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Do Ski Goggles Come in Different Sizes? (Answered)

Ski Goggles should always be at the top of your bucket list when you plan a skiing trip. And a ski goggle should be the perfect fit to avoid discomfort. Most of the ski goggles come in various shapes and sizes.

It is always ideal to find the perfect size goggle according to your face shape and head size. Anything too small or too big could be either suffocating or uncomfortable.

And the last thing you want to worry about when you are out skiing is the discomfort of adjusting your goggles every two minutes.

Do ski goggles come in different sizes?

For better fit and a more secure grip, snow goggles are manufactured and come in many different sizes. A universal fit would make it uncomfortable for most people. And apart from the fit, for peripheral vision, it is best to have different sizes for a ski goggle. One size will not cover for all.

It seems illogical to make a universal sized goggle. It is not possible that a single size will fit the vision of all. This is why most of the ski goggles manufacturers tend to make goggles in different sizes.

Can ski goggles be too big?

If you go for a universal sized or free sized goggle, the goggle may seem too big sometimes. The free sized goggles are usually made with wider vision of the field. In this case it is best to adjust the size of the goggles.

The most efficient way to see if your goggles are too big is to check the foam and your face. Check if the edge of the foam is in contact with your face. If the frame edge and the foam edge does not touch your face then you have a goggle that is too big for you.

How ski goggles should fit?

It is important for you to get the right sized goggles so the ski session does not take a dangerous turn. It is not very difficult to find the perfect fit ski goggles. Make sure the fit is comfortable and does not suffocate your nose or face.

The perfect fit of your ski goggle should feel snug around your face. Your cheekbones and nose should feel touched.

But make sure the fit does not pinch your nose. The overall fit should not feel uncomfortable or suffocating. Also make sure the vision of the goggles is not narrow or shallow.

What size ski goggles do I need?

The ideal size of a ski goggle depends on your face size. Get a goggle that fits you perfectly and comfortably according to the size of your face. For the average face size, the medium cylindrical goggles or the medium spherical goggles are okay.

For the average female face, the medium sized goggles might give a wider vision, which might be uncomfortable.

In case of that you should go for the small spherical or the small cylindrical goggles. This gives a better vision range and a better fit. But the medium sized goggles are also okay.

What size ski goggles do I need for my kid?  

Finding the right sized goggles for your kid might be a bit of a hassle but it is very important for your Childs’ safety. Usually a small sized cylindrical or spherical goggle would be the perfect fit for a child. However, it depends on the size of the kid’s head and face.

For 4-year-old:

For a 4 year old child an extra small sized goggle is perfect. any one of the cylindrical or spherical frame goggles would be okay for children of that age.

For 6- & 7-year-old:

If you are looking for goggles for a 6 year old make sure to take the face shape into account. For an average sized face, a small spherical goggle would be perfect. This size is perfect for a 7 year old as well.

For 9- & 10-year-old:

As for a 9 or 10 year old, either the small sized or the medium sized goggles would fit perfectly. A spherical  goggle will give a wider vision. Which is very appropriate for the kids.  

For 11- & 12-year-old:

A medium sized cylindrical or a small sized spherical goggle would fit perfectly for an 11 year old.

This is assuming the child has an average sized head. The same size will also fit a 12 year old. A medium sized goggle is actually very accurate for a kid of that age.

For 13 year old:

For a teenager, the medium sized goggle is a perfect fit. The vision can be either spherical or cylindrical.

A 13 year old would be comfortable with a medium sized spherical goggle. The fit is perfect and the vision range of the frame is wide enough.

Small to medium sized goggles are usually the perfect fit for kids. But it entirely depends on the face shape and head size of the child. Try not to generalize the size. Try on different sizes to see which size fits the best.

Ski goggles size chart

There is no universal size for ski goggles. Different sizes are manufactured so it is comfortable for all. A universal or single size of a goggle would not fit everyone. This is why it is important to have different sizes to avoid accidents due to vision range-

SizeTypeAge Limit

These are the common sizes when it comes to ski goggles. Most of the manufacturers make the goggles in these sizes while keeping an average size in mind. The age limits are not concrete. Go for the one that makes you feel comfortable and fits well.

How do you measure your face for ski goggles?

When it comes to trying out ski goggles, it is best to get the one that is the most comfortable and fits perfectly. You can try out goggles one by one to see which fits the best or you can measure your face first to see what size might fit you-

  • Measure the width of your face first.
  • Measure the space between both of your temples.
  • Take the measurements from the middle of your cheek bone to right above your brow for the depth.
  • Accumulate the measurements and find the right sized goggle from the chart.

Finding the right sized goggle is not rocket science but it does involve taking proper measurements. You can find a range of sizes and try on different goggles from the range to see which fits best.

What does size 47g mean in ski goggles?

47g is a shade of color in terms of shades and goggles. A ski goggle with 47g means the shade and color range of the goggle.

It is a gradient shade of the warm tones. In the case of normal shades the color is transparent and solid. And in the case of the ski goggles, the color is obviously transparent but also gradient.

47g shade of the ski goggles are used by professionals and are not manufactured a lot because of the lack of demand. Most of the beginners are skeptical about the shade when it comes to ski goggles. However, it has a beautiful gradient and the color gives a pretty vibe.

Can an adult wear Kids ski goggles?

There are different sizes of ski goggles for everyone. The goggles are manufactured so that everyone can find the perfect size for their ski goggles.

It is best for adults to not wear the kids’ size. The kids size goggles are built for smaller faces, so the size might be too tight for the adult.

That being said, it is possible for a kid size goggle to fit an adult face. But it is very unlikely. So it is best for an adult to not wear a kids size ski goggle.

The kid’s size will be too tight and suffocating for the adult face. It is best to wear ski goggles that fit your face perfectly to avoid any injuries.

Are there ski goggles that fit over glasses?

A very common concern for people who wear glasses is if the ski goggles will fit over their glasses. It might seem as a hassle and a disturbance to wear glasses and goggles. But there are goggles that will fit perfectly over glasses. They are the OTG or Over the Glasses goggles.

It is the perfect solution for people who wear glasses and are looking for a good time skiing. These goggles are wide enough to fit over the glasses without harming your eyes or damaging the glasses.

Ski goggles are very much essential for a good skiing experience. Finding the perfect sized goggle is crucial to avoid any accidents or injuries and truly enjoy the skiing experience. Make sure to get the perfect fit for your face when you are looking for ski goggles.

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