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Does Ammonia Repel Groundhogs? (Quick Answers)

Groundhogs can be quite a troublesome animal. These animals are particularly troublesome towards gardeners. They will indulge in seedlings and small herbs before you can utilize them. Groundhogs will not allow your plants grow to their best potential.

This is why it is important for a lot of people to be equipped with the right materials that will repel groundhogs. In this article, we are going to help you with that.

In particular, we are going to help you understand whether ammonia repels groundhogs and how you can use ammonia to get rid of them. Read ahead to learn more about it.

Ammonia to repel groundhogs

Ammonia is commonly used to repel groundhogs. It has proven to be quite useful in this matter. You can either buy it from the store or make an ammonia solution at home in order to spray some ammonia in the yard, porch, or garden. Mix some ammonia, detergent and water together, and stir well.

A variety of ammonia is used in order to keep groundhogs away. You can use Sudsy Ammonia or cloudy ammonia in order to repel groundhogs from the grounds. These forms of ammonia are readily available in the store.

You can also make a repellant solution with ammonia in order to keep groundhogs off your ground. In fact, this will be a great solution as you will be able to make a solution that caters to your particular needs.

If you are making a solution at home, make sure to mix two cups of regular ammonia with two tablespoons of detergent.

Then mix it well with some water in order to complete the solution. Stir the solution well. This will give you the perfect solution to all your groundhog problems.

Groundhogs are quite troublesome animals as they indulge in a range of seedlings and seeds from gardens and yards.

So if you are particularly invested in gardening, groundhog invasion will cause you serious troubles. This is why you should take immediate action as soon as you notice groundhogs in your territory.

You can simply spray the ammonia solution in the grounds of your yard or garden in order to keep groundhogs away.

Make sure to spray the solution carefully around the plants, and avoid spraying on the plants. Otherwise you may damage the growth of the plant with the solution.

Groundhogs dislike ammonia mainly because of its smell. The smell of ammonia is very strong and it drives many unwanted guests out of your grounds.

You will be able to drive away many rodents, snakes, and even toxic bugs from your yard or garden if you spray sufficient amount of ammonia around your home.

Note that ammonia smells a lot like urine. Animals often try to avoid invading an area that is already contaminated with urine.

Since most animals mark a territory by spraying their urine, this works as a deal breaker for them. This is mainly why groundhogs avoid invading a yard or garden that smells like ammonia.

Pungent smell:

Groundhogs dislike the smell of ammonia. Ammonia has such a strong smell that it deters many other rodents and bugs from the grouds. The smell of ammonia annoys racoons as well. You can also get rid of snakes with the ammonia.

The smell of ammonia is pungent and strong. It has the power of covering a wide range of area and protecting your yard from invasion of rodents and unwanted bugs.

So you can leverage the smell of ammonia and keep groundhogs away from your home.

Urine like affect:

Note that the smell of ammonia is much like that of urine. So you can imagine that animals, rodents, or bugs would not want to invade an area that smells like urine.

Similarly groundhogs also avoid a yard that seems to be contaminated with urine. So you can rest assured that if you spray ammonia around your yard, groundhogs will not come near it.

What does ammonia do to groundhogs?

Ammonia repels groundhogs. Groundhogs dislike ammonia for a couple of reasons. But mainly because of its smell. Ammonia has a strong and pungent smell that drives away groundhogs from an area.

The smell of ammonia is a lot like that of human urine. So groundhogs are repelled by it. They would not want to invade an area that is contaminated by human urine already.

Groundhogs mark their territory with the help of urine. So when they find that an area already smells a lot like urine, they try to steer clear of it. This is what ammonia does to groundhogs. It simply confuses them and drives them away from your property.

You can get this job done by using store-bought ammonia solution or making one yourself at home. You should simply add some ammonia and detergent with water and mix is well.

The proportion should be such that you should add two tablespoon of detergent with two cups of ammonia. Then you should stir it well with some water. This will give you the perfect solution for repelling groundhogs from the grounds.

How effective is ammonia in repelling groundhogs?

Ammonia is quite effective in repelling groundhogs. You can either use store-bought ammonia for this purpose or simply make a solution at home.

Sudsy Ammonia or cloudy ammonia are the most effective variation of ammonia serving the purpose of repelling groundhogs.

So you can rest assured that you will not have to deal with any more groundhogs in your yard, porch, or garden if you spray some ammonia effectively around your property.

If you are making an ammonia solution at home, make sure that you are getting the proportion right. It would be best to add some washing detergent into the solution as well.

To make the solution even more effective, you can also add some vinegar, soap, and hot pepper into the mixture of ammonia.

The ideal proportion for this solution is two cups of ammonia and three cups of water. Add two tablespoons of detergents into the solution and make sure to stir it well. This will give you the perfect solution.

How do you get rid of groundhogs with ammonia?

You can get rid of groundhogs with ammonia. Read ahead to find out what are the steps that you should follow in order to get rid of groundhogs with ammonia.

Prepare the solution:

The first step would be to prepare the solution. You can get store-bought ammonia solution that will serve the purpose equally well. However, it would be much better if you can make the solution at home.

This way, you will be able to make an ideal solution that caters to your particular needs.

Mix two cups of ammonia with water and stir it well. This will give you the primary solution.

Then in order to make it more effective, you can add some washing detergent, soap, or vinegar to the solution. This will make the solution a much better one.

Spray the solution:

You can simply spray the solution around your home. If you notice that there’s been a groundhog invasion in your home, garden, or yard, then you can simply spray some solution around. This will keep them away.

Make sure that you are not spraying any ammonia on the plants. This may prove to be counterintuitive.

Soak an old rug:

You can also soak an old rug into the solution of ammonia and cover the boundary of your property with it. This will make sure that groundhogs are stopped at the entrance of your home.

2 homemade groundhog repellents ideas

Let’s now take a look at two homemade groundhog repellent ideas.


Groundhogs are repelled by the scent of garlic. So you can simply cover the trails or boundary of your home with garlic slices in order to repel groundhogs. Simply putting some garlic cloves here and there will do the trick.

Plant some lavender trees:

Groundhogs also dislike the smell of lavenders. So if you can plant some lavender trees in you yard or garden, then you can rest assured that no groundhog will enter your area as long as the trees stand.

Spray some pepper solution:

Another thing that groundhogs dislike very much is pepper. It would be great if you can add some pepper into the ammonia solution. Otherwise, you can make a standalone pepper solution and use it to repel groundhogs from the grounds. 

Final Thoughts

Ammonia can be an effective solution to your groundhog problems. You can simply add some ammonia and water at home in order to keep groundhogs off your yard, porch, or even your garden. You can also get some store-bought ammonia solution, expecting great results as well.