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Do Coffee Grounds Repel Rabbits? (Read This First!)

Generally, we try different processes to repel rabbits. Because the disturbance of rabbits in our house or garden is pretty irritating. Besides, many people use different types of chemicals to repel rabbits. But using chemicals might be toxic for the environment of your house or garden.

That’s why natural products are being popular as repellents nowadays.

You might have heard about coffee ground’s strong scent and its usefulness. So, you might be confused about whether coffee grounds will repel rabbits or not. Well, you have to know details about coffee grounds and their effectiveness as a repellent.

Do coffee grounds repel rabbits?

Coffee grounds can repel rabbits. Generally, coffee grounds have a strong scent that can repel insects and bugs. But they can also repel rabbits because rabbits dislike the smell of coffee grounds. Moreover, coffee grounds are non-toxic and environment-friendly repellent for rabbits.

Generally, you can find coffee in different forms. For example, coffee beans, coffee grounds, etc., are different forms of coffee. Though all forms of coffee have scents. But some forms might have a stronger smell and some might have a less strong scent. 

So, let’s see what forms are effective to repel rabbits.

Coffee beans:

Coffee beans can repel rabbits. Generally, the main feature that helps to repel rabbits is the strong odor of coffee. This smell can come from coffee beans also. Coffee beans have a bit less scent than ground beans. But coffee beans also have an effective scent to repel rabbits.

If you use roasted coffee beans, it will also be effective. Because roasted coffee beans are supposed to be more aromatic. So, the scent will spread through the area and repel rabbits.

Used coffee grounds:

Used coffee grounds are one of the best solutions to repel rabbits. Generally, when the coffee beans are ground, the scent becomes stronger. Besides, used coffee grounds have a strong scent because the grounds are evenly distributed in the liquid.

So, you can use used coffee grounds as a repellent for rabbits.

Applying used coffee grounds to repel rabbits have a double advantage. You can use the grounds in your coffee. Moreover, you can use the used grounds as repellents. So, you don’t have to use excess coffee grounds to repel rabbits.

Do rabbits dislike coffee grounds?

Yes, rabbits dislike coffee grounds. Generally, rabbits dislike coffee grounds for their strong odor. We might love the scent of coffee grounds. But this scent can be disturbing for rabbits.

Generally, we see the irritating habit of rabbits striking our gardens. So, repelling rabbits is essential from there. But sometimes the chemical repellents can be harsh on the garden and trees. So, we can use coffee grounds.

Though coffee grounds are a natural ingredient, rabbits don’t like coffee grounds. Even they will leave the place soon if they find coffee grounds somewhere. The caffeine in the coffee grounds is considered a natural pest repellent. Besides, caffeine can also repel rabbits.

The scent of coffee ground is unpleasant for rabbits. So, if you use coffee grounds to repel rabbits, it will be helpful.

How do coffee grounds repel rabbits?

Coffee grounds are a great repellent for rabbits. Generally, rabbits don’t like coffee grounds. So, they will go away if they find coffee grounds anywhere.

The main function of coffee grounds that helps to repel rabbits is the strong smell of ground coffee. Generally, this scent is unpleasant and unbearable to rabbits. Not only rabbits, but the coffee grounds smell is also disturbing for many other insects and animals.

So, when you sprinkle some coffee ground on the ground or around a plant, the smell will spread through the area. When a rabbit comes close to coffee grounds, it notices the smell and the smell makes the rabbit uncomfortable.

Like many other chemical repellents, coffee ground smell keeps the rabbits away. So, the smell of coffee ground helps rabbits to keep away from your house and garden.

How to keep rabbits out of the garden using coffee grounds?

You might know that coffee grounds can help to repel rabbits from your garden. But you can’t use the coffee grounds randomly because inappropriate use of coffee grounds might harm the plants in the garden. 

So, let’s see some ways that you can follow to keep rabbits out of the garden using coffee grounds.

Around the plants:

You can sprinkle some coffee grounds around the plants in the soil to repel rabbits. For example, you can sprinkle used coffee grounds on the soil around lettuce, beets, broccoli, beans, peas, etc., plants.

But sprinkling will not be useful always. For some plants, you have to keep the coffee grounds in the soil. For example, you have to put used coffee grounds in the soil around tomatoes and corn plants. Thus it will be effective to repel the rabbits.

On the upper surface of soil:

You have to apply old coffee grounds into the upper surface of the soil to repel rabbits. For example, you can put coffee grounds into the soil at a depth of ½ inches of roses, azaleas, and hydrangeas plants.

On the plants:

You can also apply used coffee grounds on some plants that rabbits have struck already. The afflicted plants will get help if you apply the coffee grounds on them instead of applying on the ground.

Because sometimes, rabbits come to the plants that they have already struck. So, they notice coffee grounds on those plants, they will keep out of that plant.

What smells do rabbits dislike?

Rabbits dislike certain smells. These smells are useful to deter the rabbits to keep them away from a specific place. So, let’s see some smells that rabbits dislike.


Garlic has one of the most effective smells that repel rabbits. Rabbits dislike the smell of garlic. Generally, the strong and sharp scent of garlic keeps rabbits away from it.


Vinegar is another effective element to keep rabbits away. The smell of vinegar is also very sharp. Many farmers use vinegar with water to spray the mix on the soil of their garden. This element helps to get rid of the strike of rabbits.

Chili powder:

Chili powder is generally irritating and inflaming the membranes in a rabbit’s sensitive nose. That’s why dislike the scent and taste of chili powder rabbits. So, chili powder can repel rabbits effectively and quickly. 

You can sprinkle chili flakes or powder around the plants in your garden to make repelling easy and quick.


Rabbits dislike the smell of sulfur because they have a sensitivity to the smell of sulfur. Generally, sulfur smells like rotten eggs. So, the smell of sulfur is unpleasant to rabbits. You can find dried sulfur to use in your garden for repelling rabbits.


Rabbits also dislike the smell of lavender. Though the smell might be pleasant to you, rabbits don’t like it. Generally, lavenders provide a strong scent and bitter irritation to rabbits. If you want to deter rabbits from your garden, you can plant lavender along with other plants.


Rabbits also dislike the smell of geranium. Generally, geranium is one of the most popular scents of candles and perfumes. Humans don’t feel uncomfortable with the scent of geranium. But it can be an irritating scent for rabbits.

What animals do coffee grounds repel?

Coffee grounds are considered helpful to repel some animals and insects. The smell of coffee grounds doesn’t repel all animals. But some animals feel uncomfortable around the strong scent. So, let’s see some animals that coffee grounds can repel.

Rabbits and squirrels:

The strike of rabbits and squirrels in the fields and gardens are very disturbing. So, many people use coffee grounds to deter rabbits and squirrels from their fields and gardens.

Slugs and snails:

Slugs and snails also don’t like the smell of coffee ground. So, if you see slugs and snails in moisture-containing areas, or in your garden, you can apply coffee grounds to repel them. Because slugs and snails can’t bear the smell of coffee.


You can also repel ants applying coffee grounds. Generally, most ants including fire ants are afraid of coffee grounds and their smell. Ants can’t bear the sharp scent of coffee. So, if you sprinkle coffee ground somewhere, ants will not come to that area.


Coffee grounds are also useful for repelling roaches. Generally, we use chemicals to repel them. But coffee grounds are natural ingredients for this. Roaches can’t bear the sharp smell of coffee grounds. So, they will keep away from coffee grounds.

Final Thoughts

Coffee grounds are an excellent repellent for rabbits. The sharp smell of coffee grounds is unbearable and irritating for rabbits. So, coffee grounds will keep the rabbits away. Moreover, coffee grounds are a natural and non-toxic element to repel rabbits. So, you can apply it without hesitation.