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Does Ammonia Keep Snakes Away? (Answered)

Did you ever think of using ammonia gas to keep snakes away? You may hear of it. But to try it in practical life is not safe.

Before starting with the relation of ammonia smell and snakes, let’s explore ammonia first. Ammonia is an irritating and unsafe gas. It consists of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. As a result, it can dissolve in water and create ammonium hydroxide.

This mixture can cause severe health issues to humans and pets. Notably, the respiratory system will go through a lot. To some extent, it will be a life threat.

However, pet lovers and other people want to know if ammonia keeps snakes away. Ammonia has a strong and harmful odor. It can keep away lots of unsafe animals. But the question is, does it keep away snakes?

Does ammonia keep snakes away?

Ammonia keeps snakes away. It has a strong chemical odor that is unsafe and unbearable. Especially, snakes dislike this smell and stay away from this odor. Therefore, people use ammonia to repel snakes for a long time. It works like a perfect repellent or anti-snakes spray.

Science doesn’t get any reliable source or proof in this regard. But people believe, and it has been used for years. But the truth is that ammonia can keep snakes away.

Mainly, the smell of ammonia keeps snakes out of your yard. Basically, the odor is so strong and pathetic that snakes lose their respiratory system and fail to get through it. Besides, the odor or smell of ammonia might be a life threat to the snakes.

For that particular reason, snakes scare off ammonia. So, if you want to scare off snakes, you should use the ammonia spray or the mixture. But to make it, you must be careful and wear safety dresses.

On the other hand, ammonia gas comes with nitrogen and hydrogen. These two are the best odor to repel snakes. Especially when you mix the ammonia with water, it will become unsafe and toxic.

Moreover, ammonia has some toxic ingredients that pests and most animals don’t like. If you have pet dogs or cats, you must avoid using ammonia around them. The smell or odor of ammonia will damage their health. 

How long will ammonia keep snakes away?

Ammonia odor and effect lasts for a minimum of 7 days. It may last longer than two weeks. When you want to let ammonia keep snakes away from your yard or house, you have to use it once a week.

Before that, you have to ensure that the smell is gone and can’t stop snakes. You should not overuse ammonia unnecessarily. It will damage your health and your pets too. Keep a safe distance from ammonia as much as you can.

However, scientists and researchers find that ammonia smells last for seven days. That means ammonia will keep snakes away for seven days. It’s an average time; it may go longer.

What kind of ammonia keeps snakes away?

Ammonia NH3 can keep snakes away from your yard or house. It has strong chemicals that will create a strong odor. That smells, or odor keeps snakes away for a minimum of 7 days or more.

Basically, there are three types of ammonia. They are:

  • Total Ammonia (NH3)
  • Free Ammonia (NH4+)
  • Ammonium (NH3)

Among them, NH3 type ammonia works on snakes and other animals. If you want to keep them away, you should use ammonia NH3 spray. It will perform nicely and create an odor that will not let snakes come near.

Free ammonia will not work in this case. It has other uses too. However, it is colorless and less strong. Therefore, you have to use NH3 to get rid of snakes.

How to use ammonia to repel snakes?

There are multiple ways to use ammonia to repel snakes. It’s time to know them and apply them around your garden or yard to keep snakes away and make the place safe.

A mixture of ammonia:

The first way is to make a mixture of ammonia or make a diluted solution. People often find it helpful. Here, you will mix ammonia with water and dilute it. After that, you can safely put it into a bottle or sprayer.

Following this way or tip, you can spray every corner of your garden or yard. If there is any snake hole or place, you need to spray, thereby keeping a safe distance. However, you need to spread all around the yard or garden.

Otherwise, snakes will come out of the sprayed place and start living in the unsprayed areas. Also, when you spray it, use a mask and other safety precautions. Ammonia is an unsafe chemical mixture.

Readymade spray:

If you search for the ammonia NH3 spray on Amazon or Super shop, you will get a ready-made spray. You can spend some bucks and buy the best spray online or offline. You don’t need to make the mixture using unsafe chemicals.

After buying the spray, you need to use a mask and cover yourself wearing protective clothes. Then, you can start spraying around the garden. But, be sure to use it everywhere.

However, you have to use it around the garden; never try to use it in your house or around the pet’s houses or cages. Dog, cat, and other homely pets cannot take the ammonia smell normally. Therefore, they will get sick.

Wet or soaked cloth:

You can make a mixture of ammonia and soak clothes in the dilute. Then place the wet or soaked clothes around the garden or snake holes. It will be best if you have snake holes in the yard.

Moreover, soaked clothes or soaked rags are the best and most effective way to keep snakes away. It works pretty much everywhere. You will need to change the clothes after 7 to 15 days.

Will these keep snakes away from your house?

Let’s walk through this section to learn if the following elements will keep snakes away from your house –

Lemon-scented ammonia:

If you have snake holes in your house or yards, you can easily keep them away by using lemon-scented ammonia. 

Lemon-scented ammonia will keep snakes from your home since snakes cannot tolerate the lime and ammonia odor. However, you can spray them over the holes and around the house

While doing it, you must be safe and keep a safe distance from the direct attachment with ammonia. You should avoid using your hand or body parts. Cover your entire body with protective clothes and then spray ammonia or lemon-scented ammonia.

Ammonia-soaked rags:

Ammonia-soaked rags will also keep snakes away from your house and yard. It’s an excellent way to repel snakes. However, you can use the ammonia mixture.

After mixing ammonia gas with water, it will become a strong mixture, and then you need to make the ammonia-soaked rags. Then, apply the rags around your house or the place where snakes come from or live.

Spraying ammonia:

Spraying ammonia is the easiest way to keep snakes away from your house. You can buy ammonia NH3 spray and use it around your house. While buying spray, you should research a bit on Google or the marketplace.

If you have a reliable source, you can also buy the spray from there. In contrast, you can make the mixture at your home. But this is not safe, so the best way is to buy ammonia spray.

To make the spray, you need NH3, which is total ammonia. And mix some water with it. That is it; your ammonia mixture is ready. But the process is not safe for human beings.

Cloudy ammonia:

Cloudy ammonia will not keep snakes away from home. It will not work either. Mainly, cloudy ammonia is a cleaning material; therefore, people use it to clean dirty places or houses.

Cloudy ammonia is not like total ammonia. It is not that harmful to pets and humans, but it is toxic.

However, you cannot expect a detergent or cleaning material comes with utmost safety. The same goes for cloudy ammonia. It will clean your floor and other surfaces but fail to keep snakes away from your house.

Where to buy ammonia for snakes?

Amazon is the most reliable place from where you can buy ammonia for snakes. You will get different types of ammonia mixtures and sprays. They all are effective in different ways.

If you need spray, you can search for ammonia spray. You will get hundreds of options in front of you. If you need total ammonia, you may also ask them to provide you with that.

You can also buy ammonia for snakes from super shops or groceries. It is now available pretty much everywhere.

Final thoughts

Ammonia is a gas that comes with some strong chemicals and a strong odor. Therefore, ammonia can easily keep snakes away from your house and yard. You can use ammonia in different ways to repel snakes. You can buy ammonia from Amazon or local markets. It is available.