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Can You Use a Ski Helmet for Skateboarding & Biking?

Helmets are one of your best bets to keep yourself safe when you are out in the zone. Different activities require different helmets, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use one for the other. However, when switching helmets, you should check if they are appropriate and safe to do so.

Can you use a ski helmet for skateboarding?

Ski helmets are designed for side impacts that can handle falls and speeds. For skateboarding, you need it to absorb impact for the back of the head and protect against multiple impacts. If there are no other options you can use a ski helmet for skateboarding as it will give you some form of safety.

Is it safe to use a ski helmet for skateboarding?

The general consensus is that ski helmets are good and safe for flat ground skateboarding. You need to wear a helmet so you are protected, so you have something to cushion the unfortunate hard slams. Since they are made for cold weather, it might get too hot for you.

Wearing helmets is all about risk tolerance, so you should make sure it is hard enough to protect your head from hard ground and debris. As helmets reduce the risk of head injuries, wearing one is always highly recommended. 

So, while a skateboarding helmet will be the best option, if you have nothing else, you can wear a ski helmet instead.

Can you use a ski helmet for skating?

Ski helmets are made for the activity that deals with snow and moving in snow. When you skate, you use the skate under the feet to move on the floor.

Arguably, you can say that snow lessens the impact you made so the helmet made for activities in snow can be less effective when used elsewhere.

It is highly recommended that all skaters wear helmets to keep themselves safe. So if you don’t have a helmet meant for skating, you should at least wear a ski helmet than none at all.

Can you use a ski helmet for biking?

Biking is a strenuous activity that requires you to wear a helmet since you never know what might be on the other side of the road. As ski helmets are meant to protect your head in unfortunate accidents at high speeds. So, if you’ve got no other protective gear for your head, a ski helmet will do.

As ski helmets were meant to be worn in the cold, it might get too hot for you on summer days. Good for winter riding since they can keep you warm.

Are ski helmets safe for biking?

As mentioned earlier, any helmet is better than no helmets when you’re doing heavy acrobatics and movements outdoors. Very few things can be more outdoorsy than biking, so wanting to stay safe during is understandable.

Most if not all ski helmets are made in such a manner that they protect both the back of your head as well as the top of it.

Since it offers extra protection, you can argue ski helmets are safe for biking, despite providing no ventilation so they might become too hot for you during the warmer seasons.

What is the difference between a bike helmet and a ski helmet? 

Despite both being helmets, there are a few fundamental differences between one used for biking and the other for skiing. Here are a selected few –

The difference in fit:

A ski helmet is usually made to have ventilation with smaller vents and have flexible covering for the ears. Some believe a biking helmet only perches on top of their heads and needs to be reshaped to fit properly.

Seeing how you pay a considerable amount for a ski helmet, especially compared to a bike helmet, it makes sense how a ski helmet will fit you better than a bike one.

The difference in coverage:

Ski helmets protect your head from impacts and alpine, snow environments conditions. Bike helmets protect your heads as well but not in the same circumstances. A ski helmet offers to protect the top of your head as well as the back and sides.

Since skiers reach a higher speed than usual cyclists, they are tested for their ability to withstand collisions at high speed. 

Bike helmets, on the other hand, need to be replaced after an impact so they aren’t as durable.

The difference in warmth:

A bike helmet is lightweight and has the functionality of letting air in and out so you don’t feel hot and bothered when biking. A ski helmet is supposed to keep the air and heat in so you can survive being outdoors in the harsh, cold winter.

Basically, a ski helmet will keep you warm while a bike helmet will keep you cool.  

The difference in function:

Bicycling helmets are made in such a way that they can deal with a single impact, meaning they need to be replaced after it. Helmets made for skiing, on the other hand, are designed to handle multiple falls, especially if they are for newcomers and beginners.

Is it important to wear a helmet when you are riding a bike?

It is very important to wear a helmet when you are riding a bike for bike safety is no joke. Accidents are bound to happen any time, so a helmet can help to protect your face, head and brain in case of mishaps.

It is so necessary that the US government has created safety rules specifically for bike safety. Make sure it fits you well and you are properly wearing it when heading out, for wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries up to 70%.

Helmets can also protect you from bad weather.

Can you use a ski helmet for horse riding?

Horse riding is a unique activity that requires specific helmets. A riding helmet provides a different type of protection when compared to ski helmets.

Since riding helmets are a higher and explicit certification, it is advised that you don’t use a ski helmet for horse riding if you can help it.

Can you use a ski helmet for snowmobiling?

Since snowmobiling is a step above skiing in intensity, it is recommended that you do not wear a ski helmet for snowmobiling.

There are certain places that won’t allow their patrons to wear ski helmets for snowmobiling events. It’s believed that a ski helmet doesn’t provide enough safety for it.

Can you use a ski helmet for an ATV?

As most people would call ATV an sport, you need to be in the proper gear for it. A ski helmet would look weird with the get-up as well as be open-faced enough to provide inefficient protection.

However, it should be mentioned that any helmet that fits is a better option than no helmet for ATV.

Can you use a motorcycle helmet when skiing?

While both activities require maneuvering high speed and unpredictable terrain, motorcycle and ski helmets aren’t interchangeable.

It’s highly recommended that you don’t use a motorcycle helmet as a replacement in skiing, as movability, weight, and other factors vastly differ from each other.

Are bike helmets actually safer?

A US study recently stated that helmets cut the risks of severe traumatic brain injury by 50%. Helmet wearers are also statistically 44% less likely to pass from their wound and 31% less likely to break facial bones.

Seeing these numbers, you can argue bike helmets are most definitely safer. 

Helmets are an important gear designed to keep your head safe and sound, so investing in a good one is well worth the purchase.

While it is better to wear helmets that are specifically made for an event, it’s still preferable to wear at least one, even if it’s for something else, rather than none at all.

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