over the whole snowmobile market. Many of the Polaris skis are known to be interchangeable as long as the right ski mounts are being used.

Since there are multiple mounts available, you need to determine which will be best suited for your Polaris skis.

But some Polaris skis may not be interchangeable due to differences in brand and also type of skis.

Can you put Polaris skis on a ski-doo?

The Polaris Gripper skis are believed to be the perfect fit for Ski-Doo by many skiers. The Polaris ski kit comes with all the mounting hardware needed for an easy installation for the Ski-Doo XP, XS, XM & REV GEN4 sleds.

However, a few Ski-Doo spacer modifications may be required on some applications. This with some basic steel flat washers that are needed for certain tolerance will be all you need to use your Polaris skis on a Ski-Doo.

How to align snowmobile skis?

When using a snowmobile, we need to make sure it is aligned properly as it is important for proper handling. Since unaligned snowmobiles skis can cause the snowmobile to dart from the path during the ride here is a step-by-step guide on how you can align your snowmobile skis:

Straighten the handlebars

You need to start with straightening the handlebars. Use a measuring tape to measure it against the same point on both sides of the handlebar to a rear-point on the snowmobile. It might take a few tries to make it perfectly even on both sides.

Measure the skis

For this you will be needing a long aluminum or metal rod about the length of the snowmobile and skis. Now, place it snugly to the edge of the snowmobile on the right or left side.

Now taking a measuring tape, using the manufacturers’ manual measure the same distance from the center console of the ski to both front and rear of the ski.

The distance here should be the same from center of the ski to front and rear. Then measure the distance from both points of the ski to the edge of the snowmobile. They should be equal.

Make adjustments

If the distance is not same on both front and rear of the ski to the edge of the snowmobile, you will need to take two wrenches to first loosen and then adjust the bolts to align the skis perfectly to the snowmobile. Repeat on the other side.

This may sound challenging to do but if the measurements are equal, it shouldn’t be hard to align the skis.

How do you put skis on a snowmobile?

If you have all the required hardware, some additional tools and also know the proper method, you can install skis to your snowmobile by yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide that has been added to help you.

  • Step 1: You will need to begin by installing the carbide into the snowmobile ski with the help of a rubber hammer. The tapered tip will go to the front of the ski.
  • Step 2: Now you will need to attach the loop. The tip will go on first and install the end on the first bolt of the carbide board using the loop bolts.
  • Step 3: Next the loop nut and the carbide both will need to be fixed with an impact. You need to make sure they are tight.
  • Step 4: It is time to install the mount kit which comes with a rubber dampener, bolt, nut and bushings. Line them up in order to go on the ski.
  • Step 5: Finally, it is time to install the ski. Start by setting the spindle on the dampener. Then, insert the bolt with the nut and using the rubber hammer tap it in halfway. Then using a wooden block against the dampener, tap it the rest of the way.

While you are outing skis on your snowmobile, one thing always make sure is that the screws and bolts need to be fitted tightly. If they are loosened the parts will not stay aligned.

What are snowmobile skis made of?

For the last 3 decades, snowmobile skis have been primarily made from plastic. Throughout history snowmobile skis have been known to have been made from wood, metal and briefly aluminum.

But they weren’t the smartest choices as snow would freeze and stick to the bottom of the ski and make it bulky.

But in 1988, a Canadian company came out with a unique ski design. It consisted of a ski made of composite, riveted to an aluminum mount. They were tough and flexible. The manufacturing obviously has evolved through the years but the main material stayed the same.

How wide are snowmobile skis?

The average width of a snowmobile tends to range from 44 up to 50 inches for adult skiers. But there are smaller 120cc to 300cc snowmobiles with the width of 35 to 36 inches for children.

Are snowmobile ski skins universal?

Snowmobile ski skins are used to reduce the friction of the skis, extend the life of the snowmobile, it also increases fuel economy and helps improve performance.

However, they cannot be used universally. Ski skins are made to fit specific brand skis and also differ based on how wide the ski is.

Are snowmobile carbides universal?

No, they are not universal. It is essential to choose carbides in order to set up your sled’s traction correctly. Carbides will vary depending on different sleds and also riders. However, usually a sharp set of 4” carbides will be perfect for an average rider with a short track.

Are snowmobile tracks universal?

Most snowmobile tracks are universal and can be easily used for different models and brands and are also interchangeable. Almost all tracks come with a standard 2.52” drive pitch. Although there are a few exceptions where the tracks are made for specific applications.

Are snowmobile sliders universal?

Snowmobile sliders mostly come in the same measurements as the same one can be used in different models and brands of snowmobiles without any trouble making it universal. But sometimes the size may vary depending on the length of your skid.

Are snowmobile hyfax universal?

Hyfax are hard plastic strips attached to the bottoms of the rails of the skid. They prevent the aluminum rails from wearing out in the track.

They don’t have many differences and usually will come with your sled but if not, they are easy to find and choose as the functions are the same. This makes it universal for all brands.

Are snowmobile belts universal?

Snowmobile belts come with the same functionality as they can be considered universal. They connect the engine’s power directly to the sled’s track.

But it is wiser to invest in a good quality snowmobile belt because while they can be expensive, they will last longer and won’t be shredded easily.

So, whether the skis are universal or not depends on the type of skis you have. But they can surely be used comfortably, as the parts tend to be mostly universal.

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