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Do Hawks & Eagles Eat Ducks? (Quick Answers)

Hawks and eagles are two predators of different small birds and insects. They mostly hunt from a long distance by targeting their objects. Since they live by hunting, you need to be careful about your pets.

If you have ducks and other birds’ pets, you should be careful and give them the ultimate protection against their predators. It will be a matter of sorrow to lose your beloved pet. You must provide them with safety.

Do hawks eat ducks?

Hawks eat ducks in different ways. They can hunt your ducks and take them away to their nest. The hawks will share the ducks with their babies or eat alone there. It’s not a big deal for the hawks to eat an entire duck within a while. You should protect your ducks from hawks.

Since there are different ducks available, you might wonder if the hawks can eat them.

Baby ducks:

Hawks can eat the baby ducks. They will fix their target on the baby ducks and then take the baby to their home. It’s not a challenging task for the hawks to eat baby ducks alone or hunt them.

Since baby ducks are not dangerous and contain very little weight, hawks can take them away by flying.

Mallard ducks:

The hawks can eat small mallard ducks. When the mallard ducks are fully grown, they become healthy, and the hawks cannot carry them. It might damage their body, and they try to detach a particular part and fly with it.

Hawks are birds that need to fly with their hunted ducks. But they cannot do it when their targeted ducks or animal becomes too weighty.

Full-grown ducks:

Full-grown ducks are too heavy to hunt for the hawks. They cannot take away the fully grown ducks; therefore, they cannot eat that.

Mainly the fully grown ducks are heavier than the hawks; that’s why the hawks cannot eat fully grown ducks like the baby dusk.

Pekin ducks:

The hawks can eat Pekin ducks. It might be challenging for the hawks to carry the adult Pekin ducks and eat that. If they find any small size or baby Pekin duck, the hawk will hunt it and take it away to devour it.

Do all hawks eat ducks?

All hawks do eat ducks. Mainly, hawks are the predators. They love to hunt different birds, including chickens and ducks. Since there are various types of hawks available, you might wonder if they can eat ducks.

Red-tailed hawks:

Red-tailed hawks can eat ducks and other birds. They are also predators and can devour the chicken, ducks, rabbits, and more. It’s their habit to target large size animals or birds and hunt them. It’s not a big deal for the red-tailed hawks.

Chicken hawks:

One of the scariest duck predators is the chicken hawks. They have a keen eye on the ducks and can fix their target from a long distance. Therefore, the chickenhawks can eat the ducks.


Another predator of other birds is sea hawks. They are well known for their hunting skill and can eat different other birds too. Seahawks can eat ducks and chicken.

Cooper’s hawks:

Cooper’s hawks can eat breeders and baby ducks. They are well-known predators of small birds and can hunt their target within a while. They can also eat ducks, but they refrain from hunting the big-sized ducks.

Red-shouldered hawks:

It’s not pretty common to find any red-shouldered hawks eating poultry, but they have the ability to do so.

They also have sharp eyes on the ducks and chickens. If they find any alone baby ducks, they will hunt them; therefore, the red-shouldered hawks can eat ducks.

How do I protect my ducks from hawks?

To protect your ducks, you need to follow some general steps that probably reduce the chances. Let’s jump into the process that will help you a lot to save your duck’s life.

Be careful:

Be especially careful when the ducks are out of their nests. Because at this time, they are more hunted. If you can protect them during this time, they will not get a chance to be hunted by hawks.

Suitable Nest:

To keep your ducks safe from the hawks, you have to install a covered nest and make sure to plant some bushes around them. Then if they become hunted, they can quickly enter their nest or take shelter under the bushes.

Keep large animals around:

Ensure the habitat of large animals in their roaming area. Hawks are pioneers, so they like to be peaceful and take their prey away unobtrusively. If they identify that your ducks are kept with bigger animals, they will stay away.

Do wind chimes keep hawks away from ducks?

Wind chimes work against the hawks. The sound of wind chimes will disturb hawks and keep them away. But, if a hawk is used to it, it will not work, which implies that the clamor will never again terrify the bird and hinder it.

Some hawks are very clever; they can spot a wind chime and know to stay around, waiting for the accurate time.

When they think it’s not a problem, they hunt. It is indeed possible to defeat them by using such elements. But the best practice is to switch it up every couple of days.

Do eagles eat ducks?

Eagles eat ducks and other poultry chickens. They are the best predators for chickens and ducks. They will also take away the baby ducks and devour them somewhere else. Since they have sharp eyes, they can look at their target from a very long distance. It will then hunt the target quickly.

But the fact is, an eagle is a flying bird. It needs to fly for a long time to get the food. So, it’s not usual for them to hunt or take away large size ducks or chickens.

Baby ducks:

Baby ducks are the most vulnerable to both hawks and eagles. Since eagles can eat and hunt the baby ducks within a while, you need to be very careful. You have to protect your baby ducks from the eagle’s eye.

Duck eggs:

Eagles don’t eat duck eggs. They destroy the eggs or break the eggs. Sometimes, the eagle finds ducks’ eggs from different places, and they take them away but cannot eat them. So, they leave the eggs and break them.

Mallard ducks:

Eagles can eat mallard ducks, but it is difficult for the eagle weight to hunt a fully grown duck like the mallard ducks. That’s why they leave the mallard ducks and hunt the baby mallards.

Sea ducks:

Eagles can eat sea ducks, especially baby sea ducks. Eagles wait for hours to find a small-sized sea duck from the sky or sit on the stone or shore. Once it gets the small right-sized sea duck, the eagle will hunt it and leave the sea immediately.

Do golden eagles eat ducks? Will bald eagles eat ducks?

Golden eagles like to take fish, but they often eat ducks. Generally, they will not hanker after ducks in the water or on the ground. But if they see a duck taking off from the lake or land which is weakest, they take them warmly.

Bald eagles also like to eat ducks like golden eagles. They are incredibly intelligent and expert predators. They are good at eating any bird at any time. Because of the slight differences in the diet of the golden eagle and bald eagle, they can quickly eat duck meat.

How do you keep eagles away from ducks?

Some steps should be taken to keep the ducks free from eagle prey, which plays an influential role in most cases. Here are some guidelines for you.

Use a high fence:

To protect ducks from the eagles, you need to install a high fence around their nest. If you can do this close to 6 feet, the eagle will not be able to come quickly to the duck cage to hunt or will be prevented from escaping.

Keep a pet dog:

If a pet dog stays next to a duck’s nest or in its roaming area, it will be safe from eagles. In such cases, it is better to keep a strong dog there. Hopefully, by doing this, you will be able to stay free from any kind of prey besides eagles.

Use radio system:

Install a radio system in your yard to keep the ducks safe. It can make loud noises if it understands any abnormal movement.

Final Thoughts

Hawks and eagles are the duck predators. They hunt ducks, chickens, and other small birds from the surroundings. Because eagles and hawks can eat ducks in different ways, however, it becomes difficult for the predators to hunt the adult or fully grown ducks from the surrounding area.