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Can You Put Snow Pants In The Washer & Dryer? (Explained)

The fabric of snow pants are very different from any regular wearable pants. Hence both the purpose and fabric of snow pants distinct from regular pants, so the cleaning process of these pants can be different too.

So, if you are someone who is using snow pants for the first time, you must be thinking about whether you can put your snow pants in the washer and dryer to clean them or not.

Without further delay, let’s find out the exact answer.

Can You Put Snow Pants In The Washer & Dryer?

Snow pants can be machine washed by using cold water and any suitable soap for synthetic materials on a gentle cycle and with a slow spin. But snow pants never should be put in the dryer after washing them. Instead, snow pants should always be hanged on a sturdy cloth hanger to get fully air-dried.

Can You Wash Snow Pants?

You can wash snow pants but the washing process and the machine wash and hand wash are acceptable.

To wash your snow pants in washing matching, you have to wash the pants separately from other clothing items and have to wash them on a gentle cycle with a lower spin than regular. So that your snow pants don’t get ruined.

Also, you got to wash your snow pants in cold water only with any suitable/recommended soap for synthetic materials or snow pants. Woolite is a common soap to wash snow pants.

Besides, make sure to air dry your snow pants.

Can You Put Snow Pants In The Washer?

You can put snow pants in the washer/washing machine to wash them. But you must avert using the top loader with agitators while putting them into the washer because these can tear apart your snow pants.

Therefore, put your snow pants in the washer only on a gentle wash cycle with the low spinning mode. Also, set the water temperature in cold and use only the suitable soap made for synthetic materials or Woolite.

However, it’s always better if you can hand wash your snow pants rather than washing them by washer because it’s safe and there’s nearly zero chance of your pants getting ripped.

Can You Put Snow Pants In The Dryer?

You can not put snow pants in the dryer because the dryer can be too hot and can damage and shrink your snow pants which you definitely wouldn’t want.

So after washing your snow pants, carefully remove the excess water without wringing out the pant. Then hang the pants on a sturdy clothing hanger and let it air dry fully.

Also, don’t hang it under direct sunlight or heat.

Do Snow Pants Shrink In The Dryer?

Snow pants actually can get shrunk because of the high heat in the dryer.

The fabric used for snow pants is not high heat resistant. So if you put your snow pants after washing in a dryer to dry them up, the dyer can get too hot and cause damage to your snow pants by shrinking them.

Therefore, to avoid any damage, it’s suggested not to put snow pants in a dryer. Air drying is recommended instead.

Can You Dry Clean Snow Pants?

You shouldn’t ever dry clean your snow pants. As snow pants have a waterproof coating, therefore, the cleaning chemical elements can be too harsh on the waterproof covering and can cause damage to the pants.

So, avoid dry cleaning at any cost and wash your snow pants only by hands or washer under the instruction of manufacturers.

How To Wash Snow Pants?

The washing process of snow pants is different from regular ones, therefore, to end your difficulties while washing snow pants, here’s an easy step-by-step instruction.

Prepare The Pants:

The first step is preparing your pants by checking the pockets of the pants so that if there is anything left inside like lip balm/tissue etc. you can take out them before washing.

Remove Stains:

The next step is removing stains if there are any. To remove stains, apply a little cloth stain remover on that spot and scrub with a soft bristle brush. Then let the remover sit for like 15 minutes and then again scrub gently, after that you wash directly without rinsing the area.

Close Fasteners:

In this step, close all the zippers, fasten all the velcro, and snap a the snaps. It will avoid possible snagging or ripping while being washed.

Put The Pants In Washing Machine:

Now separately put your snow pants in the washing machine. Select the “delicate” wash cycle at 86°F (30° C) and select a low spin at 800 rpm utmost. Then choose cold water and pour suitable detergent for waterproof clothing or Woolite. But don’t add any fabric softener or fragrance.

Rinse With Waterproof Solution:

After the first wash, rinse your snow pants by adding an in-wash waterproof solution through a second wash process. But make sure to use a wash-in solution designated for only clothes.

Air Dry:

At the very last step, air dry fully your snow pants by hanging them on a strong cloth hanger. But don’t dry them by using a dryer as it can damage the snow pants.

How To Dry Snow Pants?

It’s needed to follow the right drying tips to avoid ruining your snow pants. So, to help you in drying, here two most common and effective tips have been explained.

Air Dry:

The best tip to dry your snow pants is to air dry them fully and you better follow this tip strictly.

After washing and rinsing with a waterproof solution, remove extra water from your snow pants without wringing them out. Then hand the pants on a sturdy cloth hanger in an area where there’s much airflow. And allow the pants to air dry fully.

But never hang your pants under direct sunlight or heat to dry them because heat from the sun or any other source can ruin the pants.

Tumble Drying:

Although using a dryer to dry snow pants is absolutely not recommended but in cases of urgency, tumble drying can be used.

So while following this tip, make sure to put your drying machine on the lowest and for the shortest time to dry your snow pants.

Remember, tumble drying might be a quick process but it’s hard and really not meant for using unless you have no time to air dry your snow pants.

Tips To Wash And Dry Snow Pants:

Here are the washing processes of the top snow pant brands’ have been explained individually.  

Gore-Tex Snow Pants:

Washing your Gore-Tex snow pant is easy. Put your Gore-Tex snow pants inside the washer on a delicate/gentle wash cycle. Then pour some suitable detergent and wash them with cold water.  Rinse the pants twice to make them detergent-free. Lastly, air dry them.

North Face Snow Pants:

Use lukewarm water and a suitable very mild detergent powder to wash North Face snow pants. Wash these pants in a washer on a gentle cycle and wash at least twice to remove all excess soapy water. And then air dry these pants or tumble dry on the lowest heat to no heat.

Patagonia Snow Pants:

The best way to wash Patagonia snow pants is to easy them in a washer with mild detergent and cold water. Put the washer on a delicate wash cycle and wash twice at least to remove excess soap water. And then dry by hanging them on a clothesline.

Burton Snow Pants:

To wash Burton snow pants, use a powder detergent or Granger’s Performance Wash with cold water. Then put them in the washer and wash on a gentle cycle, make sure there’s no soap water by rinsing them well. And then air dry the pants.

Columbia Snow Pants:

Put your Columbia snow pants in the washer separately and use cold water and very mild detergent. Then set the wash cycle on “gentle” and wash the pants. If the pants feel soapy, rinse them well again. And then put them on hanger and air dry.

How Often To Wash Snow Pants?

You should wash your snow pants are twice before storing them at the end of every season. But don’t over wash your snow pants as over washing can cause damage to the pant’s material. So keep a balance between not over washing and keeping the pants clean.

And if there are any small dirty areas, you better do spot cleaning rather than washing the pants every time.

Should I Wash Snow Pants Inside Out?

You shouldn’t wash snow pants inside out because this can damage the breathability of the pants. Also, you only should clean the outside of your snow pants to remove any dirt and maintain them.

So to preserve this breathability to keep you warm and dry while snowboarding or skiing, don’t wash your snow pants inside out.

How To Wash Waterproof Snow Pants?

You can wash your waterproof snow pants by using lukewarm water and detergent that is only designed for waterproof clothing items. Then put the pants in the washer and wash them on a gentle wash cycle. And after thoroughly rinsing, the pants leaving no soapy water, hang your pants away from direct sunlight and air dry them fully.

And remember to avoid using regular laundry detergent to prevent damaging the DWR coating of waterproof snow pants.

Snow pants can be machine washed but you always should follow the right steps to clean your snow pants to avoid any damage and to maintain the utility for a long time. 

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