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Do Mothballs Keep Skunks Away? (Read This First!)

People might often be disturbed because of moths. These insects damage your clothes and beddings. So, people use mothballs to keep moths away. These balls are effective in deterring moths. But mothballs are also effective in repelling other insects and small animals.

So, you might be confused about whether mothballs keep skunks away. Well, you have to know the effect of mothballs on skunks. Moreover, the application process of mothballs for deterring skunks is also essential. Because you can’t use mothballs since they contain chemicals. So, you must know the advantages and appropriate process of using mothballs for skunks.

Keeping skunks away with mothballs

Mothballs can keep skunks away. The primary purpose of mothballs is to deter moths. But these chemical balls can also repel skunks. Generally, the strong smell of naphthalene in mothballs keeps these animals. Moreover, the toxic fume from the mothballs scares off the skunks.

Skunks are disgusting animals. These animals stick so strong that you might not want to keep them around. So, often people use different repellents to keep these animals away. But if you can keep them away from available things, that will be easier.

However, mothballs are generally repellent from moths. These chemical balls contain naphthalene. You might know the smell and fume of naphthalene are strong. The fume released from naphthalene is toxic also.

So, when you keep these mothballs in a place, skunks will avoid that place. Because the smell and fume are also toxic for them. Even they will go away if they see mothballs in a place. Mothballs scare off skunks. So, mothballs are pretty effective in deterring skunks.

But while using mothballs, you must be careful. You can’t put them randomly because mothballs are toxic. It is not safe to inhale the fume of mothballs. So, you have to find the source of skunks first.

Then you can only use the mothballs in that specific place. Moreover, other insects and animals will also stay away from the area. So, you can use mothballs in places of waste food and around the dustbin.

However, the strong scent of mothballs is the primary reason that repels skunks. The scent acts as a signal for the skunks. But these mothballs don’t have a dangerous effect on skunks.

Skunks sense the smell of mothballs and keep away from the place. When they go away, they are unaffected. So, mothballs are a pretty effective and harmless way of keeping skunks away. You can use mothballs in places to keep skunks away from your house.

Do skunks like or dislike the smell of mothballs?

Skunks don’t like the smell of mothballs. You might know that mothballs have naphthalene. The smell of naphthalene is pretty strong. This smell is not safe for many insects. So, skunks also dislike the smell of naphthalene as well as mothballs.

Moreover, mothballs release fume. This chemical fume is toxic to skunks. Skunks can’t bear the presence of this fume. So, they will go away once they sense the existence of this fume. The fume is so toxic for skunks that it scares off the skunks.

But you be careful about using mothballs since they are toxic. Mothballs are effective in deterring skunks. These chemical balls act like signals or warnings for skunks. So, you can say that skunks dislike the smell of mothballs.

Why do skunks dislike mothballs?

Skunks dislike mothballs for the smell and fume. The scent of the fume of mothballs is unbearable for skunks. Generally, the odor and fume that come from mothballs are from naphthalene. The strong scent of naphthalene is dangerous for skunks.

Skunks immediately leave the place once they smell mothballs. Moreover, mothballs release a toxic fume that is also dangerous for these animals. Skunks will scare off the place if they sense the toxic fume of mothballs.

So, skunks dislike mothballs because the fume and smell are unbearable for them. That’s why these chemical balls are effective in repelling skunks.

Are mothballs toxic to skunks?

Yes, mothballs are toxic to skunks. Mothballs contain naphthalene that has a strong scent and fume. The fume released from the mothballs is generally vaporized chemicals. These chemicals and fume are highly toxic to skunks.

Skunks can’t bear the fume or smell of mothballs for this reason. The fume will instantly repel skunks from the place. Even mothballs are toxic to humans and other animals for the same reason. So, use mothballs carefully.

You can only use these chemical balls where necessary. Find the source of skunks and use the mothballs there. Don’t put the mothballs randomly in a place.

What do mothballs do to skunks?

Now that you know mothballs are effective in keeping skunks away, you might want to know what mothballs do to skunks. Generally, mothballs have an instant effect on skunks.

When you apply mothballs in a place to deter skunks, mothballs will release a strong smell and fume. These smells and fume are unsafe for skunks. The fume is also highly toxic to the skunk. So, mothballs scare off skunks immediately and keep them away.

Mothballs will not harm the skunks typically. These chemicals will keep away them only. Moreover, if skunks eat mothballs, these can affect the skunks dangerously. But only smelling them will not harm skunks dangerously. These chemical balls will only prevent and repel skunks.

How to safely use moth balls to deter skunks?

Now that you know mothballs keep skunks away, you might want to see the application process. Generally, using mothballs safely is essential. Because these chemical balls are also toxic to humans and other animals. So, let’s see how you can safely use moth balls to deter skunks.

Use mothballs only to the source:

You have to find the source of skunks. It will also make the application process easy. Skunks are generally found near waste materials and foods. So, after seeing the source, you have to apply mothballs there. Don’t use mothballs randomly in any place. Use them only in the source of skunks.

So, finding the source of skunks will also make the task easy and quick. You also have to use a limited amount of mothballs to repel skunks.

Inspect the area:

You might know that mothballs vaporize eventually. So, when you use mothballs to deter skunks, they might be vaporized and no longer present to deter skunks. So, you have to apply mothballs again in that place to keep skunks away.

Otherwise, the mothballs might be vaporized before repelling the skunks effectively. So, you have to inspect the areas daily to know whether mothballs are helpful.

Don’t use mothballs randomly:

Mothballs are toxic to humans and other animals also. So, you can’t use mothballs randomly. If you inhale the fume of mothballs, it can be dangerous for you. So, you have to specify areas where you want to use mothballs. Otherwise, you can’t use mothballs here and there.

Use in the confined area:

Your house or surrounding might have a confined area. For example, under the furniture, under the deck or porch, etc., places are generally confined spaces. Generally, you can find skunks there. But if you want to see them directly, you can’t catch them.

So, you have spread the mothballs under these confined areas. Then after one or two days, you have to recheck the areas. After mothballs are vaporized completely, you have to clean the areas well.

Moreover, keep their confined areas always clean because skunks like dirty areas. Within a couple of days, skunks will go away from those places.

Final Thoughts

Mothballs are not that good repellent. But mothballs are pretty effective in keeping skunks away. These animals can’t bear the smell of mothballs. Moreover, mothballs release fume that is highly toxic to skunks. So, applying mothballs can effectively repel skunks from your house.