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Do Mothballs Keep Flies Away? (All You Need to Know)

Mothballs are quite effective at keeping away insects, pests, moths, and many more. Nevertheless, it is also toxic enough to cause health problems in humans and also lead to the life loss of insects.

Though mothballs can help in many may, still more than limited use is highly forbidden for the safety of the surrounding.

Following the below tips and information regarding mothballs and if they are enough to keep the flies away is given below to help you to know the use of it.

Keeping flies away with mothballs

Mothballs are effective to keep away any types of flies. Flies do not even like the smell of the mothballs. Moreover, the toxic gas which is produced by mothballs can be a life threat to the flies. Mothballs can even destroy the flies and their larva with their long-term effect.

Mothballs are effective to use on insects to keep them away. Even flies can be repelled by the use of mothballs. Long exposure to the mothballs helps the most to get rid of the insects.

Though long exposure to mothballs would keep the insects away, it would rather endanger human health.

Fruit flies:

Fruit flies mainly come near the foods. Especially when the food is rotten. You can find fruit flies around the garbage can and even near the food while roaming around the food. Mothballs would also repel the fruit flies.

But you can not use the mothballs near the food. Even though you use the mothballs on the garbage can to get rid of the fruit flies, it is unreasonable.

Exposure of the mothballs to the air would cause them to dissolve in the air rapidly. As a result, toxic gas would be formed which is harmful.

Drain flies:

Mothballs would work on the drain flies. Drain flies mostly ret in the drain and sometimes come out as well. As they mostly are in the drain, you can place the mothballs in the closed drain.

It would drive away the flies. If there is no way to go out for the flies, they would rather get destroyed. When the flies are exposed to the mothballs for a longer time, the mothballs would destroy the life cycle of the flies.

As a result, you can destroy the flies in one go. Well, mothballs are not good for the health of humans. It is better to avoid the mothballs if the need is not urgent.

Do flies dislike mothballs?

Yes, flies dislike the mothballs especially because of the odor it spreads. Mothballs are tiny solid balls that are kept in the house mostly to terminate insects and pests.

It is also used in a few amounts and kept away from human contact. Moreover, flies and insects do not like the pungent smell of the mothballs.

Mothballs have a pungent smell that is not welcomed by animals and insects. Well, it is not welcomed by humans either as it immediately causes nasal sensation which can result in sneezing.

The odor of the mothballs is sufficient to keep the insects away from a particular place and even to keep the flies away.

But it would require a huge amount of mothballs to use. Mothballs are already restricted as they can cause safety issues.

Using too many mothballs and exposing them to the air and humans would rather cause harm. Instead, trying out other possible ways is a better option in this case.

Will mothballs terminate flies?

Yes, mothballs can terminate flies. In the most possible way, mothballs would keep the flies away. It has longer effects on the flies and insects.

You should not apply mothballs while exposing them to the air. With time, the mothballs would form toxic gas in the air which would cause pollution to the environment and harm to humans.

Mothballs can terminate flies effectively if the exposure is direct. The mothballs have to be applied to the files directly.

More like, you can apply the mothballs in a closed area rather than an open area. Especially a closed area from where the flies are coming from. A long time of exposure would destroy the larva of the flies as well.

If long time exposure to mothballs can be ensured, using mothballs can result in good results. But the use of the mothballs should not be done in an open space.

2 reasons why mothballs can keep the flies away

Mothballs can eventually keep the flies away. There are also other ways that are more effective as mothballs are rather toxic to the environment. Instead of using mothballs follow other methods to keep the flies away. Some reasons why mothballs work against flies are described a bit below.


The most common reason for insects ignoring mothballs is the odor. The mothballs release a pungent odor which is not indeed liked by many insects.

Most flies would also ignore the smell as it would suffocate them to life loss. Long exposure to the mothballs can be a life threat to the flies. Well, it is also effective in terminating flies.

Toxic gas formation:

Mothballs dissipate in the air with time. It is due to the formation of the toxic gas as the solid form of the mothballs becomes gaseous. The toxic gas is the main reason why it pollutes the environment.

Inhaling the gas would cause nausea and irritation to the human. To insects, it is like poison. Even flies would stay away from the mothballs as the gas would cause harm later.

Longer exposure to the gas in the environment is bad for the surrounding people. Meanwhile, when insects or flies are exposed to the mothballs, this would threaten their life.

Long-time exposure can even lead to life loss. Though it can repel flies, due to its effect human lives are also threatened. Better to use other methods instead of using mothballs.

What mothballs keeps the flies away?

Every type of mothball is capable of driving away the insects and flies. There are two types of mothballs.

Especially one can be referred to as naphthalene and the other is mothballs. It is because mothballs are either made up of naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene.

Well, both have the same effects on the insects. You can use any of them. Well, mothballs can not guarantee to repel flies completely.

As it vanishes within a span of time, the smell and the toxic gas remain in the environment but you need to replace the mothballs with the new ones.

To make it effective continuous supply of mothballs is needed. And most importantly, the amount is restricted as contact with the mothballs can cause health problems to the nearby people.

Long exposure to mothballs can endanger breathing activity in humans.

It is best not to use the mothballs. Rather use nets or other ways to attract the mothballs which are also environmentally friendly.

How do you get rid of house flies fast with mothballs?

Mothballs can keep the flies away if there is enough space for the mothballs to spread and also enough supply. At home, it is highly restricted to use in a huge amount as it dissipates in the air.

You can rather apply the method in the closed drain to repel flies but not in an open space. The way is included below.

Place the mothballs:

Mothballs are important to be placed in a place that is out of reach to the people. Especially the places where children cannot reach. You should not put the mothballs in the open space or at home to keep away flies.

Even though you can place the mothballs in the corners so that it repels flies yet, the effect would not last long. Resulting in vain.

Rather you can repel the drain flies by placing mothballs in the closed drain and closing the opening. This will destroy the flies and their larvae as well.

Make sure not to open the mouth soon as the smell is too strong and would spread in the air immediately. The toxic gas produced would be confined in the drain unless you open it. That’s why it is not a good option to repel flies.

Final Thoughts

Overall, flies can be kept away by placing mothballs nearby. The smell of the mothballs would drive the flies away. But exposing the mothballs to the environment would rather endanger human health. That’s why using mothballs to repel flies is not recommended as it has a bad impact on nearby humans.