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Do Chipmunks Eat Meat? Do They Eat Birds? (Quick Answers)

Chipmunks are actually small squirrels who have the same eating habit as squirrels. Well, the eating habits may differ in some aspects. Chipmunks are mostly vegetarian yet they are not choosy about their food. Anything that may provide nutrition to the body is suitable for them to eat.

Following below tips and information regarding chipmunks and if they eat meat or not may help to know more about them.

Do chipmunks eat meat? Do they eat birds?

Chipmunks eat both meat and birds. Birds are also a type of meat. Even though chipmunks are vegetarian, they can eat meat. Meat provides protein and chipmunks also require nutrition. They are very concerned about providing nutrition to the body. That’s why they don’t oppose eating meat.

Chipmunks are cute little creatures. The cute face may look cuter when they fill up their mouth with food. Chipmunks are like small squirrels. Their eating habits are also similar. Chipmunks are vegetarian yet if you feed them anything, they will take it.

They are not quite picky about food. Apart from vegetables, they also prefer meat. They can have mushrooms, grass, seeds, berries, strawberries, etc. they are also obsessed with nuts and fruits.

They also like to eat meat. Especially rodents, birds, insects, and frogs. If you offer them meat, they will not refuse. Moreover, meat is a source of protein. They prefer nutritious foods. Even eggs are edible for them. Even though they don’t look for eggs, if they find any, they will have the eggs.

They can also eat birds. Especially baby birds are preferable. Sometimes, they eat birds too. They can be very vulnerable sometimes. Even though they eat almost everything, everything might not be good for their health. Peanuts and sunseeds are not good for them at all.

They prefer all types of meat like beef, chicken, rabbit, lamb, fish, snake, pork. They often hunt for birds and damage their nests. Even stealing eggs from the nest is common for them. They are really vulnerable towards birds.

Everything should be eaten in an appropriate amount. Too much food can cause harm to their body. Even their diet may seem a bit unbalanced. Yet they prefer all the nutritious foods in their diet.

Do chipmunks eat beef?

Yes, chipmunks eat beef. Chipmunks do not have any prejudice against meat. Chipmunks are really concerned about their health. They eat every food which is good for their health. They always prefer nutritious food.

Chipmunks are mainly vegetarian. They like to have grass, vegetables, and fruits. Well, they also like beef as it is a protein source. Even though they like beef, they might not choose it before nuts. They are obsessed with nuts; it doesn’t matter what type of nut it is.

Beef is not even bad for their health. As long as you give them small pieces of beef, they can have it. Or cut the beef to let them have it.

What type of meat do chipmunks eat?

Chipmunks eat meat too apart from the vegetables. Even if the chipmunks are vegetarian, they like meat too. If you want to give them meat, cut the meat into small pieces. They still prefer snacks more than any food. If you put nuts and meat before them, they will rather take nuts. Yet too much peanuts are not good for their health.

They can have meat but of certain types as long as it doesn’t cause any harmful reaction to their body. Some of them are listed below.


Chipmunks can have beef as long as the meat pieces are tiny and chewable.


Chipmunks mainly will not hunt for lamb yet when given to eat, they can have lamb meat.


The common meat which is available for chipmunks is birds. They hunt for birds and after catching birds, eat them. That’s why many take the necessary steps to save the bird from chipmunks. Even though chipmunks are cute, they are dangerous for birds.


Chipmunks also love to have insects. Apart from grass, insects are the most available food for them.


Even though chipmunks may not be able to have pork often. If you provide them with pork, they won’t refuse to have it as long as they are edible.


You may often find chipmunks catching snacks and having them. It is easier for them as a snack can provide protein to the body and is easier to get access to.

Why do chipmunks eat birds?

Chipmunks eat birds and bird eggs too. They prefer meat to have. And bird flesh is kind of access to them. Moreover, Chipmunks are really dangerous for birds. Many people try to find ways to keep their birds away from chipmunks. Otherwise, their birds might get eaten by chipmunks.

You may sometimes see chipmunks chewing bird flesh with their tiny teeth. It might look cute yet the way they hunt for birds is not cute at all. There are certain reasons why they eat birds and some are listed below.


Chipmunks are quite concerned about their health and the foods they have. Well, it is not applicable to nuts. They go crazy over nuts. When it comes to meat, they will not ignore eating it. Meat is nutritious and has more protein contents. You will not get the same amount of protein from grass, fruits, or vegetables.

Birds’ flesh is also nutritious and chipmunks eat it. They will cut the bird flesh into pieces and bite with their tiny teeth.


Birds are edible for chipmunks. Birds’ flesh is not poisonous at all. And doesn’t even release any toxins. As a result, no toxic reaction can occur in their body if they eat birds. Moreover, excess eating may leave an impact on their body.


Birds are also accessible to chipmunks. They often have birds as their meal. If they find birds, they may catch the bird and eat them. Apart from birds, there is more meat which might be accessible for them. Yet, they can hunt for birds by themselves. It is not good for birds though. Many birds lose their lives because of that and the number is increasing.

Do chipmunks eat baby birds? Do chipmunks eat birds eggs?

Chipmunks eat baby birds and bird eggs as well. They actually prefer baby birds more than any other meat. They also like to have adult birds. They would rather eat and hunt birds.

Birds are actually not safe from chipmunks. There are a number of birds that are eaten by chipmunks. They might not look for bird eggs yet they will have them if they find. They can have bird eggs as they will not cause problems to their health and will not release toxicity in their body. They do not steal eggs either, only have them.

How to keep chipmunks away from birds?

Chipmunks are very dangerous for birds. Not just birds also the bird eggs. They often take the eggs and eat them. Sometimes, they also damage the nest or the box. Many people try and fail to keep the chipmunks away from the nests.

If they find a chance, they always do harm to birds. There aren’t many options to keep the chipmunks away. Small steps should be taken as described below.

Clean the bottom:

Clean the bottom of the nest or the ground. Make sure to remove all the piles from the ground. Better to dig, surrounding the nest pole. You can also try it for gardens. Always keep the surroundings clean as the piles are a hiding place for chipmunks.

Placing the nest:

The nest should not be accessible to the chipmunks. They can climb up trees. Use rods or steel poles to place the nest in high places. You can also try hanging the nest with rubbered strings. It will make the chipmunks unable to climb up. You can also put paper below the nest so that climbing won’t help them to reach the nest.

Moreover, spread seeds a bit far from the nest. This will attract their attention. They will become busy having the seeds.

Final Thoughts  

Overall, chipmunks can have meat and birds as it doesn’t cause harm to their body. Chipmunks can have the meat of fish, chicken, pork, beef, snack, bird, lambs, insects. If you provide them meat in tiny pieces which are chewable, they can have it. Well, they often catch birds and have them.