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Do Coffee Grounds Keep Insects & Bugs Away? (Answered)

If you think your tiredness is the only thing that coffee helps keep away then you are wrong. Coffee has many other uses apart from being a recharging drink.

Do coffee grounds keep insects & bugs away?

As the perfect potent, coffee grounds are known as great pest repellents. The coffee grounds can be used to keep bugs and insects away from your surroundings. And if the coffee ground is burnt, it will work much better. Keep the coffee grounds in a bowl and burn them to keep the bugs and pests away.

Using coffee grounds as bug repellents is a very unknown hack, but it works like a charm every time. The naturally potent coffee grounds are great at keeping the bugs and pests away from you, away from plants once you burn them, almost like you burn incense.

Squash bugs:

To prevent squash bugs from taking over your garden you can use coffee grounds. The natural repellents will keep the bug away without harming your plants and vegetables.

You can mix water and coffee and spray the mixture in the grounds so the wasps will not come near.


Coffee grounds are very much effective against wasps. Using the coffee grounds in any form will keep the wasps away from your plants and household.

You can keep the coffee grounds in a bowl and the scent will be enough to prevent wasps from coming near.


Coffee grounds are one of the best natural ant repellents out there. The strong scent of the coffee ground ticks the smelling senses of the ants off.

And they get sidetracked. This is why leaving coffee grounds where ants dwell the most will keep them away for good.


Coffee is a great mosquito repellent. And the use of coffee grounds to keep mosquitoes away has been in use for a very long time.

In fact, mosquitoes are known to dislike the smell of burning coffee. So in any way, you can use coffee as a way to keep the mosquitoes away.


Just like many other pests, coffee grounds are known to repel almost all types of flies. The strong scent of the coffee tends to drive away the flies.

Which is why it is best to burn the coffee grounds like incense. That is when the coffee ground is most effective to keep the pests away.

Other than being your daily morning drink, coffee can be your friendly and natural bug repellent. The caffeine keeps away the infestation of bugs and the strong smell of the burning coffee ticks most pests off. This is why coffee grounds are burnt like incense to keep bugs away.

Do coffee grounds repel insects? Do bugs not like coffee grounds?

Unlike a human being, insects are not a huge fan of coffee. The strong smell of caffeine are not exactly the favorite of most bugs. 

The coffee grounds are also very potent to keep the bugs away or repel them. And if you burn them a little it will be more effective to keep any pest away.

It may not be known by most of people but coffee grounds, and the coffee itself, is very useful ingredient to keep the pests and bugs away.

Most bugs are not a fan of how the coffee grounds smell, especially when it is burnt like incense. Keeping a bowl of the coffee ground around will definitely keep the bugs away.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee grounds do not attract more bugs. The opposite of it happens. The bugs tend to keep away from the place where a bowl of coffee ground is kept. Coffee is a great bug repellent.

Do used coffee grounds keep bugs away?     

Used coffee grounds may not be as effective as fresh and unused coffee grounds to keep bugs away. Used coffee grounds are not as potent as regular coffee grounds. Their smell is also not the same. Which is why it is best to take unused coffee grounds to keep the bugs away.

Unused coffee grounds work best when they are burnt a little. That is how the grounds are most effective.

The burning smell of the coffee repels most bugs and pests. However, used coffee grounds may not be as effective. As they have been infused once before, the smell of it will not be as strong as before.

But that does not mean old coffee grounds can’t be used. As long as the coffee ground has not been burnt or infused before, it is good to use as a bug repellent. So try to make sure the coffee ground is unused and not burnt before.

How do you use coffee grounds as an insect repellent? How to burn coffee grounds to keep bugs away?

Coffee grounds can be very useful around the households as well. The grounds and the coffee itself can be used to repel bugs around the household and the gardens.

There are a few ways you can use coffee grounds to keep bugs away from your surroundings. You can either burn the coffee grounds or spray a solution. Whichever is convenient for you-

Burning Coffee Grounds:

  • Place coffee grounds in a bowl.
  • Keep the bowl full of coffee grounds in the area where bugs tend to dwell in. Make sure to place the bowl on a flat surface.
  • Gently and carefully burn the coffee grounds with a lighter. Do it as if you are burning incense. Do not let the coffee burn too much.
  • Put the fire out. Make sure the coffee is not entirely burnt but slightly tasted.
  • Keep the bowl there and watch the bugs fly away from there.

Coffee solution:

  • Mix coffee grounds with water. Make sure to add around a spoon of coffee to half a liter of water.
  • Put the coffee and water solution into a sprayer.
  • Spray the mixture around the garden. Especially on the plants that attract more insects and bugs.

Coffee grounds are a great natural solution to get rid of bugs and pests. This method works almost immediately and is known to be very effective around the household. You can give both methods a try.

What pests do coffee grounds repel?

Along with keeping your sleep away, coffee is known to keep many types of insects and bugs away.

There are many compounds in the coffee grounds that the bugs are not entirely fond of. Also, the strong smell of the coffee is not a favorite of most bugs. Which is why bugs tend to keep away from coffee grounds.

While most bugs are not okay with coffee grounds, some of the bugs that do not even dwell around coffee are listed below-


Snails do not like the strong smell of the coffee grounds. Which is why some gardeners make a boundary with coffee grounds to keep snails away from their garden.


Starting from the regular house flies to the very persistent fruit flies, all of them equally dislike coffee grounds. You can keep an bowl of coffee grounds near your food table and there will be no flies near it for a long time.


It is an old trick to use coffee grounds to keep the mosquitoes away. Most of the mosquitoes are repelled by the strong stench of the coffee grounds.


Beetles are very strong and persistent bugs. Once they find a place comfortable, they tend not to leave. In this case, burnt coffee grounds come as a lifesaver. The coffee compounds are toxic for beetles. Which is how they keep the bugs away.

These are only a few bugs that dislike coffee grounds. In general, most bugs tend to run away from coffee. 

Can I throw coffee grounds on my lawn? Where do you put coffee grounds in your garden?

Coffee grounds are perfectly safe to use in your garden. You can literally just sprinkle the coffee grounds around your garden to keep the pests and bugs away. Many gardeners prefer to do this instead of some extra work, like spraying coffee and water solution.

You can make a border with coffee grounds around the vegetables or even the garden. Most of the time the snails and beetles tend to avoid coffee grounds. The strong smell of it keeps the snails away in the long term.

Simply sprinkling the coffee grounds around the garden area will not attract more bugs. This is a popular belief. But this is not the case.

Whereas the strong smell of caffeine and its compounds of it keeps most of the insects away. This is why you can always choose to just throw and spread some coffee grounds around your garden in case of a bug infestation.

Final thoughts

Coffee is not only a drink for you to keep your tiredness away, it can work as a natural solution to keep unwanted bugs away from your surrounding as well. With a little bit of burnt coffee grounds, you can easily keep your garden and home bug-free. It is an easy method.