Can BMX Bikes Pedal Backward? (ANSWERED!)

BMX bikes are one of the unique bikes for fun riding. These bikes are suitable for short-distance rides. But they have some fantastic features to perform jumps and stunts. Even riders can use these bikes against the law of gravity.

BMX bikes can perform many tricks that amaze people. You might want to know whether BMX bikes can pedal backward or not.

Well, BMX bikes can’t go reverse direction with pedaling backward. This article will tell you about BMX bikes’ ability to pedal backward and how they can do it.

Can BMX bikes pedal backward?

Generally, BMX bikes can pedal backward. But BMX bikes don’t have a reverse gear. So, only pedaling backward doesn’t allow the bike to move in a reverse direction. For driving in reverse order, the rider should control the bike’s cassette rear hubs, allowing the bike to move backward.

Riders don’t pedal the bikes backward without reason. Sometimes pedaling backward is needed. Because when the rider “fakie” (pedaling backward) on a cassette, he needs to pedal backward. If he doesn’t pedal backward, he will get stuck.

The chain’s action drives the rear hub of the bike. When the rider pedal forward or backward, the pedal power allows the rear hub to move the rear wheel. So, if the rear hub assist the rider’s pedal-power, BMX bikes can pedal backward

What Makes BMX bikes pedal Backwards?

BMX bikes have only one fixed gear. The rear hub drives this fixed gear. But there are three types of rear hubs available for BMX bikes. Most BMX riders like this hub system for its simplicity and control it offers riders.

Mainly, the hub system is responsible for making the BMX bike pedal backward. Three different types of hubs are available in BMX bikes that make the bike pedal back.

Coaster hub:

Coaster hub is the simplest and works as backpedal brakes. In the coaster hub, a clutch mechanism helps the hub to join and move the bike forward. Then the clutch disengages for braking, which rotates the pedals backward.

Freecoaster hub:

Freecoaster hubs are the most versatile, and the rider doesn’t even have to turn the crank. When the rider “fakie” on a Freecoaster, he doesn’t have to pedal backward. The hub helps the bike to move in the reverse direction.

Cassette hub:

Cassette hubs are standard in BMX bikes. These hubs help the chain action to pedal the bike backward.

These hubs help the BMX bike to pedal backward. Moreover, the rider should also know how to control and maintain the hub properly while pedaling backward.

Is it good to pedal backward?

Pedaling backward is good in many ways. Generally, it helps the rider more than assisting the bike. Pedaling backward can be beneficial to the riders.

If there is any obstacle before the bike, pedaling backward allows you to transition into more stunts and tricks against the barrier.

Moreover, pedaling backward can allow the leg muscles to stimulate in a different way. This change of pace helps to gain more stamina to move ahead.

Is pedaling backward bad for your bike?

Pedaling backward can be bad too. If you are thinking about your BMX bike, then pedaling backward can harm your bike. Generally, BMX bikes have only one gear. That means pedaling backward and forward is the same thing technically.

If you pedal backward, the BMX won’t move back only because of pedaling. This way, the bike will be difficult to control. This gradual action can damage your bike. Sometimes, backpedaling some degrees can cause braking the back wheel abruptly.

How to make a bike pedal backward?

Pedaling backward can be good and bad, both in different ways. But if you want to make your bike pedal backward, you have to follow some techniques to control the bike to pedal backward. Let’s see how you can maintain a bike pedaling backward.

Most importantly, if your bike is a BMX bike or one geared bike, make sure it has the hub system that allows the bike to pedal backward.

  • For making a track stand, dominant your foot forward.
  • Start back-pedaling while locking your arms and pushing against the handlebars to avoid zigzagging.
  • Keep your front wheel in the same direction as your track stand and gradually sit down on your seat.
  • Eventually, you will feel the bike guiding you backward from momentum.
  • Then slowly start widening your circles until you are riding backward in a straight line.
  • Make sure to crank down as hard as you can and resist the handlebars.
  • Once you are more comfortable, you can try bumping off the walls.

Can you pedal backward on a mountain bike?

You can pedal backward on a mountain bike if your bike has derailleur alignment and adjustment. The adjusted gears will jump around while pedaling backward. But when pedaling forward, the gears will still stay on the sprockets.

But pedaling backward on a mountain bike can cause some problems also. Sometimes, the chain comes off while pedaling backward. Sometimes, pedaling backward upsets the rear derailleur.

For solving these problems, you can flip the bike upside down and rotate the drive train in the correct direction. Make sure to lube chain and cycle through the gears while rotating. Finally, finish with a rag on the chain. Thus you can solve the real derailleur problem and pedal backward easily.

Can you pedal backward on a Freecoaster?

You can pedal backward on a Freecoaster. Even pedaling backward on a Freecoaster is the easiest among the other hubs. Freecoaster hubs are the most versatile.

The rider doesn’t even have to turn the crank. When the rider “fakie” (pedaling backward) on a Freecoaster, he doesn’t have to pedal backward. The hub helps the bike to move in the reverse direction.

A Freecoaster hub has a clutch technique. This technique joins the hub shell while pedaling forward. Contrarily, disengages the hub while pedaling backward or when you perform fakie. This mechanism helps you to move backward without the need to move your pedals.

Why does my bike chain comes off when I pedal backward?

Coming off the bike chain is expected on a derailleur bike. It will happen in all. But it will cause in a few central gears. The reason is the rear derailleur is driving the chain to the side of the front chainring.

If the chain is too loose and the bike is tipped, then it will come off. Also, a bent chain wheel can cause the chain to come off.

Another common reason can be the cable stretch. When you ride on a new bike for half a dozen rides, at this time, the shift cables stretch the most. The cables can also extend over time.

If you want to solve this problem, try to back off your effort while shifting between chainrings. At this time, you have to keep pedaling. Another effective solution is to use a chain catcher to keep the chain from coming off the inside of the chain set.

A chain catcher is an important part that functions as an obstacle to the chain over-shifting inwards. Thus you can keep your bike chain from coming off when pedaling backward.

How do you ride a BMX bike backward?

Riding a BMX bike backward is not easy at all. This backward riding is a vital skill. Moreover, BMX bikes are excellent for stunts. This back riding is called “fakie.” It would be best if you practiced the fakie for riding finally. Let’s see how you can ride a BMX bike backward.

  • Ride up with your bike to an obstacle or a wall, or a pole.
  • Prop yourself against the barrier at a slow speed.
  • Then push into the barrier to grow up force for the backward movement.
  • Keep your arms straight while pushing off
  • Bent down your knees and place your hip over the rear wheel.
  • Then ride backward and pedal reverse with a bit faster speed than the hub movement.
  • If you feel that you are falling to the side, you can swiftly move your opposite knee outwards for balancing up. 

Most BMX bikes are capable of versatile uses. Even you can pedal backward with a BMX bike. However, BMX bikes generally have one fixed gear. But they have hub systems that allow pedaling backward.

Pedaling backward has both pros and cons. You have to understand the feature of the bike and how to control the bike to pedal backward. With some modifications and tricks, pedaling backward can be fun and beneficial. 

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