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Can Snow Boots Go in The Washing Machine & Dryer? (Answered)

Have you ever gotten your snow boots dirty? Ever thought of cleaning the snow boots to make them look fresh and new again? The answer is yes almost all the time. It can be quite easy to clean using the right techniques and products.

Can snow boots go in the washing machine?

Snow boots cannot go in the washing machine as it is more likely to be damaged. Snow boots are not designed to survive the water in the washing machine as they can loosen the glue that sticks the inner and outer sole to the boots. It is also risky to put waterproof snow boots in the washing machine.

Not all snow boots are washable. Although they are designed to withstand water exposure, they cannot be submerged in water.

They become so heavy when soaked in water that they might damage the machine. Additionally, if the boots are made from leather, they will become frayed and unusable.

There are waterproof snow boots that can be put in the washing machine. However, they might start losing their non-permeable features after frequent usage, thus it is advisable to wash delicately with low speeds. For the best advice, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Will washing machines damage snow boots?

There are high chances that washing machines will damage snow boots if they are washed in them.

The washing machines will submerge the snow boots and spin them rapidly in the water. The rapid movement of water can damage the fabric of the snow boots and loosen their parts. This will result in wear and tear soon after it is taken out for a walk.

3 reasons why you can’t put snow boots in the washing machine

The high speeds of the spin cycle in a washing machine can be dangerous for the health of snow boots, which is why it is advisable to use other methods to clean them.

These are some consequences and the reasons why you can’t put snow boot in the washing machine:

The snow boots lose attractiveness:

Snow boots are also worn for fashion and frayed boots are unlikely to be wanted.

If they are made from fur or have décor on the outside surface of its body, with rapid rotation the décor and the fur may come off, leaving the snow boots looking dull.

Leather snow boots may discolor during the wash. Besides, the structure of the fabric also weakens when soaked in water.

It leads to a loss of important elements in the boots:

Many snow boots have sheepskin lining that helps keep the moisture against coldness.

The rough detergents or washing powder in the washing machine will cause the sheepskin liner to lose its natural oils and mat, leaving it harsh in texture after drying.

Additionally, the insoles and the laces on the boots could also get torn in the water.

As a result, the quality of the snow boots will deteriorate.

The snow boots may fall apart:

It can be considered the most important reason why you cannot put the boots in the washing machine.

Due to the rapid water movements inside the machine, the glues that stick the soles to the shoes might get loosened. As a result, the soles might come off.

How do you clean snow boots?

Stains on snow boots may seem very hard to remove but on the contrary, it is rather easy to clean snow boots with household items such as laundry detergent. The steps to clean a pair of snow boots are:

Fill a sink or bowl with water:

Take a large bowl or sink and fill it with warm water. Warm water will help brighten up the boots and treat dinginess.

Add cleaning ingredients to the water:

Plain water will not clean the snow boots, there might be an odor left after cleaning with it.

Hence, add an appropriate amount of mild detergent and a cup of white vinegar to the water. Mix it properly to get soapy water.

Remove the inserts and rinse them in soapy water:

If it is possible, remove the insoles and the laces of the snow boots. Put them in soapy water and rinse them thoroughly. The insoles can get quite dirty as you rest your feet on them; thus to get rid of any odor, sprinkle baking soda or talcum powder.

Scrub the outer and inner surface of the snow boot:

Dampen a sponge or a brush with the soap water and gently brush off the dirt from it. It is recommendable to use a footwear brush if there are tough stains on its body.

After the direct is brushed off, using a washcloth wipe the insides and outside of the snow boots to remove the soap. Repeat this step until it looks clean and new.

Rinse the inserts in plain water:

After cleaning, pour out the soapy water and refill it with plain clean water. Rinse the inserts in the water until every bit of soap is washed off.

Allow them to dry properly:

Squeeze the inserts carefully to get rid of excess water and leave them on a dry newspaper overnight.

The same goes for the snow boots. However, for quick-drying, leave a dryer sheet in each boot overnight. It traps moisture and can be great for drying the snow boots.

Can snow boots go in the dryer?

Snow boots can go in the dryer, but it is not safe. The walls of the dryers may hit the snow boots in rapid motion. This movement might cause the insoles of the boots to fall apart. However, there are boot dryers that can be safe as it warms the air surrounding the boot, causing it to dry.

Regular dryers are not for snow boots. The swift movements inside the dryer will ruin both the machine and the snow boots. 

Is it bad to put snow boots in the dryer?

It is not recommendable to use the dryer for drying snow boots as it may ruin the quality of the boots. The high temperatures inside the dryers eventually lead the snow boots to fall apart, not allowing them to be used for a long time.

2 reasons why you can’t put snow boots in the dryer

The snow boots will shrink:

If the snow boots are made from wool or leather, it is likely to warp or shrink permanently.

Wool is a natural fiber derived from sheep or goats, with scales on the outer layer that entangle and warp when exposed to excessive moisture and heat.

The snow boots may become unattractive:

Snow boots are often decorated with fur, it also helps trap moisture and warmth in cold.

The high temperature in the dryers can cause the inside of a natural fur to crack. As a result, it will fall out, making it dull in appearance.

For faux fur, the heat in the dryers will cause the fiber to melt. It might also entangle the fibers, ruining the furry look on the boots.

How do you dry snow boots?

Drying snow boots is a simple task that can be done overnight. There are many methods that can be used for effectively drying the boots, and those include:

Use boot dryers:

This is possibly the easiest method as the special dryer does all the work. Place them upside down on the pipe of the boot dryer and turn on the device, ensuring that is it pushed to the toe edge.

The dryer warms up the air that surrounds the snow boot, causing the moisture to evaporate overnight.

Cover the boots with newspapers:

Newspapers are great for absorbing water, it does not produce any extra heat, which is why it can be considered a safe method.

Start by stuffing pieces or rolls of newspapers inside the boots. Make sure the rolls are not too tight and more evenly spread, this way it will have space to soak up the water.

Next, wrap the whole snow boot with a large piece of newspaper and let it dry overnight.

Leave it in a dry and warm room:

Place a dry towel underneath the snow boots so they can absorb the water droplets as the boots dry and leave them in a dry and warm room.

As it is best to air dry snow boots, make sure the fan is turned on for the boots to be dry overnight.

Will laundry detergent ruin snow boots?

Laundry detergent will not ruin snow boots. It can be mixed with the water that is used for cleaning snow boots. However, make sure to use a mild laundry detergent to avoid discoloration. Using excess laundry detergents can also be dangerous, hence always use an appropriate amount with water.

Are boot dryers bad for boots?

Boot dryers are not bad for boots. In fact, they are the safest option. They do not provide direct heat but only warm up the air around the snow boots for the moisture to evaporate slowly. Hence, they ensure the durability of snow boots, unlike other drying machines.

Washing machines and dryers can be considered unsafe options for snow boots. The best option is to leave them in a warm place after scrubbing with a brush.

It’s slow but a safe process as snow boots fail to withstand water and direct heat for a long time. Hence, use other methods to wash and a boot dryer to dry.

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