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Do Coffee Grounds Repel Mice? (Quick Facts)

Coffee grounds are the dregs of brewing coffee. It is the unused part of coffee. However, you can use it for other purposes too.

Moreover, coffee grounds have some uses. You can use it to fertilize your garden. Besides, you can compost the coffee ground for later uses. You can even use it for skincare.

However, people ask if coffee grounds can repel mice. You are one step behind the answer.

Do coffee grounds repel mice?

Coffee grounds don’t repel mice. Coffee grounds contain caffeine, but it’s not enough to repel mice. However, mice don’t like caffeine smells. Coffee grounds may help to keep rodents away from the surroundings. Therefore, to repel rodents or mice, you can follow tips.

Coffee grounds are suitable for soils and gardening. They contain caffeine that is helpful in many ways. However, you can deter mice by using coffee grounds.

Mice can’t tolerate caffeine smells. Mainly, coffee grounds can diffuse a strong odor that will keep mice away from that area. That’s why if you scatter some coffee grounds around your living room, mice will not come to that area.

Furthermore, there are coffee beans and used coffee grounds. Let’s see if they can repel mice.

Coffee beans:

Mice don’t eat coffee beans; in fact, they don’t like it either. Despite having caffeine, coffee beans don’t repel mice. They can’t deter mice either.

However, coffee beans also have a smell. If you scatter some beans around mice holes or houses, mice will not come to that area. They even avoid the place and leave their houses.

Used coffee grounds:

Used coffee grounds don’t repel mice. Used grounds can’t deter mice through spreading strong odor. Mice don’t like caffeine; they try to avoid the smells. But they somehow manage to survive in used coffee grounds.

Therefore, if you plan to repel mice entirely using only used coffee grounds, you should change your plan. Some effective ways will help you repel and deter mice.

5 reasons why coffee grounds don’t repel mice

Coffee grounds cannot repel or deter mice. There are some common reasons why coffee grounds do not repel mice. We are about to talk about them.

No stronger chemical:

Coffee grounds can no longer contain any strong chemicals that mice can’t tolerate. That’s the first reason why coffee grounds don’t repel mice.

Small amount of caffeine:

Coffee grounds contain a small amount of caffeine. That is not enough to repel mice. In fact, mice don’t bother about that. That’s the second reason why coffee grounds fail to repel or deter mice.

Mice can eat coffee grounds:

Mice sometimes can eat coffee grounds since they tend to eat pretty much everything. If it happens, mice will run from health issues, but coffee doesn’t repel mice in any way.

Not enough to repel:

It’s true that mice don’t like caffeine. Most of the time, they avoid the path and area of the coffee. However, if you scatter some coffee, it may dispute the odor, but it’s not enough to repel or deter mice.

Fails to bother mice:

Caffeine is not a strong chemical. It creates an odor that is a bit strong; it fails to bother mice. That’s another reason why coffee grounds also fail to repel mice.

That’s all the reasons why the coffee ground is not an ideal option to repel mice. But if you want to deter mice, you can use the other option that we will discuss in the below sections.

However, if you regularly use coffee grounds, you may notice that the mice start to leave that area. One of the main reasons is caffeine. But some effective ways can entirely repel and deter mice.

Do mice like coffee grounds? Do coffee grounds attract mice?

Mice don’t like coffee grounds since it contains caffeine. But coffee grounds cannot deter mice because the odor of the grounds is not strong enough. Coffee is not a favorite food item to mice.

On the other hand, coffee grounds don’t attract mice. It has chemicals that create odor. Though the odor fails to deter mice, it doesn’t attract mice either. That’s the main reason why your coffee grounds fail to repel mice.

Apart from that, coffee grounds are the coffee beans’ unused part. When you brew coffee beans, you will get some grounds under the box or blender. It contains very little caffeine.

That’s another reason why coffee grounds cannot attract mice and fail to repel mice at the same time. You can use cheese or cheesy smells if you want to attract mice.

But there are more options to attract and repel mice. We will cover everything in this single write-up.

Will mice eat coffee grounds? Is coffee toxic to mice?

Mice don’t eat coffee grounds. It affects mice in several ways. In Particular, mice cannot eat caffeine and fail to digest them properly. Therefore, mice keep away from coffee grounds.

On the other hand, coffee contains massive amounts of caffeine. That’s why rats can’t eat or bother with coffee. But researchers find coffee is not entirely toxic to mice.

Therefore, mice can eat a minimum amount of coffee regularly. And they can get some health benefits too. However, it’s not an ideal practice to let your mice eat.

On the other hand, if your mice overeat coffee, it will destroy the stomach and digestive system. Therefore, they will fail to eat anything and lose its taste.

What does coffee do to mice?

Coffee does many things to mice. First comes the caffeine. It is the most crucial part. In fact, it plays a key role in mice.

Additionally, coffee has a chemical odor that mice want to avoid. In that case, mice keep a safe distance from caffeine odor and want to live in a place where they can eat or bite everything.

Let’s talk about what happens when mice eat coffee. Mice have a natural intention to eat everything or bite whatever they find. They must regularly chew to stop the growth of their teeth. Otherwise, they can’t survive.

However, if they accidentally eat and chew coffee, they will lose their taste and bad stomach for a long time. They will fail to taste and bite papers or wood.

On the other hand, coffee disperses an odor that is a little strong. That’s why mice always avoid coffee and remain away from the odor. If you notice, you will see that mice go everywhere. But they avoid the area where you blend coffee.

What will repel mice?

So far, you know that coffee grounds will not repel mice. Then what will repel mice is the concerning fact? No worries, some ingredients can repel mice. Let’s explore them.


If you want to use any homely ingredients to repel mice, vinegar will repel and deter mice easily. Basically, vinegar spray or white vinegar comes with strong chemicals that mice can’t bear.

On the other hand, vinegar is a cleaning material; that’s another reason why vinegar repels mice for a long time.

Clove Oil:

Here comes the most effective ingredients that can repel mice. Clove is an anti-mice ingredient. And, clove oil works better in this regard.

Therefore, you may consider buying clove oil when you look for something to deter or repel mice. It has a strong chemical that mice cannot eat or tolerate

Ammonia Spray:

When you search for the best spray to repel pests and mice, you must get a lot of suggestions to buy ammonia spray. It’s magic. Ammonia spray comes with solid and solid chemicals. It creates an odor that mice and other pests can’t inhale.

Therefore, they stay away from the place, and you can deter mice quickly. In fact, if you use ammonia spray directly on the mice holes, there is a great chance to get rid of mice overnight.

In contrast, ammonia spray is not safe for human beings and pets. If you have a dog or cat, you should avoid spraying ammonia. If they inhale or take some ammonia, they may lose their good health. 

That’s why researchers suggest not to use ammonia spray unnecessarily.

Peppermint Oil:

We have found another way to repel mice. Basically, there are some oils and smells that mice always avoid and stay away from that area. One of them is peppermint oil.

It creates a strong odor. When mice smell it, they leave that area. If you are infested with mice, you can use cotton balls and soak them into peppermint oil. Then, place them where mice live. They will repel and deter mice.

There are more ways to repel mice. But these four are the top-recommended ways that will repel mice in every way. If you search for more, you will get more solutions.

Final Thoughts

If you have read our instructions and write-up, you already know that coffee grounds don’t repel mice. Though mice avoid eating caffeine, coffee grounds cannot entirely deter mice from your house. But, some valuable ways and ingredients can successfully repel mice. Follow them.