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Can Ski Helmets Be Recycled? (All You Need to Know)

Ski helmets should be recycled when they get replaced with newer ones. As the alternative is the old ski helmets ending up in landfills that are already overflowing. There are various ways in which the ski helmet or at least parts of it can be recycled.

Can ski helmets be recycled?

A ski helmet consists of several parts which are made using a variety of materials. When it comes to recycling, some parts like the foam and padding will have to come off but the plastic parts of the ski helmet can be recycled. Sporting companies offer to take old ski helmets to recycle them.

Are helmets recyclable?

Ski helmets are recyclable. But it all comes down to what material went into the production of these helmets. Helmets come with a plastic shell. However, their inner lining, strap and buckle can be made from other materials like EPS foam, polyethylene, nylon, etc.

In these cases, the plastic parts, which make up 90% of the helmet can be recycled. You can use the EPS foam as a substitute for packing material or even as a soil amendment by shredding it. The strap and buckle will unfortunately, end up in the trash can.

Even though the plastic shell is usually recyclable when made using material like PET, sometimes manufactures will also use fiberglass, polycarbonate or ABS hard shells which can not be recycled in most places.

What to do with old ski helmets?

It is essential to find ski helmets you don’t use anymore, a new home or put them to use in an environment-friendly way. Especially if they are in good condition and not damaged or cracked.

  • You can sell them as many skiers buy old ski helmets to save money.
  • Donate them to friends or family who are new to skiing.
  • Ski helmets can be used as hanging planters for herbs or flowers.
  • Local drama clubs also accept ski helmets to use for their costumes or props.
  • Often ski helmets tend to look old because of the various scratches they receive at the slope, painting them might give them a new look. And you can use them much longer.
  • Check if any local emergency services will accept them as police and fire services can use old ski helmets while training newbies.

How do I dispose of an old ski helmet?

After constant use throughout the years, ski helmets begin to show signs of wear and tear. And eventually need to be disposed of. It is every person’s responsibility to dispose of the old gear without adding extra pollution into nature.

Get in touch with the manufacturers:

Many helmet manufacturers will take old ski helmets.

They examine the old ones to check if anything went wrong in the previous production. And also try to find possible solutions to make them more sturdy and durable in future.

Contact local recycling area:

Local recycling places will take the old ski helmets and recycle them.

Save the lining and dispose of the plastic:

If you recycle your old helmet, save the lining foam, this can be used as packing material when crumbled to smaller pieces. Or mix it in with soil to enhance its quality.

How to recycle ski helmets?

Recycling is a great way to get rid of old ski helmets that can’t be used any longer.

Look for the materials:

Before you begin, try to look up the materials used to manufacture the helmet. As mentioned above not all ski helmets can be recycled at local recycling centres. So, ski helmets consisting of fiberglass, polycarbonate or ABS hard shells will not be accepted.

Take the plastic apart:

If the plastic your ski helmet is made of is recyclable, then you can begin by taking apart the foam lining, the straps and buckle. And proceed with only the plastic shell.

Let the plastic recycle:

Now, let the plastic shell be recycled with the other recyclable plastics.

Store foam ling for future use:

The foam lining that is left behind can be used to pack fragile things or used with soil as a solid ademdents.  The strap and buckle should be thrown away.

Can ski helmets be donated?

Ski helmets that have been used but function properly can be donated. A few places that will accept these donations are local charitable organizations that will accept them and give them to people, mainly children who are interested in skiing but do not have the means to buy them.

Ski clubs or school ski teams will accept lightly used ski helmets. There are websites that you can find who take ski helmets. Local ski shops also take old ski helmets and distribute them to customers who can’t afford new gear.

Lastly, some furniture stores also accept old ski gear like helmets, goggles which they use to create cool furniture with.

What to do with expired helmets?

After your helmet has passed its expiration date, be sure to never ride with that helmet again. Even if it has no cracks or dents. You can check out your local recycling centres to see if they will accept them to recycle.

But sometimes the manufacturers will take back old helmets and even offer you a discount on your new purchase. However, if you are all out of options and decide to throw away the helmet, try to take a hammer and smash it or cut the straps off.

This is to ensure no one else unknowingly uses it as expired helmets can cause accidents.

Even though it can feel like a hassle to find a recycling center or place that takes donations of ski gear to dispose of your old ski helmets, if possible, do it! This will stop the ski helmet from causing more solid waste by sitting in some landmine and also help the environment.

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