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Can Snow Pants be Hemmed or Altered? (All You Need to Know)

Do you have a pair of snow pants around your house that is a bit longer for you? Well get your sewing kit out and hem the bottom of it to make it your perfect size.

You can alter and hem snow pants to your size. It is very easy and not costly at all. Just do some basic sewing and hems to fix the size of your snow pant.

Can snow pants be hemmed or altered?

Altering any piece of clothing is a big hassle, but sometimes it is needed. Snow pants have a slightly thicker and waterproof fabric, which makes the altering process of the pants more difficult. But if needed, you can alter and hem your snow pants. But it should be done very carefully, with patience.

It is always best to get the perfect size when it comes to snow pants and ski pants. The fabrics of the pants are waterproof and obviously thicker than regular pants. This is why the alteration can be difficult. However, you can hem the pants if necessary.

Can you get snow pants hemmed?

It is possible to hem your snow pants. In fact, most people end up hemming the bottom parts of the pants as the pants are longer than needed. The waterproof fabric makes it a bit hard to hem the pants.

Caution is absolutely necessary. It will be difficult to fix the hem again and again.

The bottom bit of the snow pants are easier to sew. The bottom parts are rarely seam-sealed, so you can alter the bottom easily. The other parts should be hemmed very carefully. No one wants pins and hems popping out from here and there.

Can snow pants be altered?

You can alter your snow pants when it seems necessary. Extra care is needed for it and you should do it very cautiously. Ski pants and snow pants are difficult to alter. So when you alter it once, make sure to get it right the first time. Altering too many times might damage the fabric.

The length and the width near the waist can be altered as your desired measurement. Ski pants and snow pants may seem thick but they can be hemmed and sewed when necessary. Be careful not to damage the fabric, however. If possible, get it done by a professional.

Should you hem your snow pants?

If you have a snow pant that is longer than you need, improvise and hem the bottom side. This works for the waistline as well. You can hem the sides of the waist to reduce the size as well. With careful hemming, you can easily alter your snow pant.

Hemming the snow pant should be considered for minor issues. If you have to reduce the measurements entirely, then get it done by a professional. For the entire alter, it is best to get it done right on the first try with no pins and hems sticking around.

Go for hemming when you find it necessary instead of wearing the wrong size.

How to hem snow pants?

If you have oversized snow pants, it is best to alter them to your perfect size without having to buy a new one. There are several ways to hem your snow pants. Choose whichever is more convenient for you –

Sew it yourself:

If it is minor alterations and hems, it is best to do it yourself at home. You will need thick thread and a big needle. Get your measurements right and just hem along with the size.

You can either fold the bottom part and hem or you can cut off the excess bit and seal hem the bottom line.

This works best when you need to adjust the length and the waist of the snow pant. If it is too long, you can just hem the bottom part of the pants to adjust the size.

Professional Help:

Sometimes, a gear seamstress specialist is what you need. If the snow pant is an exclusive one, you should go to a professional instead of trying your hand at it. You might ruin the fabric and make it irreparable.

It may be difficult to find a professional who is an expert in this particular area. But if you have the right contacts, you should consider them in case of your exclusive snow pant. Sometimes the company of the snow pant themselves offers the service.


If all else seems too far away, go to your trusted tailor nearby and get the perfect alter work. Take your snow pants to the tailor when the entire pant needs to be reduced by more than one size.

These are a few ways you can alter and hem your snow pants. Pick the one that will be easier for you and won’t damage your snow pants.

Can you tailor snow pants?

When you have oversized snow pants, instead of getting a new one you can always tailor your snow pants to fit the right size. This helps most when you have to reduce the pants down by a size or two entirely.

Getting tailored snow pants can be costly, however. The tailor might mess it up as well. But with the perfect sample and the right measurements, your tailor could pull it off. And that would indeed be worth it.

How much does it cost to tailor snow pants?

If you do not feel confident enough to alter your snow pants by yourself, you can always go to a tailor to fix the problem. In most cases, tailoring can be a bit expensive. However, if the job is done well, it will be worth it.

The price range depends on the tailor and the design of your ski pant. The quality of the fabric matters too. Some tailors work on an hourly basis, where the rate is around $15 to $30 an hour. For ski pants, it can take around 2 to 3 hours to do the job.

But an average rate is $30 to $80 for ski and snow pants.

Can you hem waterproof snow pants?

Most snow and ski pants are made with waterproof and breathable fabric. You might think that it is not possible to hem or alter such fabric. But that is not the case. You can easily hem waterproof snow pants. But you should be extra careful with the job.

The bottoms of the snow pants are not seam-sealed most of the time, which makes it easier for you to hem that part. But try to be careful with the hemming. Do not damage the fabric by making repeated mistakes.

How do you shrink snow pants?

Air dryers are known to shrink snow pants and make them tighter than they originally were. For the most part, it is advised to not use an air dryer and go for the traditional way to dry your snow pants. A shrunk snow pants will feel uncomfortable.

If you think you want to size down your snow pant and shrink them, some might give you the hack of putting them in the air dryer. But a shrunk snow pants will not be the same as sized downed snow pants, it will be uncomfortable.

So try not to put your snow pants in the air dryer. The air dryer shrinks the snow pants.

How to shorten snow pants without sewing?

Sometimes, hemming can be a tough job. Especially, when if you are not interested to sew at all. In those cases, some of the ways to shorten your snow pants are –

Use hollywood tape:

Use Hollywood tape to hold the excess part from the bottom section of the pants inside. This works well as the fancy Hollywood tape is strong enough to hold it in place for a long time and can be used on fabric.

Cut off the extra:

You can simply cut off the excess bit of your snow pants from the bottom. This works if you do not have a zipper near the bottom section of your snow pant.

Use hem gems:

Hem Gems work great and they look cute as well. Use hem gems to hold the excess bit of your pants from the bottom section and let the little magnets do their job.

These are the best ways to shorten your snow pants without sewing them. They are no hard work compared to sewing and hemming.

Are snow pants supposed to be long?

Snow pants are not your regular trousers. These pants should be a bit longer than any of your other regular pants or trousers. It is recommended and manufactured that way. This is to cover the ski boots.

Your snow pants should be 4 to 5 inches longer than the pants you regularly wear. Try not to get the pants too long, however. It should just long enough to cover your ski boots.

Should snow pants be tight?

Snow pants should be the perfect fit. Too loose will make it difficult to control and too tight will make it uncomfortable for you to move.

The snow pants should not be too tight or too loose. It should always be the right fit. Moderately tight pants will keep you warm. So some people go for a tight one. However, a skin fit is not advised.

Snow pants are very much important when you are out for an adventure in the snowy regions. To have a good experience, make sure to get the right-sized pants. An alteration is an option, but that requires much caution as well.

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