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Do Slugs Eat Carrots? (Read This First!)

Slugs are known as gastropods with no shell. Farmers and gardeners face the problem of slug infestation in their fields and gardens as slugs like feeding on vegetables and plants. Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether slugs eat carrots or not. 

Do slugs eat carrots?

Slugs enjoy eating carrots for their survival and the taste of carrots. Slugs are known for eating the leaves, plants and seedlings of carrots. Preventive measures such as throwing slugs out, building protective barriers, flushing slugs out have to be taken against slugs to stop them eating carrots.

Let’s look at different states of carrots and see if they eat carrots or not.

Carrot plants:

Slugs are more than happy to eat your carrot plants if they are left unprotected. Infestation of slugs can create several problems in your vegetable garden. They will eat almost any vegetable they can find in your garden. 

Carrot plants fall in the category of vegetables that slugs love eating. Starting from the leaves, slugs will be seen eating everything on a carrot plant. 

No matter how mature your carrot plant is, slugs will eat it if they are hungry and searching for food. You will have to take some measures to prevent slugs from eating your carrot plants. Otherwise, you will be left with defective carrots at the end of the crop season. 

Carrot seedlings:

Slugs absolutely love feeding on carrot seedlings. Right before the carrot seedlings hit the germination period, slugs tend to eat them and the seedlings never see the light of day as a carrot plant. 

Gardeners and farmers often face the problem of disappearing carrot seedlings. 

It is not easy to grow carrot plants in a garden if the slugs keep eating the seedlings. Carrot seedlings need to be protected from infestation of slugs if they are to give you a good harvest. Carrot is not known for having a fast germination period. 

This gives slugs the chance to eat the carrot seedlings at will. 

Do slugs and snails eat carrot leaves?

Slugs and snails are known for eating the leaves of carrot plants. Slugs and snails do not shy away from eating the crops of your vegetable garden. If they do not find any other source of food in the garden, they will end up devouring the leaves of the carrot plants. 

It is not unusual for slugs and snails to eat the leaves of a vegetable as they are used to doing so for survival. Your carrot plants in general need adequate protection against infestation of slugs and snails. Otherwise slugs and snails will keep chipping away at the carrot leaves. 

5 reasons why slugs eat carrots

There are a lot of reasons why slugs eat carrots. Let’s discuss those reasons in detail.


The nature of slugs compels them to eat carrots. Slugs are known for residing in the soil of your garden. They will typically come out at night in search of food and will eat the plants and seedlings of the vegetable garden. 

This nature of slugs is responsible for poor harvest of carrots in your garden. Because the slugs devour the carrots regularly and most of your seedlings do not turn into a plant due to that. 


The taste of carrots is liked and enjoyed by slugs. The carrots provide a sweet taste to the taste buds of slugs. So they can not get enough of it even after feeding on carrots for a long time. Carrots are one of the most preferred vegetables of slugs due to its taste. 

That is why the carrots of your garden are always exposed as a food preference for slugs. 


Slugs need food for their survival just like other pests. Their tendency to survive is responsible for the decrease of harvest in your vegetable garden. Slugs will absolutely eat any vegetable in your garden in order to survive. 

But carrot is a kind of vegetable that slugs enjoy eating. So there is no way slugs are going to pass on a chance of eating your carrot plants. 


Apart from its taste, carrots are able to provide nutrition value for slugs. It helps the growth of slugs and increases their energy level. Carrot is full of vitamins and minerals that slugs need in their day to day life. 


Carrot is a common vegetable throughout the world and it is grown in abundance. Their availability makes it possible for garden slugs to feed on them. Almost all the vegetable gardens have carrots in them as they are easy to grow and beneficial.

How do I stop slugs eating my carrots?

Infestation of slugs in your vegetable garden can become a huge problem if preventive measures are not taken in time. However, there are some steps and methods you can follow to stop slugs from eating your carrots. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Throw them out:

The best way to stop slugs from eating your carrots is by throwing them out of the garden. You will need to collect the slugs with your hands to do this. First of all, you will need to find out the hiding places of the slugs and wait for them to come out. 

This will have a direct impact on the number of slugs and protect your carrots in the long run. 

Build protective barriers:

You will need to build protective barriers around your carrot plants to save them from infestation of slugs. You can easily do this with the help of copper wires, oyster shells, and boards. 

This will stop the slugs from eating your carrots as they are not used to facing such protective barriers. 

Flush them out:

You will have to use some methods to flush the slugs out of the hiding places and collect them. This can be done by practicing the technique of food traps. You will be required to fill a cup with milk and put it on the soil of the garden. 

The slugs will naturally come out in search of food and fall for the trap. It is easy to stop slugs from eating the carrots. 

Get rid of the hiding places:

The most effective way to stop slugs from eating the carrots is by getting rid of their hiding places. Slugs like to hide in places that have an adequate amount of moisture. You will have to target these areas and get rid of them to decrease the number of slugs in your garden. 

Slugs will be forced to leave your garden due to lack of hiding places. 

Utilize slug eaters:

There are a lot of animals that prefer eating slugs. You will need to have enough attractions in your garden to make the environment inviting for these animals. The list of animals includes snakes that are harmless and frogs. 

Frogs and snakes will eat slugs without causing any harm to your carrots.

What is eating my carrots?

Slugs are not the only ones responsible for eating the carrots of your garden. There are other garden pests and insects that enjoy feeding on carrots. For example, seedcorn maggot is known for feasting on carrots because of their taste and nutritional value. 

Along with a fully grown carrot plant, seedcorn maggots are famous for eating carrot seedlings too. 

Another garden insect known by the name of vegetable weevil also likes to feed on carrots. There is no part of the carrot plant that vegetable weevils do not like to eat. They eat the carrot plants, carrot leaves and carrot seedlings. 

Wireworms are also known for eating carrot seedlings and carrot plants. Nematodes are another type of garden insects that are seen feeding on carrot plants regularly. 

What vegetables do slugs not eat?

Slugs eating vegetables is such a common problem that might make you think that slugs are capable of eating all the vegetables there are in the world. 

But that is not the case as there are few vegetables that slugs avoid eating. The list of vegetables include red lettuce, lamb lettuce, cucumber,  beetroot, onion, tomato, potato, asparagus, garlic, and radish among others. 

Gardening experts suggest you grow these vegetables in your garden along with other vegetables to make the garden slug proof.

However, if there is a shortage of food and there is no other source of food, then slugs will be compelled to eat the above mentioned vegetables too. Slugs will not shy away from eating anything for their survival. The best way of eliminating slugs is by terminating them. 

Final Thoughts

Slugs are one of the garden pests known for eating carrots. Slugs can be seen eating almost every vegetable in the garden and carrot is one of them. The carrot plants and carrot seedlings of the garden are not safe from slugs. Slug eating animals can be utilized to get rid of slugs from the garden.