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Can Possums Eat Grapes? (Read This First!)

Do you know possums and opossums are not the same creatures? They belong to the same family, but they are different. They also have similar eating habits since they like fruits, vegetables, and fresh leaves.

The wild possums can live on the leaves, but they also love to eat sweet potatoes. According to their eating habits, the possums love berries and other sweet fruits.

Can possums eat grapes?

Possums can eat grapes since they love different fruits, vegetables, and leaves. They are considered semi-omnivores because of their eating habits. They can eat pretty much everything, including their eggs. It happens when they go hungry and can’t find anything suitable to eat.

But the wild possums will go for the leaves and survive for the time being when they go hungry. If you plan to have a possum as a pet, you don’t need to worry about the food. You can offer them pet foods and other natural foods as well.

But you cannot offer everything to the baby possums that you can offer the ringtail possums. It’s high time we should look at their diet and eating habits.

Ringtail possums:

More than 30 species of possums are there in Australia and other parts of the world. Among them, the ringtail possum is one. It cannot eat the grapes, or grapes as it is not their food.

Instead of eating grapes, the ringtail possums eat leaves. They live on leaves; therefore, they will not eat the grapes but the grapevine leaves.

Baby possums:

Baby possums can eat grapes; they are fond of fruits. You can use different methods to feed your baby possums. You can mesh the grapes and feed the possums.

Also, the baby possums can grow by eating different fruits and vegetables. You can make the baby foods and feed them accordingly. They will love the mixture and eat quickly.

Do possums eat different parts of grapes?

The possums eat different parts of the grapes. They can eat both the fruits and leaves. But what about the grapevines, leaves, and jelly?


Possums can eat the grapevines; they even are attracted to them. Apart from the ringtail possums, most possums can eat the grapevines. You can feed the grapevines to the baby possums as well.

Grapevines have different colors that attract wild animals very much. As a result, the possums also love to eat grapevines.

Grapevine leaves:

Most wild possums live on leaves. So eating the grapevine leaves is not a difficult task for the possums. They nibble the leaves and eat the fruits first.

Then they go for the leaves. But they try to avoid leaves when they get enough fruits to eat. When they are hungry and can’t find any fruits or vegetables, the possums start eating grapevines leaves.

Grape jelly:

You should always avoid using human food for wild animals. If you can’t find anything suitable to feed them, you should go for the leaves. Here the grape jelly is a human fruit.

We make grape jelly with the breakfast bread. It contains high sugar, which is harmful to wild animals. If the possums eat grape jelly regularly, they will soon get sick and lose their health. So, the possums should not eat grape jelly.

“3” reason why possums eat grapes

As being semi omnivores, possums can eat almost everything. And as the grapes are widely available in the forests, it is easy to get for them. Let’s get to know why they eat grapes.

Available Fruits:

Grapes are available in the jungle. You will find grape trees here and there, and wild animals love to have their food source nearby. Besides, the grapes don’t have anything wrong.

Since grapes are available and it’s a fruit, possums love to eat grapes. And, they will eat grapes happily wherever they find them.


The possums are fond of sweets. They love sweet potatoes and other sweet leaves and vegetables regularly. Therefore, they also eat grapes because it’s sweet fruit. It has sugar and other fruit ingredients in most cases.

Grapes have different types. Some are sweet, and others may contain a bitter taste to human beings. But the wild animals find the grapes as juicy and sweet fruits. It is the most crucial reason why possums eat grapes.

Eating habits:

Most possums have similar eating habits that consist of vegetables, fruits, leaves, and other ingredients. You know the possums are omnivores; therefore, they eat everything when hungry.

It helps to eat all types of grapes without having any health issues. They can digest the grapes, leaves, and other parts of the grapevines.

Are possum grapes poisonous?

Possum grapes are poisonous from top to bottom. The possum grapes are toxic in the berries and leaves. When you eat the berries, you will face stomach issues. Also, the taste is bitter. Therefore, they are not safe for human beings.

When you bite the grapes, you will get a sour taste. It might be better for you if you love the lemons’ flavor but slightly better leaves. You can eat the leaves by boiling them. D are a good source of protein.

Though possum grapes are toxic and unsafe for human beings, wild animals and possums eat the berries. They love to eat possum grapes regularly. And, they can easily digest the toxic chemicals and keep their health sound.

Besides, wild animals and possums can eat the possum grape leaves. They can easily extract the protein from the leaves without damaging their internal health. Moreover, the possum grapes berry seems tasty, devouring them entirely.

How to stop possums from eating grape vines?

You can stop possums from eating grapevines in four practical ways. You can either follow all the ways or find your best match among them.


If you have grapevines in your garden and you’re infested with possums, you can use the mothballs to get rid of them.

Possums don’t like the mothballs, especially for the pungent smells. So, you can place some mothballs around the grapevine plants and stop the possums from eating your grapes at night.

You can also make a spray using the mothballs. But it will not be easy. In that case, you can follow other tips.

You can put some mothballs into a water bottle and add some water. Let the mothballs dissolve in water; finally, spray the mixture around the grapevine trees.

Garlic & Onion Spray:

Garlic and onion are the two most crucial home remedies that possums avoid most. You can make a spray by using garlic and onion and boiling them in hot water.

Put some water into a pot, and add garlic & onion. Then boil it for a while. After that, pour the boiled water into a bottle and spray it around the garden and grape plants. It will surely stop the possums from eating the grapevines.


When you want to know about the best way to get rid of possum, you should hear the name of vinegar.

Vinegar has a pungent smell and a chemical odor. Both features help you stop the possum from eating your grapes at night.

You can make a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Put the water into a bottle and then add the vinegar. Then, you need to shake it well. Now you can spray it around the grape plants and stop the possums.

Netting system:

After applying all these ways, you can follow our final tip if you still cannot stop the possums from eating your grapes. Here is the netting system which will indeed work for this problem.

You need to buy large nets from the local sports shop in this process. Then you have to cover the entire garden or the specific grapevine trees with the net. As a result, the possums will no longer get the grapes or berries.

What sort of fruit do possums eat?

Possums can eat most of the sweet and juicy fruits. And the wild possums can eat all types of fruits. However, they have some favorite fruits that you can feed them regularly.


Possum’s love to eat juicy fruits, and among the other juicy fruits, apple is the favorite one. Ape is also a good fruit for human beings. It has many health benefits as well.

The possums also find it easy to eat and digest. They start eating it and devour the fruit, including the seeds, whenever they see an apple.


Possums find grape vines available in their surroundings. In Particular, you will find the grapevines in almost every corner of the forest where the possums live most. This fruit is juicy and sweet as well.

For both taste and flavor, the possums love to eat grapefruit. You can also feed the baby possum with grapes regularly.

Final Thoughts

Possums live on fruits and vegetables. And they are omnivores. So, it is an open secret that possums eat grapes. They find grapes easy to eat and digest. Also, grapes are an available fruit found in the forest or garden. They can even eat grapevine leaves and other berries.