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Can You Put Water in An Air Mattress? (Answered)

Those of you who love comfortable and modern accessories might have tried an air mattress. They are fun and adjustable. You can adjust them according to your need and comfort. They use air to inflate, and after that, you can use it.

Can you put water in an air mattress? 

Yes, you can put water in an air mattress, but that will come with a cost. It will damage the air mattress and make it unusable as well. Filling an air mattress with water will cause the seams to rupture and leak water. After you put any weight in it, it will spill and make a pool of water.

Can you fill an air mattress with water?

Air mattresses are mattresses that inflate when air inserts inside them. They have a sealing system. And the seams in it make it durable and gives it the ridges.

The seams in the air mattress have to be precise and firm to hold the weight it has to carry. It also serves the purpose of sealing the air inside it.

Air mattresses are supposed to inflate with air. You can fill an air mattress with water. But it will not serve its purpose if you fill it with water.

Technically, an air mattress has a space or vacuum inside it, which requires air to inflate. So, you can insert the water inside it, and it stands as a structure as well. But as soon as you put weight or sleep in that water-filled mattress, it will not feel the same.

The air mattress will become saggy and leak the water. It will be unworthy of use.

What happens if you put water in an air mattress?

When you fill an air mattress with water instead of air, it will inflate and hold a shape.

The structure of the mattress will be solid if you fill it to its maximum capacity. But the problem will arise after you use it.

Air mattresses function because of their structure and air pressure working mechanism. When you fill it with water, the seams of it will experience much more pressure and become saggy.

If you put pressure or place anything on top of an air mattress filled with water, it will leak the water inside by rupturing the seams. Moreover, you will not be able to get rid of all the water inside.

So, it will be a total waste of your money and air mattress if you put water in it. It will destroy it and cause your economic loss.

Are air mattresses waterproof? 

Different persons go for different configurations when it comes to the comfortability of mattresses. Air mattresses allow you to choose the adjustment you want for your comfort.

Air mattresses need air to inflate and function. And it has ridges in it which allow it to hold weight and pressure. The modern-day air mattresses are advanced and waterproof.

The production material for air mattresses is polyvinyl chloride or rubbers or textile plastics, etc. Good quality and perfect seam mattresses are very durable and comfortable at the same time.

There are air mattresses available in the market which are waterproof and durable. These mattresses have their sides indented, and the seams are of vinyl. Their structure is firm and sturdy.

How to clean air mattress? 

Using vacuum cleaner:

The dirt which is visible on air mattresses has to clean using a vacuum cleaner.

Use a vacuum cleaner and plug it in to clean the mattress. Remove any dirt, debris, and other visible dust by gently using the vacuum. You have to be careful while using it to clean the mattress.

Dusting regularly:

Regular cleaning of an air mattress is very effective for the maintenance of an air mattress. Dust your air mattress every time you use it. In this way, when you deep clean it, it will be an easy task.

Use a soft duster and lightly dust your mattress for best results.

Use mattress sheets:

It is an option to keep your air mattress clean for a longer time. Try and use sheets for the air mattresses. In this case, it will be clean for a long time, and the further task of cleaning it will be a lot easier.

Using clothes:

You can always use a soft piece of cloth to clean your air mattress. For any mark or stain, use rubbing alcohol or a similar product to wipe them off.

You can thoroughly wipe off your air mattress using a soft cloth. In this way, there will be fewer chances to harm the seams as well.

Drying in sunlight:

To keep your air mattress free of germs and sagginess, dry it is sunlight for best results.

Deep clean:

You can deep clean using soap and water or dry clean through an expert. No matter what, make sure that no water enters inside your mattress.

How to clean a wet air mattress? 

Your air mattress can get wet while using it. You can spill water or food in it. To clean a wet air mattress is an easy task.

For any water spill, use a piece of cloth or blotting paper to absorb most of the moisture.

For blood stains or urines, use enzyme cleaners. For any other smear, use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and a liquid dishwasher. Then wipe it off.

Moreover, you can use air dryers, stand fans, or vacuum cleaners to dry a wet air mattress and clean it. If possible, you can put it directly under sunlight as well.

Can you machine wash an air mattress? 

No, you cannot use a washing machine to wash an air mattress. It will harm your air mattress and can also rupture its seams.

Air mattresses are delicately seamed, and the material used is not porous. In a washing machine, clothes come in contact with water and detergent in a scrambled manner. If you insert an air mattress inside it, it will be damaged.

The soap will not clean the mattress and may destroy the seams to not hold air in it anymore. Moreover, if water enters inside it by any chance, it will be soaked and saggy.

How to dry an air mattress?

Air mattress is easy to clean and dry as well. You have to be careful and handle your air mattress with soft hands while doing it.

Air mattresses dry off in many ways. The easiest way to dry it off is to keep it in direct sunlight. If that is not possible in any case, you can try other ways as well.

Use a stand fan or blow dryer to dry your air mattress. You can also use a dry vacuum to dry it off. Moreover, you have to wait a bit after every procedure to allow it to get rid of the moisture in it.

How to easily find a hole in an air mattress? 

  • You have to fill the air mattress with air. Fill it to its maximum capacity.
  • After that, take a look at the air valve for any leaks first.
  • Use a mixture of liquid dishwasher soap and lukewarm water and spray it on the mouth of the valve and all over the air mattress.
  • If the valve or mattress shows any air bubbles after spraying it with the mixture, there is a hole or leak in that spot.

Do air mattresses float on water?

Air mattresses inflate with air for its use. Any inflating material which has less density than water will float in it. So, according to this principle, an air mattress will also float in water.

So, an inflated air mattress will float in water. If that mattress is waterproof, it will remain dry as well.

However, it is not ideal for an air mattress to float in water. If it is not waterproof, it will float for some time, and then it will become soggy and wet. Often waterproof mattresses can also rupture due to use in water.

Can you fill an air mattress with helium?

Helium is one kind of gas. You can fill an air mattress with helium gas as it is also one kind of gaseous element.

You insert air inside air mattresses to inflate it. So, similarly, you can use helium gas for this purpose. Helium gas has some properties to make anything filled with its float.

But if you fill an air mattress with helium gas, it will not float in the air. Instead of that, it will be very light weighted and bounce.

What would happen if you filed an air mattress with helium?

When you fill an air mattress with helium gas, you can expect it to float in the air. Helium has the property of floating things in the air. As you fill the mattress with helium, you will see it will inflate.

The air mattress with helium in it will be very light in weight. It will have bouncing property as well.

The buoyancy of helium allows the mattress to bounce. Helium is light in density than air, and that is why the air mattress will weigh less.

But the helium air mattress will not float. If you expect a floating action after filling it with helium, you will be disappointed.

Air mattress is a very comfortable and fun alternative to a regular mattress. Although they last shorter than the regular ones, they are dynamic and stylish as well.

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