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Can You Open The Trunk with The Bike Rack? (Answered)

Bike racks are installed to the surface of the car. It makes it difficult for you to use the car flexibly. If you have a rear bike rack, opening the trunk may be difficult.

Try not to create unnecessary contact with the rack and the trunk to avoid unwanted damage to the car. Open the trunk after detaching the bike rack to prevent damage.

Can you open the trunk with a bike rack?

It is not recommended at all to open the trunk of a car while a bike rack is attached. An installed bike rack could cause damage to the trunk of the car if you try to force it open. Any sort of contact can create scars and damages. You should detach the rack first and then open the trunk of the car.

Bike racks are usually damaging to the car’s body and trunk. Wherever the rack is attached, it gets in contact with the car’s surface. The friction can cause small scars and big dents. This is why everyone is extra cautious with bike racks.

The bike racks are dangerous even with the trunks closed. If you try to move the trunk or open it, while you have the rack attached there might be severe damage. The potential to leave a big dent is a lot if you open the trunk with the bike rack installed.

Can you open the trunk with the Thule bike rack on?

Even though the Thule rack is considered safer than the other types, it is still advised not to try to open the trunk of the car if the rack is still attached. Any sort of contact or friction can damage the cars’ skin. It is better not to try.

What are the alternatives of trunk bike racks?

Trunk bike racks are used when you need to travel somewhere with your bike. Most of the times, it is kept attached to your car trunk if you take your bike along with you frequently. Sometimes, the situation clashes.

If you have to use your trunk frequently as well, it is best to do some research before getting a bike rack. This is to prevent some of the damage-

Hitch Mount Bike Rack

This type of rack offers more security and flexibility to use the rear end of your car. The design of the rack may seem sturdy, but that is not the case. These bike racks are very durable and hold the bike while letting you open your trunk.

Roof Bike Rack

The roof mount bike racks are designed to keep your bike strapped and secured to the top of your car. This way you can easily use the trunk whenever you need.

Truck Bed Bike Rack

These are fairly new to the bike rack series. These are used for trucks and can hold the bikes at the back of the trucks. This leaves access for the trunks to be used when needed.

Front Mounted Bike Rack

These are perhaps the most unpopular kind of bike racks as they seem very dangerous. However, the front mounted bike racks give full access to the rear side of the car.

If you need access to your cars’ trunk always and at the same time need to travel with your bike, consider the given options to use as bike racks. Make sure to prevent any sort of damage, be it small.

Are trunk bike racks safe? 

As much as everyone advocates for the trunk bike racks, they are not 100% safe. There is always a risk of the bike falling off from the rack while you are on the road. No matter how tightly or securely you install your bike.

The bike racks are installed to the body of the car. The bikes are attached to the racks. When the cars take pace, it cannot be ensured that the bikes will never fall out. There always remains a risk of the bikes coming off the racks. 

Do trunk bike racks work on SUVs? 

The trunk bike racks can be attached to any sort of car. Some people worry about an SUV, but the racks can be installed in an SUV as well. If the SUV has a spoiler, it is easier to attach the rack but that does not mean an SUV without a spoiler cannot hold a bike rack.

The trunk mounted bike racks are the most appropriate ones for an SUV. The carriers are attached to the rear of the car and can be installed into any vehicle. So, if you want a bike rack for your SUV, you can easily go for a trunk mount bike rack.

How do you transport a bike without a rack? 

Many people would prefer not to attach a bike rack, if it is a one time thing. When you have to transport a bike one time you might want to put it in the back of your car. This will work if you have a big car or a small truck.

It does seem like a waste of time to install a bike rack if you have to transport a bike somewhere just once. Try to fit the bike behind your car. It is possible but you will need to be very careful and calculative.

Do trunk bike racks damage your car?

Any harsh contact or friction from the trunk bike rack with your car can leave a huge scar or even a dent. Trunk bike racks tend to do a lot of damage to your car.

Even if you are very careful, the roads and bumps are unpredictable. This is why most trunk bike racks tend to damage the car.

Bike racks are a great help if you frequently travel with bikes. However, make sure to not use the rear of the car if you have the bike racks attached behind.  Find the right place to install your bike rack to avoid damage.

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