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Can I Use Galvanized Metal for a Fire Pit? (Explained)

A fire pit is a place where you burn anything. The fire might be for cooking or other purposes, but the fire pit provides a place where burning doesn’t cause other problems.

Generally, a fire pit is a pretty old concept. So, different types of metals and ceramics are being used from the very beginning.

That’s why you might be confused about whether you can use galvanized metal for a fire pit or not.

Well, you have to know details about galvanized metal. Moreover, knowing the melting temperature of galvanized metals and their withstanding properties are also important.

Can I use galvanized metal for a fire pit?

You can use galvanized metal for a fire pit. If you can use the galvanized fire pit properly, it will remain safe. Moreover, you can use galvanized metal for a fire pit both outside and inside the house. Besides, the zinc coating on the galvanized metal makes it fire-resistant to make a fire pit.

When it comes to making a fire pit, you must have to think about the fire-resistant quality of the metal. Moreover, you also have to think about safety. So, if you use galvanized metal for a fire pit, it will be safe and okay.

Generally, galvanized metal means the metal that undergoes the galvanizing process. In the galvanizing process, a protective zinc coating is applied to the metal. This coating makes the metal more protective from rusting and withstanding high temperatures.

So, galvanized metal is protective from the manufacturing process. Moreover, when it comes to making a fire pit, the galvanized metal can be made fire-proof. So, if you are thinking that whether the galvanized metal can withstand the temperature or not, you can fireproof it.

Galvanized metal generally doesn’t melt at burning temperature. But sometimes, the zinc coating can be melted and the fumes can be toxic. So, whenever you burn something in the galvanized metal fire pit, you should ensure it can withstand the temperature.

Is galvanized steel safe for a fire pit? Will it melt in a fire pit?

Yes, galvanized steel is safe for a fire pit. Generally, any type of iron or steel is common in making a fire pit. Galvanized steel is one type of special process steel. A zinc layer is applied to the steel to make galvanized steel.

But galvanized steel will not melt in a fire pit. When you burn anything in a galvanized fire pit, the zinc coating on the galvanized steel will melt or burn off. But the steel part will not burn so easily.

Generally, zinc melts at 420°C and vaporizes at 977°C. So, when you will use the fire pit, the zinc will be vaporized. But the steel will withstand the heat.

Can you use a galvanized bucket or tub for a fire pit?

Yes, you can use a galvanized bucket or tub for a fire pit. You might know that galvanized steel is safe to use as a fire pit. So, if you want to make a movable fire pit, a galvanized bucket or tub is the best option.

Many people make a DIY fire pit, or grill bucket by using galvanized bucket or tub. Generally, when we make fire pits, we have to construct a separate fire pit that stays in a place. But buckets or tubs can be handy.

You can easily use a galvanized bucket or tub to make fire into it. Moreover, if you need to make a fire outside the house, you can take a galvanized bucket to make a fire in it. So, galvanized bucket or tub is one of the easy solutions to use as a fire pit.

How to make a galvanized steel fire pit?

So, when you know that galvanized steel is safe as a fire pit, you might want to make one. But you have to follow a step-by-step process. Even you can use a galvanized steel bucket to make a DIY fire pit. Let’s see how you can make a galvanized steel fire pit.

Arrange the tools:

First, you have to arrange some tools that you will need to make a fire pit. For example, you have to get ready a galvanized bucket, a drill, some long screws, bolts, and a round grill for fitting insides.

Choose your preferred size:

Take the galvanized steel bucket according to your preferred size. Also, take higher gauge steel grates that will go inside the bucket.

If you don’t have a bucket, you will need a bucket-shaped galvanized steel piece. You can also make it with a steel sheet and cutter.

Make holes in the bucket:

Make 4 holes in the galvanized bucket about 5/6 inches upper from the bottom of the bucket. Attach the long screws with bolts with the holes. Tighten the screws from inside the bucket using a round grill.

Place the grates:

Then place the steel grates on the screw in such a way that the screws are holding the grates.

Set the coals inside:

Set some coals inside the bucket on the grates. Now you can make a fire inside the galvanized steel bucket and test whether everything is okay or not.

How do you fireproof galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is pretty safe to use as a fire pit. But you might want to make it fireproof before using it as a fire pit. Let’s see how you can fireproof galvanized steel.

Get ready with the tools:

If you want to coat the galvanized steel, you have to make an arrangement such as the big size container for dipping according to the galvanized steel size.

But you will need a roller or brush if you want to paint the coating. Moreover, you have to get ready the tools needed for dipping the galvanized steel.

Clean the surface:

Then you have to clean the galvanized steel surface to remove dirt, dust, and other residues that can react with other materials.

Apply primer:

Next, you have to apply a primer before using the coating. The primers are generally acrylic/vinyl or epoxy-based.

Apply the coating:

After that, according to the manufacturing directions you have to dip the steel into the coating. Otherwise, you can use a brush or roller to apply the coating on the galvanized steel.

Let it dry well:

Finally, you have to let the steel dry well. When the galvanized steel is dried completely, it will work as fireproof galvanized steel.

What metal do you use for a fire pit?

You have to choose the metal wisely when you use it for a fire pit. Because everything that comes close to fire has to be fire-resistant and heat-withstanding. Otherwise, the metal will not be safe to use. So, here is a list of metals that you can use for a fire pit.


Steel is one of the most common and used metals for making fire pits. Generally, steel has some better qualities over other metals like higher heat and fire-resisting quality, versatility, higher melting point, etc.

Moreover, steel is inexpensive and available. So, you can make a fire pit using steel.

Galvanized steel:

You can also use galvanized steel for making a fire pit. Galvanized steel has a zinc layer on it. So, this layer makes the steel more fire-resistant. Moreover, galvanized steel has the other qualities of steel.

Stainless steel:

Though stainless steel is more expensive than steel, it has greater strength, adaptability, heat conductivity, corrosion resistance. So, some features of stainless steel make it suitable to use for a fire pit.


Aluminum is another inexpensive metal. Aluminum might have lightweight but it has greater strength. Moreover, aluminum is perfect to use for a large fire pit.

Is galvanized metal pipe fireproof?

Yes, the galvanized metal pipe is fireproof. Generally, when we burn something in the fire pit, it easily reaches up to 1000 degrees centigrade. So, it is pretty predictable that the upper zinc coating will be vaporized.

But galvanized metal pipe has some excellent mechanical properties. Moreover, its high blow-up pressures make it suitable to use in the fire pit. So, the zinc coating might be burned off. But the galvanized metal will withstand fire.

How long will a galvanized fire ring last?

A galvanized fire ring will last at least one year. If you use it properly, it will last even longer. Generally, galvanized fire ring is pretty strong and safe. But many people think that the zinc coat will burn off and the fire ring will not last long.

But the galvanized fire ring will still last many days if you use it properly.

Final Thoughts

Galvanized metal is pretty common for use as a fire pit. Many people make DIY fire pits using a galvanized bucket. Moreover, galvanized metal has some excellent properties like strength, versatility, fire resistance, heat conductive, etc. These properties make the metal suitable as a fire pit.