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Do BMX Bikes Have Kickstands? (Explained for Beginners!)

BMX bikes are a popular choice for modern bike users who want light, fast bikes. These bikes are made with weight kept in focus, so they cut down on anything deemed “unnecessary”. 

Since keeping it lightweight is one of the main priorities, this brings on the question-

Do BMX bikes have kickstands?

BMX bikes usually do not come with kickstands. This is because most BMX riders need the bike to be as light as possible where having a built-in kickstand might hinder or even hurt them when performing. Though some models do have kickstands built-in. You can also add one on your own.

BMX listens and understands their users and prepares their bikes accordingly. If your BMX bike does not have a kickstand, it is okay, most of them do not. You could always add one on your own, most retailers carry them.

Why don’t BMX bikes have kickstands?

There are certain reasons why BMX bikes do not have kickstands. Here are a few of the reasons down below


BMX bikes focus on keeping things light so the user can do tricks and stunts as effortlessly as they can. The added weight from the kickstand may come in the way and even cause accidents.


Since BMX bikes are usually used for heavy and rough terrains and the rattling might be distracting if not downright harmful. Stairsteps, rock gardens come to mind where rattling would be a hindrance.

Damaging the frame

Since these bikes are used for performing stunts and tricks, there are times it will be airborne. A kickstand will be on the way, maybe even be the first object to hit the ground and dismantle the balance. It can also smack against the frame and damage it.


Since most users of BMX bikes do not use them for transportation purposes, a kickstand would only get in the way. Since the riders are on their bikes most of the time with minimum breaks during their sessions, needing something that would keep the bike upright is basically useless.

Since kickstands make the bike gain weight, make it dangerous and unreliable, it is understandable why most BMX bikes do not have it. Usually, such bikes are seen as sports equipment instead of means of transportation.

There is also the growing opinion that kickstands do not match the aesthetics of the BMX lifestyle and make it look like a regular super-shop bike instead, so that is also one of the reasons why BMX bikes and bikers do not have kickstands on them. 

Do all bikes have kickstands?

When we usually think of a bike, we imagine it to have a kickstand. Truth be told, most bikes do have kickstands, but it depends on the type it is. 

Commuter or traditional riding bikes have kickstands on them for they are used for transportation and so need something to keep it upright when not in use. Mountain bikes or bikes used for racing or stunts do not.

How to stand up a BMX bike without a kickstand?

So, you have accepted the fact BMX bikes do not have a kickstand. Now you have to figure out how to park it. Here are some methods that might be of help.

Lean it against something

There should always be something you can lean your bike against, like a wall, tree, or even vines. Try to position it safely so it does not fall over easily.

Lay it on the ground

This does not need much explaining, but you could simply just lay it on the ground but make sure to do it gently and do it on its side. You should always do it safely as to not injure the bike.

Use a bike parking rack

This is a great option if you want to find a place where you can keep your bike upright. This is also an option that will cost you money. A bike parking rack will let you support your bike at home or office. Amazon has some good options.

Other options include hooking the bike bar over a fence or railing or even by leaning two bikes against each other. You could also invest in an upstand. They are foldable and so portable if that’s an option you want to look into.

Do Nishiki bikes have kickstands?

Since Nishiki bikes are mostly mountain bikes, they do not have kickstands. But you could always buy some adjustable kickstands (usually found in DICK’S or amazon) if you need them.

Do mountain bikes have kickstands?

As mentioned previously, most mountain bikes do not have kickstands. It is for the same reason as to why BMX bikes do not have kickstands, such as

  • They add weight
  • Bounce around and rattle
  • Get caught on things and get in the way
  • Pull and tug on vegetation and weed
  • Cause accidents

If used as equipment for heavy trail riding, it is understandable why they do not have kickstands.

Should I put a kickstand on my BMX bike?

It honestly depends on how you use your bike. Ultimately, it is a personal decision since you are the one using the bike. If it is used for transportation more and you regularly need to park your bike somewhere, yes you should.

However, when putting up a kickstand you should keep in mind what the frame is made of. You could scratch the paint or if it is made of carbon it might break.

Putting a kickstand can make it more usable for you so why not?

What are the benefits of a kickstand?

If you are considering adding a kickstand onto your bike and need some convincing, these might help.

Kickstands are helpful for bike commuters. If you use your bike for regular, normal usage, a kickstand can provide some comfort. Serious road cyclists avoid kickstands for they add weight and can be potentially dangerous for mountain biking.

But when used normally for transportation, a kickstand comes in handy since you can’t always have access to a pole or wall to lean your bike against.

Kickstands are also good for kids’ bikes, so you might want to look into that as well. Any kid’s bike that does not have training wheels should most definitely have a kickstand and it will instill taking good care of their gears as well.

How can I make a cheap bike stand?

If you are looking for ways you can make the bike stand (aka kickstand) yourself, the things you need to look out for are the materials, the tools, and the items you need to make one.

Usually, the materials are wood or pipes, things to cut them (which you should have at home or in the garage, or you can just buy it from Home Depot), and things to stick them together like glue machines or nails

It should cost you around 15 to 90 dollars. Just make sure you measure it out properly and it should be smooth sailing from then on.

How do you make a bike stand out of PVC?

It is rather easy to make a bike stand out of PVC. You can get the material from any hardware store around and it does not cost much.

What you’ll need are the pipes in the measurement you need, t-joints and elbow-joints, PVC cement, and paper towels. The tools you need are measuring tape, pencils, and something to cut pipes with, PVC cutters are very recommended.

After you are done measuring and cutting the pieces, make sure to dry the “fit” pieces and join them together by cementing the uprights and then the remaining connections. At this point, you are basically done, so you can just add or remove the parts for one more or fewer slots to your need.

There are videos and DIY guides that will give you the specifics if you need them, with friendly steps that are easy to follow as well.

It is mostly accepted that BMX bikes do not come with kickstands but that does not mean it should stop you.

You could just add one on your own if you need it, or you could not use one and just use the ground or lean it. You can also use an alternative kickstand if you can. In the end, it falls on personal decisions and preferences.

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