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Do Deer Eat Daffodils? (Explained)

Daffodil is an attractive flower that can easily attract animals to the flowers. That does not mean they can have it. Most animals do not prefer having daffodils. Meanwhile, deer are able to eat selective foods. Apart from grasses and plants, they hardly can eat other foods. 

Following the below tips and information regarding daffodils and if they are suitable for deer to eat or not would benefit you. 

Do deer eat daffodils?

Deers do not eat daffodils. Daffodils might attract the deers due to their beautiful appearance yet deers would ignore having daffodils. Well, daffodils taste awful and can cause problems in the digestive system of deers. Moreover, it contains lycorine which is toxic to the animals. 

Daffodils are attractive and have a mesmerizing smell. It is hard to resist daffodils. Yet, animals would only ignore daffodils. They would also prevent themselves from inhaling the smell of daffodils. Daffodils can be toxic to many animals and cause severe health problems. 

Daffodil bulbs and flowers: 

Deers don’t eat daffodil bulbs and flowers. They would rather ignore the flower and keep themselves away as possible. Daffodils have a strong fragrance that does not cause comfort to the animals. The strong fragrance can lead to nasal discomfort.

Daffodil bulbs contain a high amount of lycorine. Lycorine is toxic to animals. Even deers can not even tolerate it. Having daffodil bulbs would cause the deer to vomit and it would feel nausea. Moreover, digestive problems would also accompany it.

Daffodil leaves: 

Deers keep themselves away from the daffodil. And daffodil leaves fall into the same category. Deers are fond of leaves and plants. They prefer grasses and leafy vegetables the most.

Yet, they do not like to have daffodil leaves. Daffodil carries a strong odor which can repel the deer. Even they would not go near the plants due to the smell. 

Daffodil flowers: 

Daffodil flowers can repel deer. Even many animals can be repelled by daffodil flowers. Due to the excessively strong odor of the daffodil flowers animals keep them away from the flowers. Deer are also sensitive to smell.

They would not eat daffodil flowers intentionally. They might dig the plants yet they would not have daffodil flowers. Well, the flowers have a bad taste which is not suitable for any animal. Deers would not have such distasteful food and harm themselves. 

Do deer eat Peruvian daffodils?

No, deers do not eat Peruvian daffodils. Well, deers do not eat any type of daffodil. Daffodils are toxic to deers. Even mammals ignore daffodils due to their toxicity. Moreover, the excessive fragrance of the flowers can draw attention. Yet, the fragrance is too much for the animals.

Peruvian daffodils have a unique structure and form which attract the viewer easily. It is also called the spider flower. Since it is also a type of daffodil, deers do not like them. Yet, it might attract them at first. But deers do not like to hassle for food. 

They would rather have anything which is easy to access. 

Do daffodils repel deer?

Yes, daffodils repel deer. Deers are mainly attracted to plants and leaves. Unlikely, daffodil plants would rather keep the deer away. Even deers would not touch the leaves. Daffodils are beautiful and mesmerizing. Yet, animals do not like to eat daffodils.

Meanwhile, not only deer but other animals can also be repelled by daffodils. The strong smell of daffodils would keep the deer away from the plant. You can use it as a repellent. Bee and insects might get attracted to the daffodil yet other mammals would not. 

Why do deer not eat daffodils?

Deers don’t eat daffodils and neither do other animals. Rather, bees and insects prefer daffodils. Well, daffodils are not good for the deer. Other reasons which are responsible for the deers to ignore daffodils are given below. 


Daffodils contain a strong smell. The smell can even spread to a long area. Meanwhile, deers would ignore the smell. They are sensitive to smell and ignore those areas. Well, many animals do the same. 

Strong fragrance can cause nasal discomfort and disturbance which keeps the deers away. 


The daffodil flower is toxic to the deer. Well, not just the flower but also the bulbs and leaves are toxic. Daffodil flowers and bulbs contain lycorine which is poisonous to the deers. Having daffodils would not cause any benefit to them. Instead, they would have health problems. 


No one likes to eat foods that taste bad. Daffodils do not taste good. Moreover, it does not even suit the taste of the deers. They would ignore daffodils and they can not get any taste out of them. Even if they have it, they would chew it and throw it. 

Are daffodils poisonous to deer?

Yes, daffodils are poisonous to deer. Daffodils contain toxic components. Well, it is toxic for almost all animals. People may like it for its beautiful fragrance but animals would not do the same. Moreover, daffodils contain lycorine which is a toxic alkaloid. 

This component is harmful to the animals.

It can cause toxicity in the deers. And lead to health problems. Deers can get nauseous due to having daffodils. Moreover, vomiting and digestion problems would also be seen in deers once they have daffodils. Meanwhile, daffodils do not have good taste. It would rather irritate them. 

Are all daffodils deer resistant?

Yes, daffodils are deer resistant. Deers keep themselves away from daffodils. Well, deers eat leaves, bulbs, and flowers. In the case of daffodils, deers would also ignore bulbs. Well, the daffodil bulb is the most toxic one. 

Deers do not go near bulbs of daffodils. Even flowers are deer resistant. You can keep a daffodil plant in your yard and it would be safe from harm from the deer. Well, leaves might get eaten by deer but it would only harm them. If they get too curious, they might eat the leaves and plants.

On the other hand, the smell of the plant would also keep the deer away. Even if they have it, they will face health problems. 

Will deer eat tulips if planted with daffodils?

No, deer would ignore daffodils in any condition. If you plant tulips with daffodils, the tulip would also be safe from the deer. Tulips are often eaten by deers. Well, it is even their favorite food. They would eat tulips as long as they found them. 

Tulips are also harvested for the deers to feed them.

Though deer eat tulips, they would keep themselves away if daffodils are planted with tulips. The strong smell of the daffodil would attract the deers more than the tulip.

Instead of having tulips, they would only feel discomfort around the daffodil plants. You can plant daffodils with tulips to keep the tulip safe. Even there would be a variety of colors which would make the garden more appealing. 

What can I plant with daffodils?

You can plant other flowers with daffodils to make the garden attractive. Some may use this method to repel deer and other animals. As animals do not prefer daffodils much, planting other flowers with daffodils would protect them from the harm of deers. 

You can plant flowers that bloom at the same time as the daffodil or bloom all over the year. Flowers like, grape hyacinths, tulips, daylilies, rhododendron, crocus, muscari, and lilies would suit the daffodils.

You can find variety in color in the garden by planting these flowers. Moreover, they would not hinder the growth of daffodils.

Final thoughts:

Overall, deers do not eat daffodil flowers, bulbs, and even leaves. In some cases, they might have the leaves yet they would throw them. They mostly do not go near the daffodil plant because of its strong smell. You can plant other plants nearby to daffodil plants to keep the deers away.