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Do Dryer Sheets Keep Stink Bugs Away? (Explained)

You might have experienced the terrible smell of stick bugs in your house. In particular, in the fall, the stink bugs are pretty disturbing. Generally, these insects don’t harm your house. But the smell causes an unpleasant experience. Many people try different methods to deter stick bugs from their surroundings.

So, you might be confused about whether dryer sheets keep stink bugs away or not. You have to know the effectiveness of dryer sheets for repelling stick bugs. Moreover, knowing about the reaction of stink bugs on dryer sheets is important. Otherwise, you won’t be able to remove this disturbing smell from your house.

Do dryer sheets keep stink bugs away?

Dryer sheets are effective to keep stink bugs away. The ingredients and strong scent of dryer sheets keep the bugs away. Linalool is a compound found in dryer sheets. This compound is often found in lavender, basil, and coriander-like natural repellents. So, dryer sheets can repel stick bugs.

However, you might have heard about dryer sheets while doing laundry. But these sheets can be pretty effective for other purposes too. For example, dryer sheets can help keep stink bugs away. Even these sheets can repel other bugs too.

Generally, dryer sheets have some ingredients that combat and neutralize build-up in fabrics. But these sheets have other ingredients, like linalool compounds. This linalool compound is common in some herbs and plants.

For example, lavender, basil, coriander, etc., are considered natural repellents. These repellents have linalool compounds that help repel bugs. So, when you use dryer sheets, the linalool compound on the sheets works like a natural repellent.

Stink bugs don’t like the smell of linalool because of its strong scent. So, they will go away from the source of the smell. Thus, dryer sheets become effective at keeping the bugs away. You have to rub some dryer sheets on the areas where these bugs are spreading their smell. Besides, you can also dip the sheets in water and spray the mixture on these areas.

Applying dryer sheets is pretty convenient. Because if you use other chemicals, they might not be safe for the environment. But dryer sheets don’t contain too many chemicals and harsh elements. Moreover, dryer sheets also have some compounds from natural sources.

So, if you use dryer sheets, there will be no environmental pollution, and the stink bugs will also be gone. Moreover, the application process of the dryer sheets is pretty easy. The repelling action time is also less. So, you can use dryer sheets to keep stink bugs away.

Do stink bugs dislike dryer sheets?

Yes, stink bugs dislike dryer sheets. One of the important reasons is the strong scent of dryer sheets. Generally, stink bugs are sensitive to smells. So, whenever they find an unpleasant or strong scent, they go away from that place.

Moreover, dryer sheets have some ingredients that are not likable to the bugs. For example, stink bugs don’t come close to some scented plants and herbs. For example, clove oil, lavender, lemongrass oil, basil, wintergreen, coriander, rosemary, etc., plants and elements have scents that stink bugs don’t like.

These elements and plants contain some ingredients that are similar to dryer sheets. So, if you rub some dryer sheets in the water and spray the solution in places, there will be no stink bugs.

Besides, you can spray this mixture on the places where the stink bugs have already come. The bugs will go away within a day. Because stink bugs dislike the scent of dryer sheets and the ingredients in them,

Why do dryer sheets repel stink bugs?

Now that you know dryer sheets can repel stink bugs, you might want to know why dryer sheets do that. If you want to know the effectiveness of dryer sheets, you have to know the details. Let’s see why dryer sheets repel stink bugs.

Strong scent:

One of the most effective reasons for the dryer sheet’s repelling feature is its strong scent. Generally, we use dryer sheets on the dryer so that the fabric might resist buildup and become nice smelling.

So, when we apply dryer sheets to repel stink bugs, the strong scent helps to repel the stink bugs. Stink bugs don’t like the scent of dryer sheets.

Effective ingredients:

Dryer sheets have some effective ingredients that help repel stink bugs. For example, dryer sheets have a linalool compound. This compound is considered effective for keeping stink bugs away. This compound is also effective for repelling other bugs too. Besides, dryer sheets have some other ingredients too that will repel stink bugs.

So, when we apply dryer sheets or the solution of dryer sheets, the ingredients come out and help remove stink bugs.

Natural repellent ingredients:

Dryer sheets have ingredients that are often found in natural sources. Generally, stink bugs don’t like some natural source smells like lavender, coriander, basil, rosemary, clove oil, etc. So, dryer sheets also have ingredients similar to these natural ingredients. So, these ingredients help keep the stink bugs away.

How do dryer sheets keep stink bugs away?

Now that you know dryer sheets are effective for repelling stink bugs, you might be confused about how these sheets keep stink bugs away. Generally, when you use dryer sheets to repel bugs, these sheets do two things.

First, the dryer sheets spread their strong scent. This strong scent helps to remove stink bugs because stink bugs don’t like the strong smell of dryer sheets. Then the dryer sheet spread its linalool ingredient.

This ingredient is pretty effective at repelling bugs, including stink bugs. Even this ingredient is effective at repelling other bugs. So, by doing these two things, dryer sheets keep the stink bugs away.

How do you get rid of stink bugs instantly with dryer sheets?

If you want to get rid of stink bugs instantly using dryer sheets, you have to know the process. Otherwise, the application might not be effective. So, let’s see how you can get rid of stink bugs instantly with dryer sheets.

Find the stink bugs:

If you want to apply dryer sheets to repel stink bugs, you have to locate the bugs first. Generally, stink bugs have a disgusting smell that can help find them. You can easily locate the stink bugs by following the smell.

You might not see the stink bugs visually. But you can ensure the area where the stink bugs will be. So, you have to locate the stink bugs.

Making the solution:

You can’t use the dryer sheets randomly. So, you have to use these sheets properly. You can rub the dryer sheets and spread them around the areas affected by stink bugs. Otherwise, you can make a solution.

For this, you can dip the dryer sheets in water. Then the dryer sheets will spread their ingredients into the water. After that, you can spray the solution on the areas affected by stink bugs. You have to keep the solution in that area for a certain time.


After you have sprayed the dryer sheet’s solution, you have to clean that area. After a couple of hours, you can clean the area. You can rinse the area with water. Otherwise, you can use detergent to clean the whole area.

If you don’t clean the areas after applying the dryer sheets, the stink bugs might not go away completely. These bugs can still be present there or come back again. So, cleaning is essential to keep stink bugs away.

What keeps stink bugs away?

Stink bugs are pretty disgusting because of their unpleasant smell. You might have tried different ways of keeping these bugs away. However, using the proper methods will keep stink bugs out of your area.

Sometimes, you might use pesticides or insecticides that might not be safe for the environment. So, if you can use natural or harmless ingredients to keep stink bugs away, you can use the following ingredients. Here is a list of ingredients that you can use to keep stink bugs away.

  • Dryer sheets
  • Essential oils
  • Garlic sprays
  • Clove oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Spearmint Oil
  • Ylang-Ylang Oil
  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Geranium Oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Basil
  • Coriander
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Insecticides

Final Thoughts

Dryer sheets can keep stink bugs away. Because dryer sheets have a smell that is unlikeable to stink bugs. Moreover, dryer sheets have a linalool compound that has repelling properties. This compound is pretty effective and can keep stink bugs away. So, you can use it.