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Do Otters Eat Ducks? (Read This First!)

Otters are a type of mammal that is usually found on the coasts of the ocean or river. These semi-aquatic mammals generally manage their food from the rivers or the sea.

So, they have a huge diversity in their diet. In today’s article, we will discuss the diet of otters. 

Do otters eat ducks? 

The otters generally have a predator instinct in their characteristics. They usually hunt down fish, eels, frogs, eggs, and aquatic animals. In addition to that, they are most commonly known as opportunists. So, sometimes they try to capture bigger creatures than them, such as ducks.

The otters are generally found beside the river or on the coast of the ocean. Since these are semi-aquatic animals, they generally rely on other aquatic animals such as fish, eels, and other small insects.

Due to the adverse condition of their environment, they need to adopt a predator instinct in their characteristics and behaviors. As a result, sometimes they need to hunt down to eat.

The otters even eat ducks. Since they are opportunists, otters wait for the right time to hunt their prey no matter if they are larger than them or not. If the prey that the otter wants to hunt down is not capable of moving fast enough, it will easily catch them.

It means the hunting of otters depends on the movement of the prey. What is a brief discussion on whether the otter eats a different type of ducks: 

Wood ducks: 

Since the otter needs a significant amount of food to live, they can even eat wood ducks.

Sometimes the otter can consume 25% of its total body weight in a day.

So, they need a good amount of food as a part of their daily diet. However, the otters will only hunt down the ducks if there aren’t enough fish in their habitat. 

Baby ducks: 

The baby ducks can be easy prey for the otters. These slow-moving semi-aquatic animals can fulfill a good amount of protein in an otter’s daily diet.

The otters can swim through the water quickly and catch them. That is why the baby ducks are most liked prey for the otters when it comes to protein-based food for them. 

Are otters a threat to ducks in a lake? 

Sometimes the otters can become a threat to the ducks in a lake if there aren’t enough fish is or aquatic elements for them to consume as a part of their daily diet. Generally, the daily diet of otters is diverse.

They mostly rely on the fishes, eels, frogs, and insects available in the river or lake. The otters usually need a good amount of food every day to live. So, if there aren’t enough fish in the river or lake, the otters will go for the ducks.

The ducks are slow-moving semi-aquatic animals that can be easy prey for the otters. Otters will simply swim down through the river or lake and catch the ducks.

The general characteristics of the otter enable it to grab the feet of ducks to hunt them while the duck is swimming in the lake. In addition to that, their sharp teeth help them to hold the prey strongly.

That is why, if their regular requirement for food is not met, they will not hesitate to hunt down ducks.

How often do otters eat ducks? 

The otters very frequently eat ducks to maintain their health. Usually, the otter’s primary food intake consists of aquatic animals. But there is a variety of options they may choose.

The general characteristics of the otters enable them to spend half the day resting while searching for food rest of the day. The otters need to eat more and more foods when the water is cold to keep their body warm.

In addition to that, they have a boosted metabolism rate. As a result, they can even eat 25% of their total body weight every day. Eating ducks help the otters to gain excess fat in their body to resist the cold water.

The otters become more active during the night. This is the right time for them to hunt down their prey as the otters can simply swim through the river and go closer to the prey and grab their legs.

Do all otters eat ducks? 

Almost all types of otters love to eat ducks. Since they require high-value proteins in their daily diet to maintain their health, they rely on these semi-aquatic animals.

In addition to that, the otters need to gain excess fat to resist the cold water during the night. The duck meat contains high fat which helps them to gain excess fat. However, ducks have a higher metabolism rate.

So, consuming and digesting a duck is not a big deal for the otters. The otters can consume at least 25% of their body weight every day without having any physical issues.

As a result, any breed of otters can eat ducks without any doubt. Below is a brief discussion on the consumption of ducks by a different types of otters: 

River otters: 

The main reason otters eat ducks is if there isn’t a good number of fish in the river, the otters will have to search and hunt down such types of animals that can be bigger than them in size.

But, if the prey isn’t able to move fast enough, they’ll somehow get caught by the otter easily.

Sea otters: 

Since the primary food of the otters are fishes, they will still eat a variety of foods that including ducks as well. As they are strong enough to hunt a duck, they won’t hesitate to hunt them. 

Freshwater otters: 

Generally, freshwater otters eat fish as a part of their daily diet. But they are not picky eaters. So eventually they will eat anything around them that includes insects. rodents, reptiles, and other animals.

Can an otter eat a goose? 

Otters are generally seen swimming around the rivers or ocean. These semi-aquatic animals generally have a predator instinct in their characteristics and behaviors. That is why they can hunt down any animals when they are in search of food.

Generally, the otters have a higher metabolism rate, which enables them to consume and digest a lot of foods. As a result, the otters need to eat around 25% of their total body weight for their everyday diet.

They generally swim down the rivers or ponds and hunt down ducks or geese by grabbing their leg.

It’s not regular that an otter will hunt down a duck or goose. The otter will hunt down a goose occasionally if they see a lack of food in the river.

Do otters eat duck eggs? 

Seems the otters have diversity in their regular diet, they can eat almost anything. Their primary diet consists of fish, eels, frogs, insects, small birds, and other equity and semi-aquatic animals.

They require high-value protein and fat to maintain their body. 

Are the otters need to gain access to fat to balance their body temperature with the cold water? The otters also love to eat eggs.

Staines high-value protein and fat which helps to supply the otters with proper nutrition. In addition to that, the otters have a superior metabolism rate than any other semi-aquatic animal.

This functionality enables them to eat a lot of food. Sometimes they consume around 25% of their body weight every day. This food consumption helps them to gain energy to survive in the water.

In addition to that, if the otters notice a lack of food in their habitat, they will start to hunt other animals opportunistically. 

How to protect ducks from otters? 

Since the otters are predator animals and require a high amount of food for their daily diet, they can be a threat to the ducks roaming in the lake or river.

So, you can take some precautions to save ducks from otters. Below is a brief description of how to protect ducks from otters: 


Fencing a specific area of the pond will make sure the security for the ducks to swim safely. Make sure to bury the fence deep inside the pond so that the otters cannot swim through the water and hunt your ducks.

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Don’t let the duck swim: 

If you are unsure whether any pond contains otters or not, it is recommended that you don’t let your ducks go swim in the ponds. 

Stay with your ducks:

Usually, otters do not come closer to humans if they want to pray to an animal. So, staying with your duck, when they are roaming around will help to prevent otters from hunting your ducks. 

Final Thoughts

The otters require a high amount of food due to their diversity in food habits. They have a predator instinct in their characteristics so they may hunt the ducks, which are larger than them. Usually, an otter requires food that is 25% of its body weight, so it will not hesitate to eat the ducks.