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Do Coffee Grounds Repel Earwigs? (Read This First!)

Are you looking for an earwig’s solution? Do you think of coffee grounds? Well, coffee grounds and earwigs are two different things.

Earwig is a tiny pest. It is not harmful like other pests. However, too many earwigs will also create issues in your garden. They eat vegetables, flowers, and other insects.

Therefore, earwigs are not safe. You need something to repel them. In that case, coffee grounds can be helpful since gardeners use coffee grounds as a pest controller.

Do coffee grounds repel earwigs?

Coffee grounds repel earwigs. But, there is no practical evidence, or no one has found any accurate result yet. However, coffee grounds are good pest controllers. You can use them to control most pests, but not all. It cannot be said that coffee grounds will entirely repel earwigs.

To be exact, coffee grounds have an odor that deters pests and other insects. So, it will work for the earwigs too. Though there is not enough proof about the repelling earwigs, it will prevent them.

Coffee grounds have caffeine that ultimately helps to deter pests. However, you can only use the coffee grounds, not the coffee beans. In that case, you can also go for the used coffee grounds.

Used coffee grounds:

Used coffee grounds can repel earwigs. It will help you to keep earwigs away from your garden. There are some valuable methods to use coffee grounds.

First, you need to blend the coffee beans. Then you will have the coffee grounds. To use it for repelling earwigs, you can make a mixture.

You need to use water and blend it with coffee grounds to create it. After that, you need to spray on flowers and plants where earwigs are set.

Do earwigs like coffee grounds?

Earwigs don’t like coffee grounds because coffee grounds have an intense odor. That odor works like anti-aphids and pests. That’s why gardeners use coffee grounds.

Another reason could be the taste. Earwigs eat vegetables, flowers, and other small insects. That means they eat all the sweets. On the other hand, coffee grounds have a bitter taste.

That’s why earwigs don’t like coffee grounds. Moreover, earwigs can’t bear the coffee ingredients. Coffee makes the place anti-pests. They fail to eat the flowers or plants where you spray coffee grounds.

Because of the bitter taste and smell, earwigs don’t like to eat coffee grounds. Earwigs and other pests avoid eating those anti-pest ingredients.

4 reasons why coffee grounds repel earwigs

There are some reasons why coffee grounds repel earwigs. We are about to explain them all.


The first reason is the smell. Coffee grounds have a bitter smell that pests and insects don’t like; therefore, they avoid that place and keep away from the garden if you use coffee grounds regularly. 

So, the smell is the first reason why coffee grounds repel earwigs.


After the smell, coffee ingredients come to the list. Coffee grounds also contain caffeine. We all know that insects and earwigs avoid eating caffeine foods. When you spray coffee grounds, earwigs leave the place.

Bitter taste:

Coffee grounds taste bitter. On the other hand, earwigs love to eat fresh vegetables, flowers, and other insects. Therefore, they don’t like coffee and other bitter tasty food; that’s another reason why coffee grounds can repel earwigs.

If you spray coffee grounds in the garden, it will damage the flowers and plant’s taste. Therefore, earwigs cannot eat and find their food source. Eventually, they will leave the garden; that’s how coffee grounds will help you to repel and deter earwigs.

Repel pest:

The last reason coffee grounds repel earwigs is that coffee grounds will deter other small insects that are the most crucial food source for the earwigs. In simple words, earwigs live on other tiny pests and insects. 

When you spray coffee grounds, all the small insects and pests will disappear; therefore, earwigs can’t find their food.

So, these are reasons why coffee grounds repel earwigs. In fact, the coffee ground can repel most of the insects quickly. It has a bitter smell that works on pretty much every pet.

How to get rid of earwigs using coffee grounds?

Some steps will assist you in getting rid of earwigs using coffee grounds.

Direct coffee grounds:

You can use direct coffee grounds. In this step, you need to blend the coffee beans and extract coffee grounds from there. It is your first step to get some coffee grounds.

Mix with water:

Now that you have coffee grounds, you need to mix them with water or vinegar. Vinegar will be your best option to deter earwigs.

Water can also play the role, but vinegar is the best option. Vinegar alone can control and repel pests.

Pour them into the sprayer:

In this step, you will mix them properly and pour them into a sprayer to spray on your plants. After that, you will go to your garden and mark the place where earwigs live.


It is your last step. Here, you should spray on earwigs if possible. Otherwise, you have to spray on every flower and plant.


After a couple of days, you need to check if there are any earwigs in your garden. You can respray the coffee grounds to get rid of earwigs.

If you search for coffee grounds, you will find more useful ways. But to get rid of earwigs and other insects, you have to follow these five steps.

They all are practical ways. Therefore, you can follow them and make a home remedy to repel earwigs.

What will repel earwigs? What is a natural way to get rid of earwigs?

Some common materials will repel earwigs, namely cayenne pepper, garlic, dishwasher, and more. Let’s look at them and find how they can repel earwigs.

Cayenne Pepper:

Hot pepper like cayenne pepper can easily repel earwigs. It has a strong odor and spice. These two are the best remedy to quickly repel earwigs and all other pests.

Therefore, you can use cayenne pepper and make a mixture. Then, you need to spray it on plants and flowers. That’s how it will repel earwigs.

Garlic Mixture:

As we said before, earwigs and other insects don’t like species. They always avoid eating them, even though they can’t stand the species’ smells.

The garlic mixture is one of the best items that repel earwigs and other similar insects overnight.


If you look for something solid and rigorous, you can go for a dishwasher. It’s the best in every way. Basically, dishwashers or detergents contain all the chemicals pests like earwigs can’t bear.

All you need is a mixture of dishwasher and water. You can put some water into a sprayer and add two or three tablespoons of dishwasher or detergent. Then, shake the bottle well. Your mixture and spray are ready.

Now, you will spray it around the garden. Don’t skip any plants. Spray it everywhere so that earwigs will fail to find any safe plants to sit.

Pest Controller:

If you find these ways difficult, you can buy the best controller. You need to search for it or ask the shopkeeper to give you a suitable pest controller to repel earwigs.

Buy it and start spraying in the garden. You need to ensure safety here since the pest controller comes with solid chemicals. That can be injurious to your health.

Among these four ways, the first two is considered natural ways to get rid of earwigs. On the other hand, the last two are chemical ways that will repel earwigs too.

If you look for natural ways to get rid of earwigs, you may consider planting some cayenne plants in your garden. Even you can plant garlic and onion too.

Species are anti-pest plants. When you plant them into your garden, most of the pests, including earwigs, will go away, and your garden will get rid of earwigs.

Apart from these plants, you can use cayenne pepper and garlic cloves. These two are also the best natural products that can also repel earwigs.

Final Thoughts

Coffee grounds have a bitter smell and taste that earwigs don’t like. Most insects cannot eat coffee grounds. If you spray coffee grounds all over the garden, insects will go away, and you will be happy. From this perspective, it can be said that coffee grounds repel earwigs.