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Can You Paint Ski Helmets? (Quick Answers)

Ski helmets, mainly the good quality ones, tend to come in plain colors. There is nothing wrong with that since their main job is to keep your head safe. But painted ski helmets can feel much more personalized and also set you apart from everyone else at the slopes!

Can you paint ski helmets?

You can paint your ski helmet. It’s an important safety gear for all skiers. People tend to paint them if they want to customize the helmets to their preference or even old ski helmets get scratched or faded with use. Painting your helmet a solid color or decorating it with designs won’t damage it.

Can you spray paint a ski helmet?

Ski helmets can be spray painted. After preparing the helmet, spray paint the base coat and let the paint dry, follow that with a second or third coat till you get your desired color and opaqueness. You can also add designs using spray paints.

While spray painting the ski masks, try to mask off the inner shell and parts that should not be painted. This will help prevent the paint or fumes from coming into contact with the inner shell. Because it can damage and in some cases even melt it.

How to paint a ski helmet?

Whether you want to spice up your new ski helmet or revamp an old one, painting would be a great option. And the best part is, you can transform your helmet by yourself right at home.

Clean the helmet:

You need a clean canvas to work with; start by pouring some grease remover on a rag and wipe the helmet thoroughly to get rid of any grease stains.

Rub the helmet:

You should rub the entire helmet with a light scouring pad to rough up the existing paint. This will help the primer stick to it much better.

Tap off the areas with masking tape:

Tap off areas you want to protect with masking tape. This includes the visor, inner shell and any hardware on the helmet.

Prime the helmet:

Now it is time to prime the helmet. Begin with one coat of primer and try to use a spray primer for this step to get an even coat.

After it dries, add another layer if needed. Finish off this step by sanding away any drips of primer by the help of a fine-grit sandpaper after it has dried fully.

Apply paint coat:

You can now begin to paint your helmet using either traditional paint with a brush or spray paint.

And you can add new coats after the previous one dries, if necessary. You can also add designs of your choice by using stencils, masking tape and paint of your choice.

Apply clear coat:

Finish off by spraying the helmet with a glossy clear coat to add shine and help the color and design underneath last longer. Let it dry completely before use.

How to customize a ski helmet?

There are stores that carry lines of ski helmets that are designed differently from the generic ones which you can choose from.

But if you can’t find one that matches your choice, you can get a plain ski helmet and take it to a store and ask them to paint it according to your preference.

However, if you are confident in your own artistic skills, you can also create your own customized ski helmet at home by yourself using different paints.

How can I change the color of my helmet?

The easiest way to change the color of your helmet is by painting the entire helmet a different color than the original one it came with.

You can either paint it using a special paint approved by the helmet manufacturer and then use a helmet-friendly sealant over the top to protect it or you can also opt to have it airbrushed.

If you have experience painting, you can change the color of your helmet on your own by following the right technique. But if you are not sure about your painting skills, you can also go to a professional instead, especially if you want to change the color by airbrushing it.

What kind of paint to use on a ski helmet?

If you are looking to paint your ski helmet, the best paints to use would be Nitrocellulose lacquer, enamel, epoxy, acrylic paint and a line Krylon has which is specifically made and marketed for helmets.

Special paints are required for painting a ski helmet as normal paint will either not grip onto the plastic properly, chip away easily or in some cases the paint can damage and erode the surface of the ski helmet.

This is why it is recommended to use paint made specifically for them or those approved by the helmet manufacturer.

How much does it cost to paint a ski helmet?

If you decide to paint the ski helmet by yourself, the accumulated cost of the primer, paints and sealant will be your total cost.

This can vary depending on the brand and the quantity you are buying. But if you decide to buy it from a store that custom paints ski helmets, you should be able to get a designed helmet that is  pre-made and is already at the store for anywhere from $150 to $400.

But if you want a color and design which is unique from anything available at the store, you will need to spend at least $900 to customize it, sometimes they can cost more depending on design and store.

How to get paint scratches off a ski helmet?

The paint on your ski helmet can get scratches after many uses but you can fix this by painting it. You should always start by cleaning your helmet with a helmet cleaner to prepare your helmet by getting rid of grease, wax or any particulates.

Now, clean the scratch with a cotton bud dipped in a cleaning solution or use a pre-paint wipe to prepare it.

The most crucial step is to find a similar, if not same color to match the color of your helmet and apply it over the scratches and try to blend the edges as best as possible to make it seamless. After this just let it dry completely and set it in place.

A ski helmet can be painted using paints that are suitable and safe for them. Ski helmets are commonly painted to get rid of scratches or if someone isn’t too keen on using the same, generic ski helmets that everyone uses and desires to own something unique.

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