Do Air Mattresses Make You Cold? (Answered)

When you need an emergency bedding, an air mattress is your trusted friend. Most of the times it will give you a place to sleep, but make you feel colder as time goes by. This is common.

You will soon get used to the cold vibes of the mattress. Or you can use layers to keep warm and comfortable.

Do air mattresses make you cold?

As the name suggests, an air mattress is filled with air. And as the temperature outside starts to go low, it is very natural for the air inside the mattress to get colder as well. This is why the entire air mattress will make you cold than any other bed or regular mattress.

An air mattress is filled and packed with air. The temperature inside the mattress tends to adjust with the temperature on the outside. As the night time comes, the heat outside the mattress starts to go down. So does the temperature on the inside of the mattress.

 This is how the temperature of the air mattress gradually starts to lessen. The more cold it is on the outside, the colder the entire mattress gets. This is why you will start feeling cold if you lay on the air mattress for a while.

This does not mean the temperature stays down or cold at all times. You can pat and make the mattress a bit hotter and more comfortable to sleep on. But as the temperature starts to decrease on the outside, it is common for you to feel cold on your air mattress.

Why are air mattresses so cold?

It is very normal for you to feel chilly and cold when you use an air mattress. The temperature of an air mattress starts to go down and anyone using it starts to feel cold. The reasons behind such a change in the temperature can be –

Temperature adjustment:

The air inside the mattress tends to adjust with the temperature outside of the mattress. As the mattress is completely filled with air on the inside, it is very common for the mattress to get cold as the temperature on the outside decreases.

No Insulation:

There is no room for a wave of hot air getting in the mattress. It has no insulation. The cold air in the inside is all there is and all that remains the entire time. So, once the air inside gets cold it is not possible for it leave the mattress and allow hot air to get in. 

Chill from the floor:

The inside of the air mattress absorbs the temperature of the floor. If you place the mattress on the floor, it is very common for the mattress to get cold once the floor starts to get colder.

Air mattresses get cold after a while, especially during the winter days and night times. It is because of the air inside of the mattress.

How to keep an air mattress warm?

One of the most common things for an air mattress is that the mattress gets cold after you inflate it. And even if you adjust the temperature on the outside, The mattress may not get any warmer. There are a few tips you can try to make the mattress warmer-

  • To balance the floors’ temperature you can use a wool blanket under your air mattress. This is also prevent the cold of the floor from getting up to the mattress faster.
  • Before getting on the bed, use a heating pad on your mattress. You can keep it under the mattress or over where you would be. Take it off after awhile or once the mattress seems a bit warm.
  • Place an emergency blanket on top of the air mattress to keep it warm.
  • Use a Tatami mat. The mats are very beautiful and a natural insulators. These mats will keep your air mattress warmer than regular.

These are a few ways you can keep your air mattress warm. It is very unlikely that your air mattress will get completely warm and hot. But you can lower the coldness of the air mattress a little bit.

How to keep air mattress warm when camping?

Air mattresses are mostly used when you go for camping or a night with nature. And that is when the mattress gets colder than usual. There are some things you can do to keep your air mattress warm when you are out camping.-

 Sleeping Bags:

It is best to stuff your air mattress inside a sleeping bag. It will keep your air mattress warm and safe from the chills outside.

Self-Inflating thermal rest:

This device is basically a big sleeping bag with more insulation. It is guaranteed to keep your air mattress warm and comfortable for you to sleep on.

Wool Blanket:

Cover your air mattress with a wool blanket. You can use any type of blanket but a wool blanket tends to stay warmer for a long time.


Insulation is the best way to keep your air mattress warm all night. You can use layers of blankets or closed cell foam pads on top of the air mattresses. This will make your air mattress warm and keep it that way.

If you are out for camping, an air mattress is an absolute must. Keep these tips in mind to enjoy a good warm night with nature.

Is an air mattress good for cold weather camping? 

Air mattresses are always at the top of the list when it comes to camping. It is a must to solve your sleeping problems. However a problem with air mattresses is that they get cold. You should be careful when it comes to the cold weather.

Take the appropriate measures to keep your air mattress warm and you can use them even in the cold weather.

How do I stop my air mattress from getting cold? 

If you want to stop your air mattress from getting cold use the following tips-

  • Use insulation, below or above of the air mattress;
  • Layer the blankets;
  • Pre heat the mattress;
  • Use a heating pad 15 to 20 minutes before you go to sleep.

Try these to keep your mattress warmer than usual.

How do you insulate an air mattress? 

When it comes to warming an air mattress, insulation is the best option. Some tricks to get a proper insulation are-

  • Wrap the mattress in an insulation;
  • Add layers to your air mattress to capture the heat;
  • Use a sleeping bag for a more warm and comfortable insulation;
  • Layer blankets between you and your mattress;
  • A foam mattress topper is a great support as well. Use a regular one.

These are some simple and easy tricks to properly insulate your air mattress. The main thing is to maintain a lot of cozy layers over the mattress.

Can you use a heating blanket on an air mattress? 

It is not safe to use a heating blanket on an air mattress. As a matter of fact, a heating blanket can be very much dangerous for your air mattress. Some people use it between the layers and the mattress itself. Which is also not safe either.

There is a huge risk of the heating blanket over heating the air mattress. This over heating can lead to the mattress getting damaged. And if you add layers over the heating blanket, chances are you can burn the layers as well. Try to avoid this method at all times.

Does cold air/cold weather make air mattresses deflate? 

If you have noticed your air mattress deflate after a cold night then you are not just seeing things. Most of the times an air mattress will deflate around cold air or cold weather. The temperature has an active role in the deflation process of the air inside.

Cold weather and cold air makes the air inside the air mattress condense. Which results in a deflated air mattress. You will notice after cold nights your air mattress shrinks completely. This is because the cold air outside makes the mattress deflate.

Why do air mattresses get wet? 

Sometimes you will find your air mattress get wet after a while. This may be because of condensation. This is very much common. In simple words, it is a result of the temperature going down abruptly. It is in case of both the atmosphere and your body temperature.

As the temperature of the floor, the outside starts to go down the air mattress needs time to adjust with it. At the same time, your body temperature starts to warm up as you get used to the cold mattress. This change in temperature makes the air mattress sweat and you see the mattress getting wet.

How do I stop condensation in my air mattress? 

Condensation is a very uncomfortable feeling. To prevent it from happening use the following tricks-

  • Use a blanket or a sheet over your air mattress. Never sleep on it directly;
  • Try to not eat too much before you sleep on an air mattress. Keep your body temperature in check;
  • Ensure good and a proper flow of ventilation.

These are some ways you can avoid condensation in your air mattress. Just keep the flow of air and ventilation proper.

Air mattresses are amazing when it comes to using an emergency bed. But most of the times, the temperature controls how the air mattress will feel. Try to take proper layers to be comfortable and warm.

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