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Can Ski Helmets Go in Hand Luggage? (Quick Facts)

Ski helmets are the protective gear while skiing or snowboarding. Ski helmets are so convenient that they can provide both comfort and safety. Many people carry their ski helmets to different places.

But you might be confused about whether ski helmets go in hand luggage or not. Well, you will get to know this if you know where you can take the helmets and their characteristics.

Can ski helmets go in hand luggage?

Ski helmets can go in hand luggage. But you have to think about the size of the helmets. Each passenger can take one hand luggage; so you have to keep it in the luggage that has sufficient space. Moreover, place the ski helmet with other soft materials so that it can’t break while handling luggage.

When you take a ski helmet in hand luggage, there is a chance that the helmet will break for friction with other materials. So, place the ski helmet with a soft material so that it can’t break.

So, many people take their ski helmets with their carry-on bags. So, you need to take proper care if you want to take ski helmets in hand luggage.

Can you carry a ski helmet on an airplane?

Yes, you can carry a ski helmet on an airplane. You can take a ski helmet wherever you travel. But you need to take care of the helmet so that it can’t break. While traveling in an airplane, one person can take one piece of luggage.

So, if you put the helmet in regular luggage and give it to the airlines’ handlers, they will not know about the helmet inside. So, there is a chance of breaking the helmet. Because ski helmets have many components that can be brittle.

So, it will be best if you carry the ski helmet in a carry-on bag or hand luggage.

3 reasons why should ski helmets go in hand luggage:

Ski helmets are recommended to go in hand luggage while traveling. Let’s see why ski helmets are better to go in hand luggage.


If you put the ski helmet in the hand luggage, it will keep the helmet protected. But if you put the helmet in a random bag, some components might break for the friction with other materials. Hand luggage will keep the helmet separated from other things.

Easy handling:

Ski helmets don’t have a smooth surface all over. So, you might face difficulty placing the helmet inside your regular luggage or storage. Hand luggage will keep the helmet separated and safe. You can easily carry the helmet in hand luggage.

Personal safety:

Putting a ski helmet in your hand luggage can be a personal safety element. While traveling, if you need protection, you can wear the helmet immediately from the hand luggage.

But you can’t take out the helmet from regular luggage on the way to traveling. So, hand luggage is suitable to put the ski helmet on.  

How to bring a ski helmet on a plane?

While traveling on a plane with a ski helmet, you might be confused about how to bring the ski helmet.

You can bring a ski helmet in something that you can carry in your hands. You can keep one piece of luggage inside the plane; so keeping it in large luggage might break the helmet.

For example, you can bring the ski helmet in hand luggage. In hand luggage, the ski helmet remains protected and frictionless. Because when you put the helmet on with other things, some components of the helmet might get damaged.

Moreover, you can keep the ski helmet in a carry-on bag. So, you can easily handle the ski helmet.

How to pack your ski helmet?

While packing your ski helmet, you might be confused about where and how you can pack it. Ski helmets have different components on them. So, if you pack the ski helmet randomly, it might get damaged. So, let’s see how you can pack it.

  • Clean the ski helmet and keep the extensions of the helmet inside it.
  • Place the helmet in the hand luggage safely.
  • Put some of your clothes around the ski helmet to prevent friction with the luggage.
  • If you are not taking clothes, you can put foam or soft material around the helmet.
  • Put a soft cloth on the top of the helmet and zip lock the hand luggage.

Can you wear a ski helmet on a plane?

You should not wear a ski helmet on a plane. Many people find it difficult to fit the ski helmet inside of their luggage. So, they want to wear it on a plane.

But wearing a ski helmet on a plane will look weird. Moreover, it can be uneasy to wear in the plane environment. If you really have a problem fitting the helmet inside the luggage, you can strap the helmet onto the outside of the rucksack. Besides, you can carry it in your hands.

Can I carry a ski helmet?

Yes, you can carry a ski helmet. You can even carry a ski helmet wherever you travel. Besides, you can carry the helmet on a plane also.

But when you carry a ski helmet, you need to take proper care of the helmet. Otherwise, the ski helmet might get damaged while traveling somewhere. So, put the ski helmet in a bag or hand luggage. Also, put soft materials with the helmet to keep it protected.

How do you pack skis on a plane?

When you travel on a plane and want to take the skis with you, you need to pack them properly. You need to cover the tips of the ski helmets with tip covers or rubbers. This will prevent injuries while checking the luggage.

You can put the ski gears in a padded ski duffel bag. Keep folded and soft clothes with the skis to protect them from friction. Lastly, you can confirm luggage fees and additional rules for carrying skis.

Ski helmets are essential for skiing or snowboarding. But when traveling on a plane, you need to be careful about carrying a ski helmet. Hand luggage is a suitable piece of carrying luggage for the ski helmet. Moreover, you need to pack the ski helmet with care to prevent breakage.

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