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Do Marigolds Keep Bugs Away? (Read This First!)

Marigolds are considered one of the most demanding flowers when it comes to gardening. They have a beautifully attractive color and spread a smell in the garden.

In this article, we will discuss how marigolds can save the garden from insects.

Do marigolds keep bugs away? 

Marigold helps repel insects and bugs from the garden and prevents them from damaging trees and flowers. They spread a scent that keeps mosquitoes, bugs and worms, and other insects away from the garden. Thus, it is a very effective ingredient to secure the plant from pest invasions in the garden. 

You may have noticed that insects strike your garden and damage the plants and disrupt the crop yields. In this case, applying pesticides to control insects can be a costly task.

So, an easy way to overcome such problems is to plant marigold trees in the garden.

This plant is a very useful ingredient for your garden because marigold flowers emit a kind of fragrance that protects your plants from pests such as worms, bugs, and mosquitoes that are harmful to garden crops.

Therefore, planting marigolds in the garden will enhance the beauty of the garden as well as protect other plants in the garden. The role of the marigold in protecting some trees is described below:

From tomato plants: 

French marigold is effective or scientifically proven to keep tomato plants away from grasshoppers or other insects.

Using it will enhance the beauty of your garden as well as the scent emitted from this flower will help to keep other plants in your garden away from the invasion of harmful insects.

From the vegetable garden:

Planting marigolds in the garden will help the garden vegetables to grow properly. Generally, the bugs cause damage to the crops in your garden and reduce the yield.

So, to increase the growth and yield of vegetables in your garden, you need to plant marigold plants in your garden, it will provide a beautiful look to your garden as well as keep insects away from the garden.

From pepper plants:

You can plant marigolds in your garden to keep the pepper plants away from the invasion of insects.

Typically, the pepper plants are heavily affected due to the strike of mites and nematodes, to prevent them from causing damage to the garden, you can plant marigolds that will spread a good smell to keep them away from the garden.

Do all marigolds repel bugs? Which marigold is best for pest control? 

All types of marigolds are known to help repel bugs away from the garden. These commonly available flower plants will not only increase the beauty of your garden by growing flowers in your garden but also spread a fragrance.

The throughout the garden will keep the harmful insects such as bugs, mites, nematodes, and grasshoppers away from the garden and prevent causing damage to the crops as well.

Although all the marigolds are helpful to keep away bugs and other harmful insects from the garden, French marigold is known as the best type of marigold to prevent the insects from causing damage to the garden.

The French marigolds were tested by scientists to see if they can work well to control pests. So, to make sure proper pest control, it is recommended to plant French marigold in the garden.

Why do marigolds keep bugs away? 

This can be a cause for concern if you do not get the harvest even after attending your hobby garden.

In addition to the amount of fertilizer required to care for garden plants, protecting the plant from insect infestation can bring a huge amount of cost to your cultivation. All you can do is plant marigolds to prevent insects from invading the garden.

The flowers of the marigold tree will add extra beauty to your garden and at the same time emit a kind of odor from the marigold flower which will not allow insects to come near other trees in your garden.

The following explains why Marigold protects your plants from insect invasions: 

They spread a smell:

When you plant marigolds in your garden, they generally spread a smell from the flowers that will keep the insects away from the garden trees.

Harmful insects like mites, nematodes, grasshoppers, bugs, ants, and other insects can’t stand a chance when there are marigold plants in a garden. This is the most effective way to insect-proof your garden.

They provide large scale application:

Since the plants that you will be cultivating should be in large areas, keeping them away from harmful insects is a tough job.

Applying pesticides on the plants will cost you extra money, that is why planting marigold will help you to secure the crops in a large area.

Long-term effectivity:

The marigolds will provide security for the plants on a long-term basis so you don’t have to spend extra money, again and again, to keep the pests away from the garden. So, planting marigolds is always the best option for you.

How do marigolds keep bugs away? 

The French marigolds play a vital role in keeping the bugs away from the plants in your garden.

The marigold flowers spread a smell that repels the bugs, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, and other harmful insects that can cause serious damage to the crops in your garden and cost you extra money to provide pesticides for the plants.

Moreover, the scientists found out in research that, marigold plants also generate a toxic chemical that eliminates the root-knot nematodes and saves the trees in your garden.

The benefit of having marigolds in your garden is the scent that they spread stays active for a long time and keeps the bugs away from the garden. You can simply plant marigolds in rows or just plant them inside the plant bushes.

When the flowers bloom, they will remain active for a long time and keep spreading the scent that you will like but the insects will stay away.

Moreover, the insects will also stay away since the marigold plant contains a toxic chemical that eliminates the nematodes and worms so they are very useful in the garden. So, planting marigolds in the garden is useful.

How do you use marigolds for pest control? 

You can plant marigolds if you want to protect your garden plants from insect infestation. This plant has been tested by scientists to prove that no insects can come close to the tree or garden due to the toxic chemicals it emits when it is planted.

In addition, the role of marigolds in eliminating the problem of insects striking trees is invaluable. When you plant marigold in your vegetable garden, it can repel insects in tomatoes, cabbage, or other vegetables and vegetable plants.

Although most variants of marigold work well against insects, it is highly recommended to plant the French marigold to get the best results. By following the right rules, planting marigold trees will help you to develop better resistance against insects.

The following are ways to plant marigolds to control insects:

Use as a cover crop for nematodes:

Nematodes are a type of microscopic worms that live in the soil. The nematodes cause a reduction to crop production by damaging the root of the plants.

Planting marigold in the garden will help the plan to spread toxic chemicals that will eliminate nematodes. As a result, your crop production will increase gradually. 

Attract beneficial insects:

Apart from saving the garden and plants from harmful insects, the marigold will bring beneficial insects to your garden. For example, honey bees get attracted when they see marigolds.

Having those beneficial insects will help you increase crop production and keep the garden fresh.

Reduce pests:

One of the very common reasons, why you will be planting marigolds in the garden is your plants will be saved from the invasion of bugs. The French marigold works best against the bugs.

So, the marigold will eventually keep bugs away from the garden.

What insects do marigolds repel? 

The marigold does not only attract beneficiary insects to the garden or beautify your garden, but it also repels different types of insects.

The French marigold works best against harmful insects that can cause serious damage to the plants and roots of your garden. So, here is a list of insects that marigold repels: 


One of the common insects that affect the garden and plant is bugs. The marigold works great against bugs.


The nematodes cause serious damage to the root of a plant so the marigolds cause elimination to them as well.


The French marigolds work great against mosquitoes. They have higher success efficiency against mosquitoes.

Final thoughts 

Since, bugs are one of the most common insects that every gardener face in their garden and they cause huge damage to the plant, roots, and leaves, planting marigold will help to keep them away from the garden. French marigold is considered one of the best marigolds that drives insects away.