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Can Possums Eat Apples? (All You Need to Know)

Opossums are usually known as possums. These animals are proven beneficial for your garden. Possums tend to eat slugs, snails, and even sometimes small-sized rodents. 

Possums munch on almost everything. All types of fruits and vegetables. These small animals feed on grains, plants, eggs, and frogs too. They are very attracted to fruits like apples and pears, grapes, and bananas. 

Fresh garden fruits, flowers, and vegetables are something possums find very attractive. If you have questions regarding possums eating apples, you are at the right place. Today we will be discovering if possums eat apples.       

Can possums eat apples?

Possums can eat apples. Possums eat fruits like apples, pears, grapes. They tend to eat almost everything. Possums prefer eating things that are sweet. However, they must not consume too much sweet food. Although they will eat everything, they find fish and apples quite attractive.    

Possums are attracted to fresh garden fruits and vegetables. Apples and grapes are something they love to munch on. There are types of possums, and they have their own favorite type of food.

Ringtail possums:

Possums like fruits. But when it comes to ringtail possums, Eucalyptus leaves are their top favorite. They also tend to eat flowers, vegetables, and fruits. If they are residing in your garden, they would also like to munch on roses, passion fruits, and roses.  

Possums are considered to be primarily folivorous and nocturnal. Although they like to munch on apples, they mainly feed on eucalyptus leaves. Possums are into native plants like eucalyptus, wattle, etc.     

Baby possums:

Baby possums can eat various types of fruits. This includes bananas, passion fruit, etc. Although apples are not recommended. But bananas are preferable.

Usually, possums will consume almost everything. But if you are dealing with a baby possum who can eat on its own, bananas are a great choice. Bananas are a safe option to feed a baby possum. It can be considered to be good baby food. 

Baby possums can also be fed dog and cat food in moderate amounts. They can also be fed slugs, snails, worms, and other insects.       

Do possums eat crab apples?

Possums do eat crab apples. Crab apples are small-sized apples that taste a bit sour. Crab apples are considered bitter, but that is not true. These apples can be pretty sweet.

People can eat the flesh of crab apples. However, the seed and core should be avoided. And possums are attracted to sweet fruits. They eat fruits like kiwi, grape, watermelon, tomatoes, berries, bananas, and many others. 

Although they are very much attracted to sweet food, they should not be consuming it in a large amount. Possums can also end up eating crab apple tree leaves.

There is no doubt that possums are into apples. Even though they like fruits and berries like apples and persimmons, they eat seeds and nuts. So, they do have the tendency to eat crab apples. 

2 reasons why possums eat apples

Possums are omnivores. These animals tend to eat various types of food. However, they can consume both plants and animals. Possums enjoy apples a lot.

Here are a few reasons why possums eat an apple:

Apples taste sweet:

The basic reason behind possums being so much into apples is due to the sweetness of the fruit. Apples should be provided to possums in small amounts.

Apples contain a good amount of sugar. And unfortunately, high amounts of sugar can be harmful to possums.

But the saying ‘An apple a day keeps doctors away‘ is true in this case. Apples are filled with vital nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1-B2, and Vitamin K. It also contains a good amount of fiber, copper, and manganese.

A moderate amount of apples will help to boost the health of the possum.

Apples are crunchy:

Apart from the fact that Apples are sweet, the fact that attracts possums is that they are crunchy. It is said that they enjoy the crunch that comes from eating an apple.

Apples are highly fibrous, which adds a crunch to them. The fiber content in apples is a great thing. This helps the possums to stay fuller for a long time.

Although they are given a moderate amount of apple, they remain fuller for a long duration with few calories.

The only matter that is concerning is that apples are sprayed with pesticides to keep pests away. Washing the apples properly before giving them to the possums is highly recommended. It’s better if you can provide organic apples to your possums.     

Do possums eat all parts of apples?

Possums will not eat all parts of apples. They will most likely leave out the core of the apple. Possums are attracted to the crunch and sweet taste of the apple. Possums tend to eat everything.

Apple seeds:

Although possums eat almost everything, they will not eat apple seeds. Possums avoid eating seeds and the core of the apple. These animals will never eat the entire apple. They will most likely leave out the core and seeds.

Apple tree leaves:

Possums eat almost everything. They will not turn their nose up if they have to eat apple tree leaves. At the same time, these animals eat everything, even garbage if required.

Thus, if apple tree leaves are the only option available, the possums will never hesitate. They will happily munch on the apple tree leaves. 

Apple cores:

Apple cores might be highly fibrous, but it also holds the seeds. The seeds of the apple contain a trace of cyanide. Unfortunately, a small amount of cyanide can be highly toxic to small animals like raccoons, possums, and as well as to rabbits.

So, the possums will leave the core out. They will just eat the meat and flesh of the apples. However, they will need to eat the seeds of two entire apples to cause them any harm.  

Are apples good for possums?

Apples are good for possums. As these fruits are highly fibrous, they are considered to be a great source of vitamins and minerals. Although apples are a great source of vitamins and minerals, unfortunately, too many apples can harm possums.

However, baby possums must not be fed apples. Apples are a bit tough to chew for baby possums. Baby possums can be fed slugs, snails, worms. Other than all these proteins, the banana is a fruit that is ideal for possums.

When baby possums start to eat on their own, they should be fed soft fruits. Although apples are great for possums, baby possums cannot eat apples.

Apples help to boost the health of possums. Due to being highly fibrous, the possums feel fuller for a long time. This prevents the possums from overeating. Thus, the health issues regarding overeating are avoided.  

How do I protect my apples from possums?

Possums are much more likely to be obsessed with sweet fruits. Therefore, it is predictable that your apple trees and apples are not safe. Here are a few things you can do to protect your apples from possums:

By pruning bushes around the apple tree:

Possums can climb trees, but they can only jump 1 meter vertically. So, if you prune and clean the bushes near your apple tree, it will prevent the possums from climbing the tree.

You can also add a smooth metal collar around the tree’s trunk. This will stop the possums from climbing up the tree.

By covering the fruits with paper bags:

You can try each fruit with paper bags, shade cloth bags, drawstring tops, or plastic pots. Small apple trees can be protected with shade cloth.

However, it will help the fruit ripen but will also protect them from wildlife. Therefore, you get well-ripened fruit yet keep it safe from possums.

By adding a floppy top to your fence:      

Possums do not like climbing rough surfaces. Floppy tops are basically chicken wire added to your fences. These fences are threaded through at the top along bendy high-tensile wire. So, floppy tops stop the possums from climbing, and they turn around.

By placing plants possums dislike:

You can add plants or shrubs that possums dislike. Plants like daisies, tea-tree, and grevilleas are some examples. These plants will keep the possums away and protect both your tree and the apples. 

Final Thoughts      

Although possums eat almost everything, they absolutely love apples. Possums tend to eat apples. And possums can eat apples as they are sweet in taste. The crunch and sweetness of apples are what possums find attractive. Apart from the taste, apples are also a healthy snack for possums.