Do Snowboards Go Bad? (Everything You Should Know!)

Naturally, after a certain time, any sports equipment will wear out. And snowboards are also equipment for winter sport. However, the traits of snowboards can make many of you think that they don’t go bad. And some are even skeptical thinking do snowboards go bad or not. 

So to clear this confusion of yours and others, this topic is going to be discussed in detail and this article will provide all of you with proper answers. 

Do Snowboards Go Bad?

Snowboards do go bad after repetitively being used for 15 years or more. The edges and the base are the areas that go bad first. Because snowboards carve between the edges to toes, so edges mostly go bad. However, an old snowboard that still has adequate pop and flex lasts for a prolonged time.

Snowboard wears out naturally, no matter how well I was maintained. After a certain time, approximately after 15 years of repetitious use, it is bound to go bad. Especially, if it was ridden back-country or ridden over rocks and stones. 

Usually, snowboards spend their most time excavating from the ridge to toe. Therefore, the edges of them are the areas that go bad in the first place. 

But an old snowboard with good pop and flex may last longer than the expected wear-out time. 

How Long Do Snowboards Last?

A new snowboard lasts up to 150 days to 200 days of riding. And it this period, it will serve the highest quality riding experience to a rider for about 100 days.

Only when the rider has handled the snowboard relatively in a good manner and hasn’t made the snowboard base grind on every stone out there. The rest of the 50 days will still be enjoyable but the snowboard may not be in a good condition. 

And for aggressive riders, snowboards will last nearly about 100 days only. 

However, the time is not the same for everyone. A park rider may change 3-5 snowboards in a season, on the contrary, a gentle rider may use one snowboard for 250 days to years and years. If a snowboard is maintained properly, for 10-15 years one can use it decently.

How Often Do Snowboards Break?

Snowboards can break down about 150 to 200 days of riding but this is entirely an estimated time period. How often it will break down still depends on the rider that how smoothly or aggressively or how often he rides a snowboard. 

Well, if you are someone who likes aggressive riding like hitting stones and big drops most of the time, then there’s a pretty high chance that you may break your snowboard within just a season. And you may only be able to enjoy nearly 100 days.

And if you are a gentle rider who rides smoothly on gentle groomers or slopes, then your snowboard will not break even after many seasons. Probably you can even use one snowboard for 10-15 years. 

Do Snowboards Lose Pop?

Snowboards don’t actually lose their pop with time passing. Especially, a good quality snowboard will conserve its pop for quite a long time. 

Also, many snowboarders have claimed that it’s really tough enough to put plenty of days on a snowboard to make it lose its pop. However, during that times top sheets and sidewalls may get fragile but pop will no be lost from the snowboard. 

However, depending on the construction method may some snowboards lose their pop faster than the others. So, try to purchase a decent quality snowboard if you don’t want it to lose its pop too soon. 

How Do I Know If My Snowboard Is In Good Condition? 

After using a snowboard for quite a long time, you might be wanting to know how to understand if your snowboard is still in a good condition or not. Well, don’t worry!! For your better understanding, all the useful ways have been explained. 

Check The Sidewalls

Take a good look at the sidewalls. If you see no vertical cracks in the sidewalls, it is in fairly good condition. Cracked sidewalls are hard to repair once they are brittle. 

Check The Edges 

First thing first, check your snowboard’s edges. If the edges are not coming out from the base anywhere and don’t have any major gouges either, assume that your snowboard is still in mint condition.

Well, if it has dull edges, no worries! You can sharpen them as long as the snowboard is not detuned for blockades. 

Check The Topsheet

Topsheet of snowboards is an essential part. So check thoroughly that it has any crack or not. Minor cracks are kind of okay and there’s nothing to worry about it. Just make sure that there are no bad gouges to explore the bottom. 

Check The Binding 

You must examine the bindings of your snowboard. If there is no cracked section in both of the frames/baseplate, your snowboard is still a good one to go.

Also, if your snowboard’s highback doesn’t have any crack and the ladders are in good condition, the snowboard is still in usable condition. 

And to be more sure about its condition, try reefing on the binding(if mounted) somewhat hard way in a twist motion to check if the screws are loose or not. If not then your snowboard is in decent condition. 

Does Snowboard Wax Go Bad?

Snowboard wax does not go bad because there is nothing perishable inside it and the chemicals for making it makes it stable and quite permanent.

Snowboard wax is very durable. So if it is stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, it is supposed to last for a long time. And whether the wax is plant-based or hydrocarbon-based, the weather doesn’t really make any difference in its texture, neither does spoil it. 

Also, if the snowboard wax is all dried up, there is nothing to worry about. It’s still perfectly usable upon melting it on the board. Just the fragrance may not exist anymore And it’s not even that necessary. 

How Often Should I Wax My Snowboard? 

There is no definite answer to how often you should wax your snowboard.

Because the required timing of waxing your snowboard depends on how much you tide on your snowboard, what type of rider you are, what type of snowboard base you have, and the snow condition. So depending on all these factors, only an approximate time can be told. 

If you are someone who rides aggressively and desires peak performance every time then you should wax your snowboard every 2 to 3 days at the times of your riding.

If you are someone with average snowboarding and go riding only a couple of times a month then you should wax your snowboard one time a month. 

And if you are just a beginner and don’t go snowboarding often then waxing your snowboard once a season is enough. 

However, remember that every snowboard model should be waxed properly to slide on snow and you must rewax if you use it continuously.  

How Long Will Snowboard Bindings Last? 

Snowboard bindings somewhat can last up to 3 to 4 years, counting on your style of riding. Snowboard bindings are perhaps are the most enduring piece of snowboard gear and these don’t need a replacement for many years. They only need replacement if it’s broken completely. 

However, if you want new bindings to try out then you are always suggested to change bindings after 1 or 2 full seasons of riding. 

Is An Old Snowboard Still Good?

An old snowboard still can be in a good condition if it is maintained properly. The lifetime of a good quality snowboard is up to 10-15 years. Therefore, in this period or even after passing this specific period if an old snowboard still has the same good pop and flex, assume it as good.

Moreover, if the sidewalls of an old snowboard have no vertical crack, consider it as a good one. And if the edges are not separated from the base and there is no major gouge, also if the top sheet is in good condition, consider that the old snowboard still good.

Besides, if the bindings are not mounted and loosen up if an old snowboard, it’s still good to go. 

So, if an old snowboard meets all of these conditions, consider it in a mint condition and it is still usable. Especially, for snowboarding in the fall or rocky spring season. 

What Do You Do With Old Snowboards?

Did your snowboard get all wear out? and thinking what to do with your old one? Well, don’t worry! Instead of throwing them away, you can always try to reuse that. And to rescue you here are 3 exciting ideas for you that you can adopt.


What about a cool bookshelf made out of your snowboard? Exciting isn’t it. All you need to do is set up 2-3 holder and attach your old snowboard with some nails. And there you are done making a decorative yet useful bookshelf to organize your scattered books. 

Pendant Holder 

Wouldn’t it be an amazing idea to make a pendant holder out of your old snowboard? Just hang it on the ceiling of your room and add some pendant light of your preference. And you will get an eye-catching piece of furniture to decorate your home. 

Hanging Bench

Use two different colored old snowboards, join handles, and support them with other required wooden pieces to make a swing bench to have a porch look.

Depending on your usage and snowboard quality, snowboards go bad after a certain time. So, try using a better quality one to last for a long time.

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