Can Snow Boots Be Stretched? (How to Stretch Snow Boots!)

As snow boots are used for walking in heavy and slippery snow, the perfect fitting is necessary to have a safe and comfortable walk. So, you must be wondering if the snow boots can be stretched to achieve the right size and how it can be done. Let’s find the answers to all your queries.

Can snow boots be stretched?

The snow boots are usually made of waterproofed leather, which is a very stretchable material. So, you can stretch the snow boots to attain the perfect fitting. By stretching the snow boots, you can make the boots hug your foot better and have a comfortable walk.

Snow boots are mostly made of leather that is waterproofed to keep the foot dry and warm in the snow. This waterproof material makes the snow boots stretchable.

You can make the boots offer more support and insulation by stretching them. It will also provide more warmth and comfort while walking and hiking in the snow.

How to stretch out snow boots?

Excessively tight snow boots can cause blood circulation problems and make it difficult to walk in the snow. However, you don’t have to worry if your snow boots are too tight since most of them can be stretched within a matter of minutes.

There are numerous methods of stretching out snow boots. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways.

Using Ice:

This is a very effective and effortless method for stretching out snow boots. If your snow boots are too tight, this method won’t work because it can only enhance a small amount of length or width.

Here is how you can stretch out snow boots using ice:

Partially fill two Ziploc waterproof bags with water:

First and foremost, find a bag that is resealable, labeled for freezer usage, and doesn’t leak water. Then fill one-third of the bag with water. Seal the bag, and while doing that, make sure to squeeze the air out.

Put the resealable bags filled with water inside the snow boots:

Place one water-filled bag into each snow boot. If you want to stretch the toe, push the bag as far as you can inside the boots. If you want to increase the size in the middle, place it right in between the boots’ toe and the calf.

Keep the boots inside the freezer:

After putting the Ziploc bags into the snow boots, leave the boots in a freezer for up to 12 hours. Water expands as it turns into ice, stretching the snow boot outward from the inside.

Remove the snow boots from the freezer:

After taking out the snow boots, wait for almost an hour for the ice to melt. Then, pull out the bags gently so that you don’t damage the texture of the boots. After you have done that, try out the snow boots and go for a walk in the snow.

Stretching with a boot stretcher:

If you want to increase the size of the snow boots precisely and want a full-size change, then this is one of the best methods. Let’s take a look at how you can stretch the snow boots by using boot stretchers.

Choose a suitable boot stretcher:

There are different types of boot stretchers for stretching different areas of the boot. You will have to select a stretcher according to the part you want to stretch.

To raise the toe part of the snow boots, you will need a toe stretcher. The foot part is raised using a vamp or instep stretcher. You can increase the length and width of the boot with a two-way stretcher.

Cast the stretcher into a boot:

After getting the right boot stretcher, wedge it into a boot. Before putting it in the boot, adjust the knob to a tight fit. You will have to use a stretcher with a longer handle if the handle gets covered by ankle support.

Rotate the handle of the stretcher:

Turn the handle anti-clockwise at least 3 times to widen the wedge. While rotating, you should see the snow boot expand in the region to which the stretcher is designed.

Leave the stretcher inside the boot:

You should leave the stretcher inside the snow boot for 1 to 2 days according to the length or width you want to increase. You can try out the boots in an interval of 12 hours if you think they might get too loose.

How are snow boots supposed to fit?

Snow boots are mainly used to walk in the snow, which can sometimes be very thick or slippery. A looser-fitting snow boot might provide more comfort, but it can pose issues while walking long distances in thick snow.

So, snow boots are supposed to perfectly fit the foot, it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. They should fit snugly around your foot and provide both support and insulation. The perfect fitting will help you have a hassle-free and comfortable walking experience in the snow.

Should I size up for snow boots?

The snow boots are specially designed to accommodate any type of socks you may decide to wear and the heavy fleece lining. The boots are broader and roomier on the inside compared to the regular shoes. When it comes to snow boots, the idea that you should leave room for socks is absurd.

So, you should never size up for snow boots. If you wear 9 sized shoes, you should also get 9 sized snow boots. You must avoid going up a size since too much mobility in the snow boot might create discomfort and chillness while walking in the snow.

How tight should snow boots be?

The snow boots should not be too tight nor too loose. The fitting should be in such a way that the snow boots should hug your foot comfortably but not loosely.

You might use snow boots for taking long walks in the snow. So, if the boots become too tight, they will cause blood circulation problems in your foot. It will also lead to discomfort, and your feet might become too warm during walking in the snow.

Then again, if the snow boots are too loose, they might come off while walking and cause sores due to too much movement. As a result, the snow boots should not be either excessively tight or extremely loose.

How do you know if snow boots are too small?

You can know if your snow boots are too small by squeezing a finger behind your ankle. If your toes feel jammed when you do that, then it is probably very tight.

By putting on the snow boots and wriggling your toes, you can also understand if they are too tight. The boots are excessively tight if you can’t move your toes.

Snow boots should fit comfortably around your heel, instep, and toe box, with your toes just touching the ends. If it doesn’t happen, the snow boots are likely to be too small for your feet.

How do I make my snow boots more comfortable?

One of the best ways to make your snow boots more comfortable is to stretch them for a perfect and snug fit. You can stretch the boots in various ways.

The snow boots can be stretched using ice in a Ziploc bag, stretching liquids, boot stretchers, hairdryer, and more. By having the perfect fit, your feet will keep your feet warm and cozy while walking in the snow.

Besides stretching the snow boots, you can wear a thin pair of socks to make them more comfortable. It will make the inside of the boots cozier and will provide more warmth.

How do you maintain snow boots?

The snow boots are made using waterproof leather, so maintenance is necessary. By maintaining the snow boots properly, you can maintain their durability. Let’s take a look at how to maintain snow boots.

  • Use a leather cleaner and a microfiber cloth to gently clean the dirt from the snow boots.
  • Apply boot wax to the whole boot and brush it softly.
  • After cleaning, spray the snow boots with a leather protector.

Snow boots should perfectly fit your foot so that you can have a great walking experience in the snow. Thanks to snow boots being stretchable, you can increase the length or width of the boots for a precise fitting after purchasing.

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