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Do BMX Bikes Have Suspension? (Everything You Need to Know)

A common feature of any bike is suspension. A suspension is a very popular and equally important part of a bike in most cases. But in the case of a BMX bike, a suspension is not necessary. A BMX bike usually comes without a suspension setup.

 To regular bikers, it may seem a bit off to ride a bike without suspension. The lack of suspension setting is never a problem and causes no comfort problems. This is how the BMX bike is designed to perform.

Do BMX bikes have suspension?

A regular BMX bike does not have a suspension. This is one of the basic differences between a regular bike or mountain bike and a BMX. BMX bikes tend to be rigid as riders need maximum pumps while biking. You can attach a front suspension, or you can customize full-suspension afterward.

A BMX bike is an off-road sports bike. This bike requires much speed and as lightweight as possible. This is why this bike has no suspension setting built-in.

These inexpensive bikes are easily transportable and are generally used for fun rides. Kids use it to just trash around the bike ground.

Why don’t BMX bikes have suspension?

BMX bikes are a different type of bikes designed to perform tricks with it. This bike is very lightweight and performs better with no added weight. The common reasons for the bike to not have suspensions is-

  • The BMX bikes are very nimble and need to remain light weight to perform properly;
  • To do complex tricks with the BMX bike a suspension set up isn’t necessary;
  • A suspension will make the bike harder to control;
  • Any suspension setup will make the bike heavier and the biker won’t be able to jump high as before;
  • BMX bikes need to be steady, suspensions will make the bike bob up and down;
  • The tricks need full power to the wheels, this is why no suspension is set in the bike;
  • Suspensions waste energy.

These are why a BMX bike comes without any suspension.

How important is suspension on a bike?

Most of the bikes have built-in suspensions in them, as bikers prefer the setup. Sometimes the bikers will adjust the suspension or change the position of the suspension according to their comfort. A suspension is, in fact, a very important part of a bike, and here’s why-


A suspension makes the bike ride more comfortable. In case of any sturdy roads or ups and downs, a suspension will keep the bike steady and comfortable for the rider.


The suspensions offer more control over the bike while cornering. A suspension setup also allows more support and strength while hitting the breaks as well.


The setup of a suspension allows the bike to go faster. Especially on the downhill roads, both flat and rough.

These are the basic reasons as to why a suspension is considered an integral part of any bike. Some bikes come without suspensions and that is when the bikers set up a suspension of their choice.

Do I need a bike with a suspension? 

The need to set a suspension in your bike depends on what purpose you will be using your bike for. But in most cases, it is better to get a bike with a built-in suspension setting. This is especially advised for beginner bikers.

A suspension will give you better control of the wheels and gear. This is very much crucial for a beginner as managing a bike while traveling a sturdy road can be difficult. If you are going through a rocky, rough road the support from a suspension will make the journey easier.

If you are a pro, however, or wish to learn the different tricks with a bike, you should go for a suspension-less bike. They are lightweight and are easier to perform tricks with.

These bikes may be a bit uncomfortable at first but once you get the hang of it, these speedy bikes will work amazing.

You should first decide on what you would like to do with your bike and then come to a decision on whether or not to get a bike with suspension.

What is a bike without suspension called?

A bike with no suspension is called a Rigid bike. This is when a bike has no suspension anywhere in the entire setup. There are a few types of suspensions and they are attached in different places-

  • Hardtail bikes are bicycles with suspensions only in the front and not in the rear;
  • Dual or Full suspension bikes are the ones with suspensions in both the front and back of the bicycle.

BMX bikes are referred to as rigid bikes. There are some mountain bikes without the read suspensions and only front suspensions, they are called Hardtail Mountain Bikes.

Are full suspension bikes worth it?

A full-suspension bike is a bicycle with a suspension setup in both the front and rear of the bike. This is a very common type of bike.

In terms of comfort, a full-suspension bike wins the race by a big difference. The full suspension bike gives you the most comfort on a sturdy road compared to any other bike. The suspension will ease the jarring of the bumpy road, which may have hit your body otherwise.

The diversification of the jarring keeps the fatigue away while cycling. This will make you ride for a longer time. A suspension also helps to go faster.

So if comfort and speed are your preference or standard, then yes a full suspension bike is definitely worth it.

Which suspension is best for bike?

A suspension is a very crucial part of a bike. So, it is very important to choose the perfect suspension for your bike.

As per popularity, function, and comfort, a Motorcycle suspension is the best option to go with for your bike.

Are Hardtails faster than full suspension?

A hardtail bike is one with suspension only in the front side of the bike and not on the rear end of it. A full-suspension bike is a bike with both the front and back suspension setup. It terms of speed both are fast, but a hardtail stays fast without any added effort.

A hardtail bike will go fast and does not require much effort to maintain the high speed. While on the lap run a full suspension bike shows more speed, it also needs more effort to maintain the speed it once reached.

In terms of consistency, the high speed reached by a hardtail bike stays the same for a long time. But a full suspension bike can reach the highest speed with much effort and it needs a lot of work to keep it at that speed.

It is safe to say that a hardtail bike is faster than a full-suspension bike. The speed has a lot to do with the suspension as it is only natural for a bike to get slower with two suspensions compared to a bike with only one set of suspensions.

Why are full suspension bikes so expensive?

A full-suspension bike is much more expensive than a hardtail bike. The obvious reason is that a full-suspension bike has two sets of suspensions on both the front and end of the bike.

The frame design of a full-suspension bike is more difficult and double the work compared to a hardtail bike. The frames need two sets of suspension design. This means double the work and double equipment and gears.

A full-suspension bike needs two sets of what a hardtail bike requires. This is basically double work and double setup. This is why full-suspension bikes are so expensive.

How do you jump a full suspension bike? 

Jumping with a bike is one of the most basic tricks and is pretty easy to learn even for beginners. A few steps will let you feel like you’re flying for a few seconds-

  1. Adjust the lip against your tires keeping your weight central, between the two tires;
  2. Transfer the weight from your hands to your feet;
  3. Maintain your head and core in a smooth arc;
  4. Be aware of not pushing the lip once you are in this position;
  5. Absorb the impact with your arms and legs;
  6. Try to land on both the wheels on the bike, front and the rear.

Landing the perfect jump is not easy and requires much focus and concentration. It takes several tries and possible bruises. Keep practicing until you have achieved the perfect jump. You should get the hand of it in no time.

A BMX is designed to function without suspensions. This is how the bike works best. If you feel the need, you can always add a set of suspensions to it afterward. But a basic BMX bike does not require any support from the suspension.

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