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Do Mothballs Keep Groundhogs Away? (Quick Answers)

Groundhogs- are well known to be a hungry troublemaker. If you are wondering why, then let us tell you that, these little creatures would help themselves with everything and anything that is present in your yard.

They are vegetarians, and they would be most interested in crops, carrots, beans, peas etc.

However, how to keep them away? Do mothballs keep groundhogs away? Is the same question mind storming you? Worry not, as you have reached at the right door. Today we will be discussing whether or not mothballs keep groundhogs or not.

Keeping groundhogs away with mothballs

Mothballs can keep groundhogs away. Moreover, they are a great way of preventing groundhogs. Apart from that, lavender is another effective way to keep them away. Mothballs are effective as groundhogs can detect the smell of them from quite a distance and on a very low concentration.

Groundhogs are also commonly known as woodchuck. They wouldn’t give a second thought before they invade your backyard. However, there is a benefit of having this troublemaker around you.

Groundhogs are known beneficial as they are good for soil aeration. While these little creatures dig they help aerate the soil.

Plants need to respire too and when the soil remains unturned remains unturned for a long time, the respiration gets hampered. And groundhogs are well known for soil aeration.

However, mothballs are proven effective in preventing groundhogs. Mothballs are small balls that contain a mixture of chemicals and deodorant. These balls repel snakes, rats, squirrels.

Apart from that mothballs can be harmful for humans. When come in contact with humans these balls may cause reversible health issues like, nausea, headache, coughing and irritation in nose or eyes.

Some of the chemicals used in making mothballs are considered harmful. Additionally, using mothballs on some animals are not permitted. It is highly recommended to avoid the usage of these chemical balls on animals that are considered off-label.

Before using these, it is requested to cheque the labels to ensure that you are using them on the right pests. Therefore, you can surely use mothballs to keep groundhogs away but it is not recommended if they are off-label.

Can you use mothballs to get rid of groundhogs?

You can use mothballs to get rid of groundhogs. However, it is recommended on to be used on off-label animals.

If you know a thing or two about groundhogs, you would most likely know that they are rodents. And they belong to the large group of ground squirrels known as marmots. Additionally, groundhogs are considered to be closely related with squirrels.

And using mothballs directly on groundhogs is not permitted. However, still one can use these balls to keep groughogs away.

Apart from using these chemical balls, there are other ways that can be used to get rid of groundhgs. For example, laverders, sage, basil etc. these herbs contain a very strong smell, which helps you deter these animals from your garden.

There are also multiple DIY techniques to keep groundhogs out of your homespace. Additionally, you can also use commercial graded repellers. However, before using any repeller please ensure that it is meant to repel groundhogs.

One reason why mothballs cannot keep groundhogs away

Groundhogs are a pretty common problem that a house owner faces. And for instance mothballs can look like an easy and quick solution. However, there can be reasons why mothballs cannot keep groundhogs away:

Mothballs are not strong enough:

Mothballs are made with multiple chemicals, which includes ammonia. Now, most of us know that ammonia can be used to get rid of animals. However, mothballs are generally used to control pests.

Although, some use them to control and get rid of other animals. Mothballs are effective but in a moderate amount. Which means you cannot have complete expectancy that these small chemical balls will give you the results you are expecting.

Additionally, using mothballs are also not recommended on animals like squirrels and rodents. Therefore, you may not wanna use mothballs on groundhogs.

However, if you are determined and you wanna get rid of groundhogs there are many other ways to get rid of them. You can also choose to use DIYs.

You can use resellers or use traps to capture a groundhogs. 

How do I keep groundhogs from digging under my shed?

Groundhogs can be an issue and when they start digging under your shed, they are a clear foe in your ground.

Here are a few things you can do to keep groundhogs from digging under your shed:

Using a steel mesh fence:

Using a steel mesh fence is one of the greatest solutions when it comes to keeping groundhogs away. Putting up a steel mesh fence is going to make it tough for the groundhogs to get under your shades.

The fence will create a resistance and they wouldn’t be able to pass through after a certain area.

And if you are playing the cards right, it shouldn’t be possible for the groundhogs to get under the shed.

You must ensure that the mesh fence is going all the way around the shed. Additionally, you would want to ensure that it is also deeply placed inside the ground.

In general people go at least 18 inches deeper in the ground. However, some people choose to go even deeper. It totally depends on your personal preference.

Getting Rid of Undergrowth and Grass cover:

Groundhogs feel the most comfortable in surroundings with tall grasses. When you choose to get rid of undergrowth and grass covers, the groundhogs are more likely to get exposed.

They use undergrowth for hiding and they use it as cover to resist predators. When you lessen spots of hiding for the groundhogs, they are more likely to leave. As they would feel quite exposed, and they wouldn’t like it.

Using DIY solutions:

You can use DIY solutions that can help you keep groundhogs away. You can use garlic and hot pepper spray.  Like all other animals, groundhogs aren’t also a fan of strong smells. All you have to do is spray your yard with this spray and your job is done.

For the best outcomes, it is recommended that you blend out, and then make a puree of peppers and garlic. Then mix the puree with a bit of water.

Spray it using a spray bottle. Try to be through while you use the spray all over your yard. 

What can you put down to keep groundhogs away?

If groundhogs are truly creating a mess for you, here are a few things you can use to keep groundhgs away:


Ammonia is one of the first ingredients you can use when it comes to getting rid of any unwanted animals. Ammonia has a strong smell and known to be effective. You can pour down ammonia down the groundhog’s hole. They would immediately stop using it.

You may find more than one hole and you also may need to do this consecutively for multiple days.

Talcum powder:

Talcum powder is another ingredient that you can use to get rid of groundhogs. Talcum powder works,as they have a strong smell.

Sprinkling it over your yard should do the trick. It would keep the groundhogs away and prevent them from eating up your garden.

Animal repellent:

Animal repellents are one of the most common ways to deal with groundhogs. However, before using it make sure it is made for that sole purpose.

Final Thoughts

Mothballs can keep groundhogs away. However, there are two things, you need to have in mind. One; it may always not work two; it is not recommended to use on animals like squirrels and groundhogs. Mothballs are a mixture of multiple chemicals and deodorants used to get rid of pests.