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Can You Leave an Air Bed Inflated? (Quick Facts)

Air beds are easy to use and fun alternatives to regular beds. They are easy to carry and handle. Those who love camping with comfort might have tried or heard about air beds. Get an air mattress for your next camping trip and enjoy its wonders. Also, keep out for the do’s and do not’s before using them.

Can you leave an air bed inflated?

Yes, you can leave your air bed inflated under some conditions. Place it indoors upon some soft carpet, and keep it away from your pets and sharp objects to avoid leaks and ruptures. You cannot overinflate or put excess weight in it. Use a cover upon it to minimize the effect of cold temperatures.

Is it bad to leave an air mattress inflated?

Air mattresses are a temporary solution for your sleeping bed. You can also carry it for camping. Some use them as an alternative for their regular bed as well.

If you keep your air mattress inflated for a long time, be careful about the surrounding environment to keep it safe.

Leaving the air mattress inflated for a long time can cause some air to deflate from it automatically after a long time. Other than that, if you keep it safe from your pets and clean it properly, they stay in good condition for a long time.

But if you are using it after long intervals, then you must deflate it to store. It is not good to keep it inflated when you are not using it. Store it by making it lose all its air inside.

How long should you inflate an air mattress?

There are different types of air mattresses available in the market. Various air mattresses have electronic pumps that run on electricity. They are automated and takes a switch to turn it on to inflate your air mattress.

Other mattresses have built-in pumps in them that need to be inflated manually or with a pumper.

No matter what the configuration of the pump is, inflate an air mattress till it is ready to use. Inflate it up to its capacity of holding air. Do not overinflate it.

Fill your air mattress up to 90 percent of its holding capacity. Different air mattresses will take varying times to inflate depending on their size and structure. Give them the proper time accordingly.

What happens if you over inflate an air mattress?

Air mattresses have delicate seams. Deal them with proper air pressure and care. When you overinflate an air mattress, it increases its risk of leaking by rupturing or leaking the seams.

The extra pressure of air causes the seams to open or deform. So leave some air space for the mattress when you are inflating it. Use your hands to check it. Press it gently after inflation. It should give you back a small amount of bounce when you press it.

When you overinflate the air mattress, it will not give a bouncy feel when you press it a little. It will be stiff. Then it will increase the chances of rupturing if you put even moderate weights upon it.

How do I stop my air mattress from over-inflating:

Read the instructions:

Every air mattress comes with an instruction manual.  Read through it to confirm how much you should inflate your mattress. Generally, you have to leave some air space inside to avoid leaks, ruptures, and comfortability.

Press down with hands:

While inflating air through the valve into the mattress, check it by pressing it down with your hands. If it does not bounce back your hand a little after the inflation, it is overinflated. It should bulge back a little when you press it.

Keep a weight upon it:

When you are inflating the mattress, keep a moderately heavy object upon it. In this way, you can notice when it reaches its peak.

Check the seams:

Keep a close look at the seams while inflating. They are supposed to be a bit curvy. If they flatten, then your mattress is overinflated.

How long do air beds stay inflated?

Air beds are mattresses that function on air pressure. The valve on the mattress has to stay sealed after inflating it. And they remain intact for a long time if that valve is closed in the proper way.

Air beds stay inflated as long as the air inside them does not come out through any external leaks or ruptures. If it is deflating within a short time after you have inflated it, check for any leaks or seam rupture.

Also, your mattress can deflate due to varying temperatures. Cold weather conditions can cause it. For example, if you keep it inflated overnight, it can deflate a bit throughout the night.

At night, the temperature around us drops. This varying temperature affects the mattress if left in this condition for a considerable amount of time.

Should you deflate an air mattress every day?

An air mattress has delicate seams. They need handling with care. Inflating and deflating these mattresses every day can cause the seams to experience tension. Thus they can rupture or leak as well.

If you are using it daily for some time, keep it inflated for that course of time. Inflation and deflation regularly should be avoided. It will also use a lot of your time.

Keep your air mattress in a safe place out of the reach of pets. Try to keep it up on a soft surface, free of sharp objects. And use a cover for your mattress. These things will keep it inflated for a long time and help not to let the temperature deflate it overnight.

Which side of the air mattress goes up?

There are different structures of air mattresses. Air mattresses are usually uniform in their construction. There is no upper or lower part in their laying surface.

But there are options available in the market like side designs or extensions to give it a realistic bed look. In those mattresses, the side which goes up is indicated or marked.

You have to check the manufacturer’s manual to figure that out. But in general, they are equal on all sides.

In case there is an instruction on which side goes up, check that part after inflating. You have to confirm the firmness of your air mattress.

Always keep your air mattress clean and check it regularly for leaks. Repair the leaks if you find any. And inflate and deflate it carefully. In this way, it will last longer.

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