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Do Air Mattresses Come with Pumps? (Answered)

The functionality of the air mattress is loved by all as it can be inflated within a matter of minutes and provide a great sleeping experience.

While purchasing air mattresses, you might be wondering – do all of them come with pumps? How to pump your air mattress without electricity? Let’s break down all your questions one by one.

Do air mattresses come with pumps?

Air mattresses usually come with a pump for inflating and deflating them efficiently. The included mattresses’ pumps are of two types – electric and non-electric. A few units even have a built-in pump to provide more convenience. Any of these types of pumps will inflate and deflate air flawlessly.

Most manufacturers include a pump in the air mattresses’ package. They do it because the pump holes are somewhat different for different units. In addition to that, pumping air into the air mattress with that specific pump will be the most efficient way.

There are multiple types of pumps included with the air mattress. Whichever type of pump is provided will ensure a hassle-free experience of pumping air in and out of the mattress.

That being said, even if your air mattress doesn’t feature a pump, you will be able to inflate and deflate it without any issues. To do so, you can use a hairdryer, tire pump, bike pump, vacuum, leaf blower, and more.

Do all air mattresses come with a pump?

Almost all recently launched air mattresses come with an air pump. The pre-packaged pumps offer the best service to the buyers as they can inflate and deflate the mattresses within a matter of minutes.

However, a few companies still sell a few air mattresses without a pump to make the products more cost-effective and budget-friendly. In such a case, you will have to purchase a pump separately.

The brands that offer either built-in or regular pumps with the mattresses are SoundAsleep, Intex, Insta-Bed, EasyStay, AeroBed, King Koil, and more. Any of which will provide a hassle less inflating and deflating process.

Does an Intex air mattress come with a pump?

Intex is a reliable name in the air mattresses industry, and rightly so. They provide an air pump with almost all of their air mattresses.

In fact, their product features an internal electric pump that ensures fast inflation and deflation. Intex air mattresses can even be inflated and deflated using a separate manual pump.

What does it mean when an air mattress has a built-in pump?

When an air mattress comes with a built-in pump, an air pump is attached to the valve of the mattress. The built-in pumps are usually electricity or battery-powered.

By purchasing an air mattress with a built-in air pump, you can make your life a lot simpler. You won’t have to battle to get anything through the valve, and your leg and hand muscles won’t be fatigued due to manual pumping.

In addition, inflating and deflating your air bed will be much quicker with this sort of pump.

How can I inflate my air mattress without electricity?

To inflate an air mattress, you won’t necessarily need a pump with electricity. You can even inflate your mattress without electricity by using a manual foot pump or a hand pump.

Let’s take a look at how you can inflate an air mattress without electricity.

Open the valves’ cover:

Every air mattress comes with either a simple air hole or a one-way air valve. Before starting the inflating process, you will have to find the valve and open its protective cap.

Insert the pumps’ nozzle into the valve:

Now that you have opened the valve of the air mattress, place the nozzle of the pump into it. You will have to insert it in such a way that the material around the valve should establish a tight seal with the pump. If it doesn’t, air might leak around the pump, making inflating the mattress very difficult.

Start pumping:

Whether you are using a manual leg pump, hand pump, or any other non-electric pump, your next step is the same: start pumping. You should keep on pumping until the air mattress is fully inflated.

Put the latch back on:

Remove the pump after the mattress is fully inflated, then screw the valve cap back on to keep the air trapped within. You’re all set to sleep now!

Can you inflate an air mattress with a hairdryer?

An air mattress can be inflated using household items such as a hairdryer. However, this is only recommended if you don’t have an air pump at that instance.

To inflate the mattress, first of all, place the head of the hairdryer on the valve and try to seal the sides as much as possible. Then, simply turn it on and wait until the mattress is wholly inflated and firm to the touch.

While inflating the air mattress with a hairdryer, you should make sure to change the heat settings to cool air. Otherwise, it might damage the vinyl or plastic made air mattress.

Can you inflate an air mattress with a tire pump?

Well, using a tire pump to inflate an air mattress might not be the most efficient method, but you can still do it. It won’t be the most efficient way because it might be challenging to achieve a tight seal around the pump nozzle.

You can use a standard tire pump to inflate an air mattress. Here is how you will be able to fill up your air mattress with air using a tire pump.

  • Open the valve cap of the air mattress.
  • Then insert the nozzle of the pump in the valve.
  • Seal the pumps’ nozzle as tightly as possible.
  • Start pumping and continue doing it until the mattress is fully inflated.

Can you inflate an air mattress with a bike pump?

A bike pump produces pressured airflow, which is perfect for filling up an air mattress.

If you can achieve a good seal between the nozzle and the valve, you can effortlessly use a bike pump to inflate your air mattress. To seal the valves’ opening, the simplest option is to use duct tape or heavy-duty trash bags.

The inflating method with a bike pump is pretty simple. You will just have to pump it until you achieve a satisfactory width of the mattress. You can even stop pumping mid-way if you use an air mattress with a one-way air valve.

Can you inflate an air mattress with a vacuum/bagless vacuum?

Any equipment capable of blowing air may potentially be used to fill an air mattress. As a result, you can use a vacuum/bagless vacuum to inflate an air mattress.

A few vacuum cleaners feature a ‘blow’ function in addition to the standard ‘suck’ function. All you have to do to inflate the mattress with this type of vacuum is hold the blower up to the air opening and blow.

If your vacuum doesn’t have the ‘blow’ feature, remove the bag and connect a long, narrow nozzle to the hole where the bag was initially attached. Air will fly out through that nozzle which you can use to inflate the air mattress.

Can you blow up an air mattress with a blow dryer/hairdryer?

You can blow up an air mattress with a blow dryer or a hairdryer because both of them produce air at a very high speed.

Air mattresses are usually made of vinyl and plastic, which will melt if they come in contact with heat. So, you can use a hairdryer to fill your mattress only if it produces cold air.

You can effortlessly blow up your air mattress using a blow dryer/hairdryer by placing the nozzle in the air hole and just turning it on.

Can you blow up an air mattress with a leaf blower/snowblower?

Snowblower and leaf blowers produce air at very high speed as they are used to remove leaf and snow from the driveways. Since they create high-pressure airflow, you can use them to blow up an air mattress.

The leaf blowers and snow blowers are usually battery-powered, so you won’t even have to do any hard work to fill the mattress.

Instead, you will just have to connect the nozzle to the valve and turn it on. Then, the air mattress will be inflated within a matter of minutes, depending on the size.

Can you blow up an air mattress with your mouth?

If you have run out of all options to inflate your mattress, then you can blow up the air mattress with your mouth.

Although it is possible to blow up a mattress using your mouth, it isn’t the most efficient method. It will take a very long time to fill a full-sized air mattress with your mouth.

Before blowing air into the air mattress, take a deep breath and then do it. This method will only work if your air mattress has a one-way valve because it won’t let the already filled air out through the air hole.

Nowadays, most air mattresses feature a pump to make the inflating and deflating process easier and faster for you. However, you can even use your household items to inflate your air mattress if it doesn’t come with a pump.

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