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Can Outdoor Patio Furniture Get Wet? (Read This First!)

It is indeed a relaxing lounge around beautiful weather. Quality outdoor furniture adds to the comfort. However, one of the issues is how to deal with outdoor furnishing in rain or adverse weather. You may have wondered if they are water-resistant or not.

So here we have answers to all your confusion. If you would like to know further, we suggest you read through the article.

Can outdoor patio furniture get wet?

Outdoor patio furniture can get wet but will dry within 2 to 3 hours. This furniture is made water-resistant but not waterproof. Though they dry quickly after getting damped but will accumulate wear and damage over time if left unchecked. Hence, if you are not using them, use covers for protection.

Outdoor patio furniture is designed water-resistant. But if there’s heavy rain on the way, you should immediately put on covers.

The furnishing, when wet, is supposed to dry within a few hours. Even after that, exposure to downpours and getting drenched regularly could accelerate the wear and damage.

Also, if they remain damp for a long time, the furniture may get prone to bacterial and mold growth. Again some materials used in the patio furniture can make them more susceptible to water damage. 

It is once again essential to save the cushion. Protect them from sun, rain, and snow exposure. It is best if you use a cover after using. 

Wicker patio furniture and couches:

Wicker patio furniture is considered one of the best for they are built from quality materials. The furnishing can withstand moisture.

The resin wicker especially is more preferred for its all-weather characteristics. Therefore, it is possible to keep them while it’s raining.

They not only look attractive but can resist humidity, rain, and adverse weather. Moreover, the seat cushions are filled with polyester that adds to comfort. They are pretty easy to clean as well.  

Teak outdoor furniture:

Teak outdoor furniture is built from elements such as iron or resin wicker. It allows for a sturdy and water-resistant structure. This character allows the furniture to be kept outside in the rain.

The furniture is designed to withstand rust and adverse weather. Moreover, the cushion materials are also made water-resistant. 

Ikea outdoor furniture: 

Ikea furniture is comfortable. The feet are made from plastic that protects them from moisture. 

Most of the Ikea furniture is made from durable eucalyptus. It is hardwood and perfect for outdoor settings. The materials are primarily sustainable and of high quality.

The furnishing is protected from weather. Again, they dry rapidly and can resist mold growth. The dye used in the cushion cover makes it less prone to consumption of moisture. 

Outdoor rattan furniture:

This outdoor furniture from Rattan is made from a strong metal frame. Once again, they are waterproof, and can resist high temperatures.

The structure of the Rattan furnishings is durable. Therefore, you do not need to worry about keeping the furniture while it rains. Again, cushions are easily removable and washed.  

Outdoor wood furniture:

Outdoor wood furniture may sound unusual, but they are in popular in demand. Wood as a material is porous and absorbs moisture. They are also prone to warping and structural imperfection.

The damage can be too much if they are not treated with protective paint, coating, or sealant. Though it is alright to keep the patio furniture during rain, covering will lessen the occurring damage.

Can outdoor furniture be left out in the rain? Will it last?

It is possible to leave patio furniture outdoor in the rain. They contain water-resistant material, but are not waterproof. It means that a downpour would wet the furnishing.

However, they dry pretty fast, within 2 to 3 hours. Hence, it is okay to keep patio furniture uncovered even if it’s raining.

Nevertheless, we do not recommend this. Why? Well, when you let your patio furniture gets drenched regularly for hours, they may become prone to mold and mildew growth.

Also, By allowing extensive exposure to moisture and sun rays, you may observe wear before standard lifetime. If left untreated, the wooden outdoor furniture will rot over time.

Again resin wicker outdoor furniture may fade color and become brittle over time. Therefore it is always better to use a cover that is waterproof or water-resistant.

Are patio furniture cushions waterproof and can get wet? 

The outdoor patio furnishings use fabric for their cushions. The material of the cushions, both inside and outside, is water-resistant. Therefore, you will find them resistant to color fading and mildew growth.

They are easy to handle and washable as well. The cushions are hence safe to keep when it’s raining. You can shake or wipe off the excess moisture. Afterward, let them air dry. 

Despite the water-resistant feature, outdoor cushions will get wet. The label shower resistant or water repellent mean that the cushions may get drenched to a certain level. They do not imply complete impermeability to water or moisture. 

Why should you cover patio furniture when it rains?

Though outdoor furniture is made water-resistant, they tend to get wet. Moreover, extensive and regular exposure to adverse weather could accelerate the process of wear and tear.

Here we have discussed in detail why one should cover patio furniture when it’s raining. 

Protect from early damage:

Patio furniture is designed purposefully to resist rain and adverse weather. Yet, they get drenched but recover within a few hours.

However, the furnishing with the other accessories such as cushions is still vulnerable to rapid damage, mold, and mildew growth. Only covering the furniture would help them to keep away from breaking down too soon. 

Protect from Sunrays:

You should cover patio furniture on sunny days as well. Though it may seem unlikely, sunshine is also a secret enemy for this furniture to get damaged earlier than usual. The furniture fades in color and may wear off pretty soon.

Therefore, to protect furniture from UV radiation, use a cover over them when you are not using it. 

Protect from bird poop: 

Birds poop can be a problem for patio furniture as they are exposed to open air. The only solution to this problem is to keep the outdoor furniture covered when you do not use them. You can thus avoid unnecessary time in cleaning the furniture. 

How to protect patio furniture from rain?

You can protect the patio furniture from rain by adapting some simple methods. Here we have jotted down some ideas for you.  

Use cover: 

It is one of the best ways. When you keep your outdoor furniture covered, you are not only saving them from rain but UV radiation as well. Your furniture will be good to use for a long time.

Otherwise, with regular drenching from rain and direct sunlight, the furnishing may become more susceptible to mold growth and wear off soon.

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Wipe furniture after rain:

It is a great way to take care of your furniture and cushion if they get wet from rainwater or any liquid.

As soon as the rain is over, soak extra moisture from the cushions, wipe dry the frames. Also, keep them to air dry afterward. If necessary, clean them thoroughly.

Store cushions:

When you are not using the patio furniture, you can keep the cushion stored. The frames are sturdy built and less prone to damage.

In this way, you can protect the cushions and covers from mildew, dirt buildup, pollen, and sun bleaching.

Cover/store during the off-season:

Not all seasons are pleasant to enjoy the weather on the patio. For example, in winter, it is unlikely to sit on the outdoor patio. Again, harsh weather such as snowing or cold temperatures could accelerate the damage of the furniture.

So keep your outdoor furnishing covered when it is off-season. Moreover, it is better to keep the cushion stored. If possible, keep the the frame in a safe place as well. 

Use coating:

There are ways you can make the outdoor patio furniture water-resistant and waterproof. One of the best ways is to introduce coating. They are available in the market. Apply a coat of sealant or paint and you are good to go. 

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What are the best outdoor furniture for rainy weather?

Myriads of manufacturers make outdoor furniture. However, quality matters and also varies vastly between makers. Many brands offer some of the best quality outdoor patio furniture. Here is a list of some best brands from 2021.

  • Brown Jordan
  • Harmonia Living
  • Woodard/Mallin
  • Tropitone
  • Sunset West
  • Forever Patio
  • Klaussner Outdoor
  • Outer
  • Frontgate
  • Mamagreen
  • Polywood
  • Homecrest
  • Ratana

Final thoughts

Patio furniture is not water-proof, but they are water-resistant. They can get wet from rainwater. Again, moisture does not affect outdoor furnishing extensively. However, exposure to dampness for a long time can affect them negatively. It is thus best to use a cover when not using them.