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Can Squirrels Eat Raisins? (Answered)

Raisins are the best-dried fruits. It is the dried version of grapes. Therefore, it contains high sugar, and overeating of raisins will create some health issues. It also does the same for other animals.

What about raisins and squirrels? Can squirrels eat raisins? If you search for the same, you are reading the right piece of writing.

Raisins and squirrels have a common characteristic. They both are sweet. Here, the squirrel looks pretty, and pet lovers find it lovely. The same goes for the raisins; it is also cute and sweet.

Can squirrels eat raisins?

Squirrels can eat raisins. In fact, they love to eat that. Mainly, raisins are sweet fruit. It contains high sugar. Therefore, squirrels love to eat it. But, it has some health issues. You should not allow your pet to eat too many raisins. Over-eating raisins will increase the sugar level.

Raisins are the dried version of the grape. Therefore, this fruit comes with sugar and protein. It has some vitamins too. You can offer your squirrels a limited amount of raisins.

On the other hand, there are different types of squirrels. They have different food habits. To give you the correct information, we have come up with all the required squirrel’s options and their food habits.

Wild squirrels:

Wild squirrels can also eat raisins because they love to eat sweet fruits. Therefore, they try to eat too many raisins that are not toxic. However, if you have wild squirrels as pets, you may offer a limited amount of raisins.

Since raisins are non-toxic, they will not create any issues. That’s why wild squirrels love to eat raisins.

Flying squirrels:

Here come the most crucial squirrel types. Mainly, flying squirrels live on nuts. They prefer nuts as their primary food source. Therefore, they eat walnuts, pecans, and other types of nuts.

However, they also love berries and can eat fruits. That’s why flying squirrels can eat raisins.

Grey squirrels:

Most squirrels love the taste of raisins like humans. Grey squirrels are the type of animals who love to eat raisins. But you should offer a moderate amount.

Raisins have a sweet taste. They are a good source of energy and vitamins. Therefore, grey squirrels can eat raisins.

Baby squirrels:

Baby squirrels love to eat fresh veggies and fruits, but they cannot eat dried fruits. They are not capable of digesting the food.

That’s why baby squirrels can’t eat raisins since it is the dried version of grapes. That means you can offer the fresh grapes to the baby squirrel, but don’t force them to eat raisins.

Are raisins safe to feed squirrels?

Raisins are safe to feed squirrels. Raisins are non-toxic, and squirrels can smoothly digest this dry fruit. On the other hand, raisins come with nutrients.

First, raisins have high calories. Every 100 grams of raisins creates 299 calories. It is a massive amount of energy. Therefore, if your squirrels take raisins, they will get enough calories to play and live.

Besides, raisin has other vitamins and minerals. Among them, sugar is the most concerning fact. For all these reasons, raisins are safe.

Are raisins good or bad for squirrels?

Raisins are good for squirrels. It has some health benefits. Apart from that, raisins can create health issues too. Let’s see what benefits and drawbacks of feeding raisins to squirrels.


Raisins have some excellent nutrients, including sodium, potassium, vitamin c, and many more. Therefore, raisins are good for squirrels.

Tasty fruit:

Raisins are sweet dried fruit. Indeed, it is a tasty fruit. Therefore, squirrels love to eat that willingly. That’s another reason why raisins are safe for squirrels.

Good for digestion:

It is good for digestion. Your squirrel will love to eat it and digest it soon.

Can squirrels digest raisins?

Squirrels can quickly digest raisins. There are no issues at all. In fact, squirrels eat raisins quickly and digest quickly.

On the other hand, squirrels love to eat sweet fruits since they have good digestive power. They don’t need to force themselves to digest raisins. However, baby squirrels have some issues.

Baby squirrels cannot eat raisins. They have a minimum digestion power. Therefore, they cannot process the dry fruits. As a result, dry fruits or raisins create health issues.

Therefore, you should avoid feeding your baby squirrel with raisins. But your adult squirrels can digest raisins.

Do squirrels like raisins?

Squirrels like raisins. They, in fact, love to eat raisins regularly. But you should maintain a routine diet and offer a minimum amount of raisins every day or twice a week.

Squirrels love the sweet taste. They constantly search for sweet fruits, vegetables, or nuts. On the other hand, raisins come with a sweet taste. That’s the main reason why squirrels like raisins.

But remember, raisins have high sugar. It will create health issues. That’s why you should not let your squirrels overeat raisins.

How much raisins can squirrels eat?

Squirrels can eat an unlimited amount of raisins every day. But that’s not the ideal practice. If you compare the human-recommended raisins, that will be half a cup. That means half a cup of raisin squirrels should eat twice a week.

We can eat 1.5 cups of raisins at a time. It’s our standard. However, it’s not good for the squirrels’ health. They can eat half a cup of raisins.

If you have a squirrel pet, you can offer raisins twice a week but not too much. They contain high amounts of sugar. It will lead to some serious health issues.

Can squirrels eat raisin bran and raisin bread?

Squirrels cannot eat raisin bran. In fact, you should not offer that. Mainly, raisin bran is not pet food; therefore, you cannot let your squirrels eat raisin bran.

It will create health issues. But squirrels or any other animals don’t have any health consciousness. They depend on their taste. Whatever seems tasty, they go for that.

On the other hand, raisin bread is also a human food. It’s not pet food. Therefore, squirrels cannot eat raisin bread. You must avoid offering your pet any raisin bran or bread. They don’t come with any nutrients of value to your pets’ health.

Moreover, the same happens with cinnamon raisin pieces of bread. Squirrels should not eat cinnamon raisin bread. It is not pet food; instead, it’s our food.

If you offer squirrels cinnamon bread or raisin bread, squirrels or other pets may start eating. But it’s not an ideal practice. Additionally, these human foods will damage the digestive system of the pets.

You should avoid using raisin bran and bread for your pet foods for all these reasons. Try to replace them with raisins or other fruits.

What are the health benefits of raisins?

Raisins have many health benefits though it has some drawbacks as well. Let’s see what health benefits your pet will get from raisins.

Decrease the chance of heart diseases:

Limited use of raisins will decrease the chance of heart diseases. That means you can surely offer squirrels to eat raisins. This dry fruit will help the pet’s heart be in good condition.

Balance blood sugar:

Raisins will help to balance blood sugar. If you find that squirrels have low sugar, you can offer some additional raisins. They will ultimately balance the blood sugar level.

Meet the potassium needs:

Raisins have potassium. This is a rare nutrient. So the good news is the raisins. If you use raisins twice a week, it will meet the pet’s potassium needs.

Increase digestive power and solve stomach issues:

To increase digestive power and solve stomach issues, you can offer raisins regularly. It is an excellent remedy for stomach issues. Some animal doctors even suggest solving stomach issues using raisins.

So, these are the best health benefits of eating raisins. But, there are more in the row. If you search for it, you will find some helpful information.

But, the health benefits of raisins to the human body and pets are pretty much the same. If you look for the squirrels’ health, you need to maintain a good diet. The best practice is to offer half a cup in a week.

Final thoughts

So, raisins are good for squirrels’ health. And squirrels can eat raisins. If you allow squirrels, they will eat unlimited dry fruits. But this is not an ideal practice for pets’ health. Dry fruits like raisins come with excess sugar. It will be a disaster if you fail to control squirrels’ eating.