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Do Fake Owls Keep Squirrels Away? (Answered)

Are you annoyed by having several squirrels damaging your garden? Are you thinking of repelling the squirrels away?

Additionally, are you thinking of using an owl decoy? However, are you wondering whether or not fake owls have the potential to keep squirrels away?

Do fake owls keep squirrels away?

Fake owls can keep squirrels away. Accordingly, the reason behind this phenomenon is pretty simple which is related to the idea that owls are naturally the predator of the squirrels and will prey on squirrels from time to time which is why a squirrel will keep away whenever there is an owl in sight.

Without a doubt, you can be highly benefited if you use fake owls or owl statues in your garden to keep squirrels away.

Accordingly, this technique works because squirrels are naturally inferior to the owls and they like to keep their distance from these giant birds.

Another reason contributing to this phenomenon is related to the idea that owls are actually the natural predator of squirrels.

Therefore, when it comes to squirrels, they feel highly vulnerable in the presence of owls, and therefore, you can literally save all of your garden’s plants, house’s insulation, and so on only by putting owl statues or owl decoys in front of your house.

However, you also need to make sure the owl decoy is big enough for the squirrels to notice it and stay away from it.

Additionally, you also need to make sure your owl decoys have reflective eyes and large ears for them to be realistic enough to work effectively.

Consequently, this way of keeping squirrels away will not only be an inexpensive and natural way of deterring squirrels but it is also a very useful method to use which anyone having squirrel-related problems in their garden or in their house can easily adopt and can be benefited from it.

Will a fake owl scare away squirrels? 

Fake owls will definitely scare squirrels away and thus fake owls can be used to deter squirrels away from your garden temporarily.

In addition, this is because owls are also considered very vigilant predators and are also known for hunting rats, squirrels, mice, and many other types of rodents.

Moreover, this predatory nature of the owls seems to make squirrels afraid and scared, and therefore, putting a fake plastic owl in your garden or anywhere on the porch is very effective for keeping squirrels away.

In addition, this will not only result in an effective deterrent for the squirrel, rather it will also help you to keep your garden’s plants damage-free and disease-free.

However, you need to keep in mind that scaring squirrels with a fake owl may not be proven to be effective as squirrels may no longer think of the fake owl as a threat to them.

Therefore, you also need to take some effective measures so that the induced fear in the squirrels does not wear off very easily otherwise there will be a risk of having your plants and house severely damaged by a bunch of squirrels.

3 reasons why do fake owls keep squirrels away 

There is a myriad of different natural and external reasons regarding why fake owls seem to keep squirrels away.

Accordingly, being knowledgeable about the reasons for such phenomena can help you to mold your decisions to keep the squirrels away effectively.

Owl as a Natural Predator:

One of the most common reasons for being successful in scaring the squirrels away with owl decoys is related to the idea that owls are the natural predator of the squirrels.

Accordingly, owls are also on top of the food chain when it comes to birds, therefore, owls are known for preying on small animals such as insects, small squirrels, mice, rats, small birds, and other small mammals or rodents.

As a consequence of these, squirrels will try their absolute best to ignore the parameter of the owls’ habitat.

In addition, one other thing that makes owl decoy so effective in keeping squirrels away is related to the carnivorous nature of the owls.

Owl Works as Scarecrow:

Another reason why squirrels seem to keep their distance from owls is due to the fact that owls or fake owls, in this case, work as deterrents or repellents for these squirrels, and thus these owl decoys work just like the scarecrows.

In addition, squirrels also find themselves in a very vulnerable place in front of owls be it fake decoy owls therefore, it works like a charm in repelling the squirrels away.

Owl Sounds and Motion:

Another strong reason why fake owls deter squirrels from your garden and your house is because of the fake owl’s sounds and motion.

Additionally, to make the owl decoys more realistic, some owl decoys come with solar power that lights up the large glass eyes, and some will have sound programmed into it so that the owl decoys seem much more realistic to the squirrels and thus they immediately keep their distance.

How to keep squirrels off with fake owls?

It is no surprise that fake owls can definitely keep squirrels off of your house and garden and therefore, being knowledgeable about the proper ways can help you to eradicate your confusion.

Gather all the Elements:

The first thing you need to do in keeping squirrels off of your garden or house is related to gathering all the necessary equipment such as owl decoy, sound system, solar system to light up the eyes of the owl decoy, and so on.

Place the Owl Decoy:

In this step, you need to be strategic in placing the owl decoys around your garden. For that, you need to take account of the size of the garden. If you have a large garden, you need to place three or four owl decoys in your garden.

Additionally, only placing several owl decoys around your yard won’t suffice therefore, you need to make sure you place the fake owls in such areas where owls naturally rest because this will make the whole process more realistic for the squirrels.

In addition, you can also place the owl decoys in the branches of trees or around the high squirrel traffic areas to make sure the process will be effective.

Move the Owl Decoy Frequently:

Being strategic about the placement of fake owls is not the only thing you need to do rather you also have to make sure you move owl decoys around frequently.

This is because squirrels are very clever and when they figure out the fact that the fake owl is not a threat to them, they will start coming into your garden again.

Add Voice and Light to the Fake Owls:

Another very effective step to follow in scaring the squirrels away is related to the usage of lights and voice. Accordingly, you can use glass eyes or reflective eyes with an induced solar system to help light up the fake owl’s eyes at night times.

Additionally, you can also use the sounds of an owl with your phone to make the process more realistic and effective.

What does a fake owl keep away? 

A fake owl can be really effective in keeping several animals away therefore, being knowledgeable about the types of animals that are deterred by fake owls can help you to mold your decisions accordingly.

  • Rats
  • Squirrels
  • Mice
  • Moth
  • Cricket
  • Scorpions
  • Crow
  • Small birds
  •  Hawk
  •  Chipmunk 
  •  Pigeons
  •  Seagull

Final Thoughts

Fake owls work like a wonder in keeping squirrels away. Additionally, this is possible because owls are on the top of the food chain when it comes to birds and thus are known for hunting squirrels, and this phenomenon works perfectly to deter the squirrels away from your garden.